9 short stories of reverse thinking (profound)

/July 2022


buy bowls

A young man went to the store to buy bowls.

he picked up one bowl and gently touched the other bowls in turn, and there was a dull and muddy sound between the bowls. He shook his head in disappointment and continued to try.

however, until the boss presented the treasures in the bowl, they were still disliked.

when the boss was confused, he revealed the secret of picking a bowl. When you gently hit one bowl with another, the one that makes a crisp and pleasant sound must be a good bowl.

the boss suddenly realized that he picked up a bowl and handed it to him and said, "then try this bowl."

he did as he was told and found that the bowl made a crisp sound when it collided with each bowl.

he was surprised when the boss smiled and said:


We often say: birds of a feather flock together.

only high-quality bowls collide with equally exquisite bowls, and good people only walk side by side with equally good people.

be the best of yourself for the rest of your life so that you can meet the best of others.


across the bridge

there is a steep canyon with a fast current at the bottom, and you can only rely on a few iron cables between the cliffs.

A group of four people, one blind, one deaf, and two normal people with good ears and eyes, came to the canyon to cross the bridge.

they grabbed the iron cable in turn and advanced through the air.

what is the result?

the blind are gone, the deaf are gone, so is a normal person with good ears and eyes, while the other falls off a cliff and falls to pieces.

Why is this happening? Is a normal person no better than the blind and the deaf?

although the result is unexpected, it seems reasonable.

the blind man said, "I can't see the steep cliff, so I can cross the bridge calmly."

the deaf said, "I can't hear the rushing water below, so I can cross the bridge without fear."

normal people say: "I cross my bridge, the cliff is steep, the river is fast, what does it have to do with me?" I just need to keep my feet on the ground and move forward steadily. "

and the man who fell off the cliff thought before he died: "the cliff is so steep, the current is so fast, I will die if I fall."


sometimes we are not defeated by difficulties, but scared to death by ourselves.

when you are in trouble, don't always magnify his original difficulty infinitely.

if you immerse yourself in the hurdle and practice your mind, it will be easier to achieve success.


two days before the exam, he had two dreams: the first dream was that he was growing cabbages on the wall; the second dream was that he wore a bamboo hat and took an umbrella on a rainy day.

thinking about these two dreams, the scholar hurriedly went to the fortune-teller to interpret the dream.

upon hearing this, the fortune-teller patted his thigh and said, "I think you'd better go home." If you think about it, isn't it a waste of effort to grow cabbage on the high wall? Isn't it superfluous for Dai Douli to use an umbrella again? "

upon hearing this, the scholar was discouraged and went back to the inn to pack his bags and prepare to go home.

the innkeeper was very strange and asked, "Don't you have an exam until tomorrow? why did you go back to your hometown today?"

the scholar explained, and the innkeeper was pleased:

"Yo, I can interpret dreams, too."

I think you must stay this time. If you think about it, isn't growing cabbage on the wall high (medium)? Doesn't it mean that you are prepared this time when Dai Douli holds an umbrella again? "

upon hearing this, the scholar thought it was reasonable, so he exhilarated himself to take the exam, and unexpectedly won a flower exploration.


when you encounter something, don't jump to conclusions. From a different point of view, it's a different opinion.

the height of life sometimes depends on how you look at things.


Farmers farming

there used to be a farmer who always had too many worries about doing things.

in spring, someone asked the farmer, "Spring is coming. Have you grown wheat yet?"

the farmer replied, "No, I'm afraid it won't rain."

the man asked, "do you grow cotton?"

the farmer replied, "No, I'm afraid the worm ate cotton."

the man asked again, "what did you plant?"

the farmer said, "I don't have anything. I want to be safe."


We always think too much and do too little.

A lot of worries will only bind your hands and feet and accomplish nothing.

Life is always full of uncertainty. Sometimes you can only get something if you take a chance and try boldly.


sweeping the sun

there are two brothers, no more than four or five years old, who think it is too dark because the bedroom windows are closed all day.

seeing the bright sunshine outside, I felt very envious.

the two brothers discussed and said, "together, we can sweep in some of the sunshine outside."

so the two brothers took brooms and dustpans and went to the balcony to scan the sun.

by the time they moved the dustpan into the room, the sun was gone.

after sweeping it over and over again, there is still no sunshine in the house.

Mom, who is busy in the kitchen, saw their strange behavior and asked, "what are you doing?"

they replied, "the room is too dark. We need to sweep some sunshine in."

Mom smiled and said, "as long as you open the window, the sun will naturally come in, so why sweep it?"


sometimes we feel that life is bad, maybe we just close the door.

learn to open your heart for the rest of your life, and everything you see will be bright.


the dirt on the window

there was a wife who complained for many years that the wife opposite was lazy:

until one day, a discerning friend came to her house and found that the wife on the other side could not wash her clothes.

the careful friend took a rag, wiped the gray stain off the wife's window and said, "look, isn't this clean?"

it turns out that the window of my own house is dirty.


the windows are dirty, so everything you see is tainted.

We are used to looking at others with a critical eye, but ignore our own problems.

when something happens, don't be in a hurry to ask others, ask yourself instead, and find more reasons from yourself, is the better way to solve the problem.

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A long time ago, humans walked barefoot.

A king traveled to a remote country where his feet were aching because of the rugged road and gravel.

when he returned to the palace, he ordered that all roads in the country should be covered with cowhide.

but even if we kill all the cattle in the country, it will not be enough to pave the way.

at this time, a wise servant boldly made a suggestion to the king:

the king was surprised, but understood immediately, so he immediately withdrew the order and adopted the suggestion instead.

it is said that this is the origin of leather shoes.

George Bernard Shaw once said, "Wise people adapt themselves to the world, while unwise people only insist on adapting the world to themselves."

it's hard to change the world, but it's easy to change yourself.

when you change, so will the world in your eyes.


Save wife or child

A farmer rescued his wife from the flood, but his child was drowned.

afterwards, some people said that he was right because he could have another child, but his wife could not be resurrected from the dead.

some people said that he had made a mistake because his wife could marry another one, but the child could not be resurrected from the dead.

when I heard this, I also wondered: if only one person can be saved, should I save my wife or my child?

so I visited the farmer and asked him what he thought at that time.

he replied, "I'm not thinking about anything. My wife was by my side and I grabbed her and swam to the nearby hillside. When I returned, the child had been washed away by the flood. "


this is the way life is. Many things are not about right or wrong, but about choice.

there is no best choice in the world, and what you can catch is the best choice.