A person must be blessed if he has these four auspicious omens. How many do you have?

/June 2022

as the old saying goes, "the blessed need not be busy, but the unblessed run away with a broken heart."

in life, the blessings are profound, the blessings are endless; the blessings are shallow, they are destitute.

as the saying goes, "there is no way for happiness and misfortune, but people call themselves."

misfortune and good fortune in life are inseparable from self-nature. If a person appears these four auspicious signs, he must be a blessed person! How many do you have?


honor your parents.

Buddhists have a reply: "May you use this merit and virtue to solemn the Pure Land of Buddha." Report four kinds of kindness and give three relief to suffer. "

the kindness of parents can never be rewarded forever! If you are filial to provide for your parents, you will get a great blessing in this world!

there is a scholar named District Sizhi in Renxian County, Zhejiang Province.

the man is over forty, but still has no children. To this end, he often went to various temples to worship the Buddha, and often sought advice from famous doctors, but it still did not work.

there happens to be an eminent monk passing through the county. District Sizhi is in a hurry to see the solution.

when the monk came to Sizhi's house in the district, he saw his mother dressed in rags and described as thin. He was surprised and said,

"what's the use of asking around to worship Buddha even if you can't take care of your own mother?" If you want to change, first serve your mother well, and you will have feelings within three years! "

after hearing this, District Sizhi was filled with remorse and took good care of his mother ever since. As a result, his wife was influenced and treated her mother sincerely. Many years later, the couple gave birth to two sons.

all kinds of troubles in life are caused by unfilial parents. The fate of an unfilial son in life is no better.

the King of Morrow also says, what is the force of parents? "from the accumulation of treasures to 28 days, it is better to provide for your parents than to give to others."

this passage means that even if all the treasures accumulated from the earth to 28 layers of heaven are given to people, they are not worth the blessings of providing for their parents.

it can be seen that filial piety to parents is a great blessing!

if one can be filial to his parents, he will certainly be able to achieve great blessings and great achievements!


one day bless

means that a person with a good and bright heart is like a clear sky even if he is in a dark room, but if he gives rise to a trace of evil thoughts, he will be haunted by ghosts even in the blue sky.

all my life, the cycle of cause and effect is never empty.

the blessings you can enjoy are all the good causes you have planted.

there is a farmer's corn with high quality and good harvest. Many people wonder how he did it.

the farmer said, "I just give my good seeds to other farmers."

Why is this?

because if the neighbor's seeds are inferior, they will transmit inferior pollen to their own farmland in the process of pollination, and the quality will naturally be affected.

so, if everyone grows the same good variety, then everyone can have a good harvest.

if people have good thoughts, God will bless them. "Heaven" is not only God, but also the people and environment around you.

good intentions are rewarded with blessings and evil thoughts suffer disasters.

everything you give to others will eventually come back to yourself!

good people always feel sunshine and warmth, and their hearts are always peaceful and peaceful. This is the reward of goodness.

Evil people often doubt other people's intentions and worry that they will be set up. I'm always nervous. In fact, this is the greatest retribution of evil.

the most effective good luck in the world is the blessing accumulated with a little bit of kindness!

A person's kindness is his good omen and will bring real blessing!


contentment is the constant enjoyment of happiness

as the saying goes:

"contentment is the richest, sickness-free, dear, good friend the first relative, Nirvana the first joy."

people are born rich.

We have eyes that can see mountains and rivers, ears that can hear insects and birds, and mouths that can taste ups and downs. These are our most precious possessions!

the true wealth of life is not innumerable money, fame and fortune, but inner contentment.

many people don't understand this. Rich people want to have more money; when they become officials, they want to be bigger officials.

desire can never be filled, so how can happiness be realized?

Jack Ma once said in a program:

"I have never touched money. I am not interested in money."

therefore, it was ridiculed by many netizens.

however, many people have ignored the second part of this sentence:

"my happiest time is when I get 91 yuan a month when I am a teacher."

in this lifetime, people only sleep three feet in Guangsha, and enjoy only three meals in ten thousand delicious food. It is a great blessing to have peace of mind for the rest of your life.

there is a saying in the Song of contentment: "Life is blessed, but people are not satisfied with their sufferings."

the hardest thing on earth is greed.

face life with contentment, and life will be kind to you.

contentment is a great blessing in life. Life, have a good mood, can receive blessing Yingxiang, attract good luck!


good health is the greatest blessing

as the old saying goes: when you drink and peck, everything happens for a reason.

people live, if they want to enjoy a happy lifeTo live, you must first ensure that you have a healthy body.

Yu Juan, a 32-year-old female doctor from Fudan, received a critical notice from the hospital because of cancer when she was about to start a new chapter in her life.

when she struggles with cancer, she analyzes her own habits and prevents the same pain from happening to others.

she has reflected on herself that she has bad eating habits and always stays up late. In the study is even more deadly to learn, the highest record is to read 21 hours of books a day!

in the last days of her life, she found that her so-called need to buy a house and a car is in fact a cloud. If there is still a chance, don't try your best to make a lot of money. Instead, spend time with your parents, your children, and your lover.

the greatest wealth in life is not money, fame and fortune, but health.

without health, everything in front of you is a cloud, and half your life's hard work is in vain.

Buddhists often say, "I make my life, and I ask for my own happiness."

fortune and misfortune in life, in fact, are all self-made.

if you eat healthily, you will have a spleen and stomach that can eat and drink;

if you go to bed early and get up early, you will have a body that can withstand wind and rain.

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if you want to seek happiness, you must first take good care of your body.


the Buddhist sutra says:

blessing should be cultivated frequently, and there is no blessing to suffer suffering. If there are those who practice happiness, they should be happy now. "

Life is a destiny. In fact, what kind of life you want to live is up to you.

if you want to enjoy a lifetime of happiness, you must plant a wide range of good causes, enjoy happiness as soon as possible, and practice happiness more deeply!