20 tips to make your child confident

/August 2022


take the child's request seriously

when the child stands in the living room and says expectantly, "Mom, I want to play with you for a while."

you can't satisfy him when you're cooking in the kitchen. Tell him the exact time: "Mom, just steam the rice, okay?"

often ignoring the needs of a child will make him lose confidence because he is not taken seriously.


give your child a chance to make his own choices.

take your child on a weekend trip and ask for his advice, but don't ask "where do you want to go?" instead, ask "do you want to go to a zoo or a museum?" give him a range of choices and let him make his own choices, which will increase his confidence in himself.


Don't laugh at your child

if your child has just learned to speak and you teach him "big watermelon", he says "big west catch". If a child learns a certain knowledge point, he can't understand it for a while.

Don't laugh at him, don't emphasize it at that time, and teach him another time. When your child is studying, your ridicule will make him lose his confidence and interest in learning.


take your child's questions seriously

if your child asks questions, you should listen patiently. If you can't answer, tell him honestly and never pretend to know.

Let him know that there are things that no one can do, and that anyone has a process that they have never known before, so as to increase their self-confidence.


make the child feel needed

let the child do what he can in a deliberative tone, such as "give the book to the mother, will you?"

letting a child know that he is needed is the best way to improve his self-confidence.


displaying the child's work at home

allows the child to post his graffiti on the most eye-catching wall at home, make a display shelf for the child on the cabinet, and display his small production. A sense of honor can best stimulate the child's self-confidence.


give the child a territory of his own

give the child a room or part of the room, so that he has a small world where he is free to play, learn and be unfettered. Because he has his own "territory", he is full of pride, which will give him some self-confidence.


parents' tolerance is the soil to cultivate children's self-confidence

Don't always blame the child for the mess in his room or table, but teach him to clean up himself and do it with him. Parents' tolerance is the soil to cultivate children's self-confidence.


Don't compare the child to other children


Let the child occasionally be in charge


Let the child choose his own clothes

buy clothes for the child, let the child choose the color and style. Maybe you don't like the color he chose, but don't deny his vision. The respect for a child's opinion is the beginning of his confidence.


get along with and communicate with the child equally

watch his favorite TV series with the child, discuss his favorite characters and lines with him, and express interest in his views. Getting along and communicating on an equal footing is the ladder that gives him confidence.


Let the child do what he can

Let the child wash his own clothes independently, even if it is not too clean. A child's confidence comes from your approval of him in every little thing.


encourage children to develop their strengths

when children perform reciting poems, telling stories and singing, beat time to show that they should be in harmony. To exercise him to dare to perform calmly on stage is to exercise his self-confidence.


Let children play more with their peers

Let children approach strange children, and actively encourage them to socialize freely with people of all ages. To cultivate his social skills is to cultivate his self-confidence.


help the child make a plan, and remind the child to implement

, for example, help the child make a piano practice plan and negotiate the time with him when making the plan. During the execution, he reminded him, "We should practice now, right?"

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get him into the habit of doing things according to plan. If you are confident in doing things, you can be full of self-confidence.


Don't stop your child from exploring things of interest

Don't stop him arbitrarily from playing with cola bottles, shoeboxes and other wastes. A child likes to explore what he is interested in, and if you stop his interest, it will easily dampen his confidence in exploration.


help the child to give full play to the positive aspects of his personality

help the child to develop the positive aspects of his personality and make him a person with personality. If a child is impatient, he will exercise his speed of doing things; if he is slow, he will exercise his organization. Forcing him to change his character will make you lose confidence in him and make him lose confidence even more.


teach children to recognize their appearance from an early age

for example, tell him that although he is not a big eye, small eyes look good as long as they are alive. A lot of lack of self-confidence often stems from disapproval of one's appearance.


try to free children from dependence in life