A family without rules is more terrible than having no money! (profound)

/August 2022

as the saying goes:

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there are national laws, family rules,

there are no rules.

what are the rules?

rules are codes of conduct,

rules are rules,

rules are rules and regulations, and

rules are the bottom line.

whether it is a person or a family,

is inseparable from rules.

if people have no rules, they are easy to make mistakes.

if there are no rules, there will be disasters.

if a family is to prosper,

there must be rules and rules.

A family without rules is more frightening than having no money.

how on earth is there a rule?


to elders, courteous and courteous

in a family,

the attitude of the children towards their parents,

the attitude of the younger generation towards their elders,

reveals the upbringing of children, and

also reflects the family style of the family.

Children with good tutoring

behave themselves in front of their elders,

respectfully in front of their parents,

will not talk nonsense beyond seniority,

will not do things willfully.

such a family attaches importance to rules, and

family members must have good conduct.


for children, the rules are strict

the child is a blank sheet of paper.

you can grow up as much as you do.

if you don't set rules for the child, the child will have no rules.

if you don't discipline the child, the child will have no quality.

parents who don't know how to set rules

can't raise promising children.

for children,

should love moderately and have strict rules.

if you don't have rules from an early age,

grow up and enter the society,

will ignore the law and become a scourge.

Let children have a sense of rules from an early age.

is not only the duty of parents, but also a kind of protection for children.


if you do not know how to respect and compromise each other,

will make trifles bigger and affect marital feelings.

between husband and wife,

need not only feelings, but also rules.

Don't fight, discuss things together, share housework

, apologize voluntarily for mistakes.

only when husband and wife work together and respect each other, can they always love each other and make the family rich.

in a family,

money is not the secret of prosperity,

career is not the secret of getting rich,

rules and upbringing are.

families with rules,

families have good upbringing,

can correct moral conduct, standardize words and deeds,

in constant study and hard work,

make achievements, stand out,

shine, make the family rich!