2021 the best way to live, that's all!

/July 2022

some people say that if you have money, you can live up to your life without worrying about food and clothing.

some people say that winning fame and wealth, surrounded by flowers and applause, is a complete life.

if you ask me, what is more important than how to live is how to live.

psychologist Adler has such a saying:

if you worry about everything, you will naturally have trouble; if you are pessimistic, you will be clear and lovely in an instant.

there is only one life in the afterlife, so there is no need to make yourself exhausted.

2021, try to live a little easier, look down on everything, is the best way to live.


look down on fame and fortune

Buddha said: love, hate, greed and hatred are all cages.

in real life, how many people imprison themselves in the cage of "fame and wealth", full of desire.

because I can't let go of my obsession, it adds a lot of unnecessary burden to myself.

never thought that indulging in fame and wealth will not only make people find a sense of insufficiency, but also make people feel the emptiness and loneliness of life.

only by letting go of your obsession with money and power, keeping a normal heart, and doing everything in a down-to-earth manner, can you get what you want and live a happier life.

after winning the first Nobel Prize, Madame Curie, a Polish scientist, resolutely resigned more than 100 honorary titles, concentrated on research, and finally won the second Nobel Prize.

she is also a rare scientist in history who has won two Nobel Prizes, but Madame Curie does not care about fame and fortune.

one day, one of her friends came to her house and saw her youngest daughter playing with a gold medal just awarded to her by the Royal Society. The friend was surprised and said, "now it's a great honor to get a medal from the Royal Society. how can you play for your children?"

Madame Curie smiled and said, "I want my children to know from an early age that fame and wealth is like a toy that you can only play with. You must never keep it forever, otherwise you will accomplish nothing."

fame and fortune is like a cloud to me, and everything is not afraid to go by leisurely.

people who look down on reputation tend not to be swayed by the opinions of the outside world and laugh off gossip.

in the heart, without fear of loss of reputation and external interference, he automatically abandons dirty words and makes his life at ease and peace.


look down on gains and losses

Zhu Guoliang said in

between gains and losses:

"the fate of all things in the world, there are often gains and losses, and there are gains and losses."


Life is not perfect, there are always gains and losses.

if you get money, you may lose time and fun;

get mature, you may lose your youthful innocence;

get the clarity of the stream, you may not see the majesty of the sea.

but similarly, all losses become another kind of gain.

therefore, there is really no need to indulge in loss, let go when you should, and forget when you forget.

only by facing life with a free and easy heart can you save yourself in this unfathomable life.

all vanity in the world is like a dream, and it is a blessing to look at the floating clouds lightly.

again: "Happiness never depends on how much you have, but on how much you are bearish."

all life passes by, but in the blink of an eye.

look down on gains and losses in the secular world of mortals, do not cling to the passing away, do not worry about the mind, and live up to life for a moment.


look down on the past

everyone has a past, but can't live in the past.

those who indulge in memories do not have a good present, while those who only stare at regrets do not see a bright future.

the days will continue after all.

No matter how annoyed you are, the past has dissipated. Don't let the past take root in your heart, is the greatest wisdom of life.

Life, only by letting go of unnecessary baggage can we move forward easily.

after all, no one can change the result, so why make yourself sad over and over again.

Let go of the past, let the heart go to zero, and then let go of everything.

when you look back many years later, you will find that the tears and injuries you have shed now have made you stronger and stronger.

along the way, who does not stumble forward, there are joys and sorrows, just like flowers blossom and fall.

be a strong person in the heart, laugh it off in the past, and be safe in the future.


look down on love and hate

as the saying goes: to let go is to be free, to be bearish is to be free.

the most urgent things are the fleeting scenery, and the ones that hurt the most are always sincere feelings.

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some love, so heavy, some hate, so painful, not only clinging too deeply, but also suffering for a lifetime.

in fact, love or hate, but in a moment.

if you are bearish, it doesn't matter, let it go, that's all.

there is a saying that is very true:

"No matter how good a relationship is, it will eventually drift away, because you slowly become incomprehensible to each other."

since this is the case, you might as well let nature take its course and be well with each other.

cherish those who love you, and ask those who don't love you to stay away.

Don't worry about things that don't matter. Don't worry about the prosperity of 3000 things, just laugh it off.

the most important thing in a person's life is to live the way he wants to be, not to please or humble anyone.

only when you look down on love and hate can you obey your heart.Walk steadily on the way forward, safe for the rest of your life.


A person has to go through all kinds of ups and downs in his life. Instead of being exhausted, it is better to lay down the burden and be bearish.

if the heart is calm, people are at peace.

do not fight for fame and wealth, keep the complexity out of the body, and the blessings come from you.