7 little things that make you live better and better (suggested collection)

/August 2022

Laozi said:

if people want to achieve great things, they must start with small things.

in life, some little things may seem trivial, but if we can stick to them for a long time, it will benefit us for the rest of our lives.

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talk over the brain, think for three seconds

people who talk to people in life, people who don't talk to the brain, it's easy to offend people, and it's often at the expense of others at the expense of themselves.

Democritus once said:

give yourself a psychological hint before you speak, pause for a few seconds, and then speak, so that what you say carries more weight.

as clever as the great writer Qian Zhongshu, he offended many people because he was "outspoken" when he was young.

at that time, he had just graduated from Tsinghua University, and the professors appreciated his talent, so they kindly came forward to ask him to stay in graduate school.

but he was not only ungrateful, but also directly refused: "there is not a single professor in Tsinghua who is qualified to be someone's mentor."

Let these professors not come down from Taiwan, and finally broke up in discord.

later, Qian Zhongshu recalled that he was too arrogant and mean.

words such as spilled water cannot be withdrawn once the mouth is opened.

so be sure to give yourself some time to think about whether you should say these words or not before you speak.

learn to speak for one year, learn to shut up all your life, keep your mouth shut and speak appropriately, which can not only leave a good impression on others, but also have a good popularity.

Confucius said:

be cautious in your words and deeds, and only when you are silent at the right time can you speak loudly.


the best rest is to relax yourself at the right time.

with the acceleration of the pace of life, more and more people begin to overdraw their bodies and run around for work, thus feeling physically and mentally exhausted. Life is getting worse and worse.

people who keep running will always be tired. if you want to run further, you need to know how to rest.

Lin Qingxuan, a famous prose writer, stops writing whenever he feels tired.

look at the green plant in front of the window, think of nothing, let your thoughts fly and empty your brain.

after a short rest, ideas are pouring in and thinking is clearer.

there are many ways to empty yourself. For example, fragmentation time in a daze is a good way to relax tight nerves.

some scientific studies have shown that when people are in a daze, the conscious activity of the human brain weakens and is in a sober and relaxed state, which is a good means of mental adjustment.

in addition, being in a daze can also change the impatient, competitive temperament and reduce the sense of pressure in life.

people should empty themselves at least once a day, so that the brain has a moment of respite, the combination of work and rest will make your life more comfortable.

rest is for a better start, let life slow down, there is no need to rush for success, sometimes haste makes waste.


cooking, self-cultivation

all things in the world, only food and love can not be disappointed.

the ancients used to say, "there are seven things to open the door, firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea."

cook, feel the smell of fireworks in the world, taste the taste of life, a lot of benefits.

wash vegetables, mix vegetables, cut vegetables. Dealing with small things, from busy to methodical, is in itself a kind of self-cultivation.

Cooking is still a good way to relieve stress. When cutting vegetables, you can vent your bad feelings;

the kitchen is completely your own world and enjoy one's peace.

there is a description in the book go to the Kitchen when you are sad:

she commutes between her mother's room and the kitchen.

while stirring egg whites and starch, and hearing the "Ding" of the oven, she experienced the pleasure and relief she had never experienced in a week.

I have never been so close to my heart. It seems that only at this moment the world is eternal and belongs to me.

cooking can relax your body and mind, especially when you are tired, enjoying your own food is the best comfort for us.

when a bunch of unrelated ingredients turn into delicacies, take a picture with exquisite appetite;

share delicacies with family or friends, you can have simple happiness and full sense of achievement.

cooking is also a survival skill, and people who can cook will not go hungry wherever they go.

people who like to cook will also love life. There are three meals a day and a pillow to sleep. This life is enough.


quantitative shopping does not waste every penny of hard money

some people say that whether a person has money or not also has a lot to do with the way he spends money.

by changing a consumption habit, you can save a lot of money, that is, you can buy what you need instead of hoarding.

the greatest diligence and thrift of people is not to waste, and to make money is for consumption, not for waste.

some people want to save money and go on a buying spree while they are at a discount. as a result, the things they buy are out of date before they are used up.

in the end, not only do you buy too much, you have to throw it away, but also take up time and space, adding unnecessary annoyance.

as the old saying goes, this is the case when you are greedy for small gains and suffer big losses.

of course, quantitative shopping doesn't mean having money but not spending it.

according to our financial ability, we can buy things that suit us and spend our money in the right place to buy the happiness you want.

otherwise, buying a bunch of useless "sundries" is the biggest waste.

We are well aware that it is not easy to make money, and we should cherish every penny spent and spend it in the right place.

form the good habit of quantitative shopping.


exercise regularly, have a healthy physique

once saw a public service advertising film "the Last Ten years of Life", although it is only a few minutes, it is two completely different ways of life.

in old age, some people live freely, while others struggle in hospital beds.

the difference between the two is whether or not you exercise every day.

some studies have shown that ordinary people who exercise can reduce the risk of death by 28%.

from this we can see that the length of life is closely related to movement.

as the saying goes, "if you walk a hundred steps after a meal, you will live to 99."

this statement has certain scientific basis.

Walking can enhance muscle strength, strengthen legs, feet, muscles and bones, make joints flexible, and promote human blood circulation and metabolism.

if you walk more than 7 hours a week, you can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 20%.

keep exercising from now on. When you start to move, you will find that your mental state is getting better and better.

the muscles of the body take the place of fat; instead of being tired every day, they are glowing and energetic.

exercising day after day, year after year, will make you look younger and happier than your peers.

exercise every day, have a good body, can see the scenery farther away.


opening a book is beneficial.

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if you are delayed by other things that day and do not finish the reading task, take the time to make up.

he said, "opening a book is beneficial, but I don't think so."

as long as you open the book and read, you will get something, and the ancients did not deceive me.

Dong Qing reads books and poems in her spare time, so she can learn all kinds of classical poems easily, and has become a recognized excellent woman with a sense of poetry.

the famous host Kanghui thinks that the happiest place to read is to use his spare time to flip through two pages of books at random on the bedside toilet, and each time he can get something from the book.

this is "opening a book is beneficial".

draw a little knowledge from books every day, and in the long run, the books you have read will turn into blood and flow into your heart, affecting your words and deeds.

maybe life is so busy that you can't get away from reading, but it's always good to keep "reading" in mind and read a few pages when you have time.

spending your time on meaningful things is a life worth living.


unlock new skills, make life full of freshness

the same life for a long time will feel a little boring, and occasionally add some fresh blood to enrich your life and enrich yourself.

unlocking a new skill doesn't need to be difficult, but it can make you more interesting.

I once saw a Zhihu netizen share his real experience on the Internet.

she said she used to be a "workaholic". The repetition of going to and from work every day made her feel dull and depressed for a time.

until she began to learn to play the zither, her state of mind was very different from that before.

every day after work, instead of staying at home, playing TV series and playing games, I rushed to class to study her zither. I was completely addicted to the world of music and had a sense of rhythm in my life.

in the afternoon of the weekend, make a pot of tea, burn incense, play a song, and live a leisurely life.

to love life is to live attentively and unlock new skills constantly, just like opening the blind boxes of life and opening them with surprises.

for example, learn to swim. When summer comes, you can swim.

learn to sing a song well, discover your potential singing ability, relax your life with music, or practice yoga to shape your body.

learn what you like, do what you want to do, when you continue to unlock life skills, your life is also constantly enriched.

make life always full of freshness, not mediocrity, not mechanical repetition.

whether life is black and white or colorful depends on how you color it. A rich life requires you to constantly fill in new things.

what really changes a person's life is sometimes not the earth-shaking events, but the little things in life.

to cultivate a good living habit, there will always be unexpected gains.

pay attention to the details of life, live a more detailed life, and live every day conscientiously, so that you can live more and more smoothly, and live up to the experience of the afterlife.

Life is your own, please have a good life.