A sign that one is starting to have good luck! (good text in depth)

/August 2022

the fifth chapter of Tao Te Ching says: "Heaven and earth are not benevolent, and all things are ruminant dogs."

although heaven and earth treat all living beings equally, the fate of everyone is very different.

as the saying goes, "people have the ambition to soar to heaven, but they must be lucky!"

if a high-spirited and ambitious gentleman does not have the luck to bless him, he can only live full of talent in the end.

I have to believe that one's luck is very important.

the building is full of wind and rain, there are signs of many things, and so is people's luck.


people should never sigh.

it is said in


that there is no way for misfortune and good fortune, but people call themselves. "

there is a breath running in the human body. When you sigh, you are summoning the god of mildew, and the good luck will slip away naturally.

in the world, everything you ask for may not be satisfied, but believe that what you are afraid of will come.

Old people often say, "A sigh of poverty for three years". The greatest stupidity of a person is to sigh all day long. If you only stare at the unhappiness in front of you, how can you find the beauty of life?

all thoughts change when you change your mind.

everyone is the commander of their own life. Life is what you are.

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if you sigh, your life will be dark; if you keep mindfulness, life will be colorful.

A person's life is only a few decades. Don't ask for trouble, be kind-hearted, speak kind words, and good luck will come naturally.


Chapter 23 of the Book of morality says: "the breeze does not end, but the rainstorm does not last all day."

Life is short and things are changeable, but strong winds and torrential rains will not last forever, and there will always be sunny days after rain.

there is no need to worry, worry about yourself and make yourself miserable.

people live, the mentality is the most important, the heart is our root, a good mentality, life will be good.

the gap between people lies in their attitude, and a positive and optimistic attitude is very important.

A good state of mind is not inborn, but hard-earned.

in life, how much fear, how much disaster; how much complaint, how much pain.

how much optimism, how much happiness; how much tolerance, how much happiness.

pain and happiness are the reflection of the soul, the state of mind is not good, like a dose of poison, destroy your will, reduce your enthusiasm.

if you can adjust your mindset from negative to positive, then your fate will change completely and have a lot of good luck.


pay no attention to right and wrong, regardless of length

Chapter 27 of the Book of morality says: "good deeds, no tracks; kind words, no relegation."

he who does good deeds has few faults, but he who speaks good words can avoid calamity. But there is also no shortage of people who like to gossip and gossip.

if you say yes or no, you are not human.

if you want to have good luck, you must accumulate more morality, do not hear right and wrong, do not know the length of others, and do not slander wantonly, otherwise the disaster will be endless.

if you watch horror movies every day, you will have nightmares for a long time, and then there will be a lot of bad luck, which is called: do not look at non-saints, avoid wisdom, bad mind!

therefore, disasters are summoned by their own words and deeds, and so can good luck.

if you don't talk about things in the world, there is nothing in the world.

the world is disturbed one after another, there are not many words, but hope is expensive. When chatting, putting aside your grievances and keeping your mouth shut is respect for others and a kind of supreme self-cultivation.


the phase is born from the heart and determines the fate of life

Chapter 21 of the Book of morality says: "the appearance of Confucius, but the Tao is followed."

the form of great virtue changes with the transfer of Tao, while a person's appearance is reflected by the heart.

as the saying goes, "Life is made by yourself, and phase is born by the heart."

the mood is different, the face is different.

people who are kind-hearted and kind-hearted show good fortune. They are generous and cultured, and they get along like a spring breeze with such people.

people who are evil and calculating at heart show a ferocious look. they are calculating, selfish and on pins and needles with such people.

A person's face will change with his own heart, no matter how exquisite makeup, can not cover a bitter face; no matter how ordinary a face, it will become beautiful because of kindness in the eyes.

repair a good face, enjoy a lifetime of good luck, what is inside will be what appearance will be.


be grateful and know how to be altruistic

the ancients said, "it is up to me to make my life, and I ask for my own happiness."

the root of good luck lies in yourself, and you will be blessed as much as you have in your heart.

everyone has their own life, and there will be their own setbacks and tribulations on the way of life. Having someone to help you is a feeling, not an obligation.

be grateful for help. You know: it is easier to put the icing on the cake than to send charcoal in the snow.

Don't forget the kindness of those who can help you in times of adversity.

cast it with mahogany and return it with Qiongyao.

gratitude is the greatest goodness of human nature, and we should also know how to be altruistic.

Chapter 81 of the Book of morality says: "the more you regard yourself as others, and the more you treat yourself as others."

Laozi tells us: try to help others, you will be richer, try to give to others, but you will be richer.

people are mutual, and altruistic behavior can not only help othersAnd benefit yourself.

all things have their own rules to follow, and so is one's luck.

from ancient times to the present, it has long been demonstrated that people need luck, and it is something we have to admit.

good luck, coupled with their own efforts, life will be smooth wind and water; bad luck, no matter how much, may also be a complete failure.

good luck is done by yourself, both on the inside and on the outside, can not do without your own call.

understanding these five signs of good luck is enough to change a person's life.