A sign that one is starting to have good luck! (good text in depth)

/July 2022

A person who is about to change his luck starts by finding his own "time zone"!

what is a "time zone"?

is to find the node of your own growth law, and then act according to the node.

everything has its own rules, and everything goes through four processes: birth, growth, harvest, and hiding. Spring seed, summer long, autumn harvest, winter Tibet, each stage has its own characteristics. At the stage when the hidden dragon is not in use, you should work hard; when it is time for you to save your energy, don't worry about getting ahead. If you understand the law of growth, you will know when you can do it. This is your "time zone"!


but think again:

Gates became the richest man in the world at 39; Chen Tianqiao became the richest man in China at 31; Sun Yat-sen founded Xingzhong Club at 28; Sun Quan occupied Jiangdong at 19; Ding Junhui won the world championship at 14; Kangxi ascended the throne at 6; Beethoven composed music at 4; Huluwa was born to fight monsters; do you think I am in a hurry?

does achievement have anything to do with age?

look at the comparison of Alexander, Caesar and Napoleon:

Alexander set out at the age of 21 and never lost a battle in his life. it took about 10 years to build a huge empire on an unprecedented scale across Asia, Europe and Africa, but his life ended at the age of 33.

Caesar did not begin his expedition until he was in his forties and established everlasting exploits in his fifties.

Napoleon, who became the leader of France at the age of 30 and the emperor of continental Europe at the age of 35, ended his political life at 46 and his biological life at 52.

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doesn't seem to have a certain relationship....


growing up in the countryside when I was a child, I was very impressed by one thing: farmers must step on the right node in farming, which is often consistent with the 24 solar terms, such as "the Autumn Equinox is at the right time to plant wheat." it means that planting wheat at the Autumn Equinox's time is most beneficial to its growth.

that is to say, sowing is not the sooner the better, the sooner the better, but the more appropriate the time, the better.

this also tells us a truth: many things do not come as early as possible, and get done as soon as possible, but at the right time.

Life is not about catching ducks on the shelves. You have to compare with others all the time. You have to be ahead of others all the time. Everyone has their own development time zone, and it is much more important to understand that they are the nodes of life than to blindly catch up with others every day.

when it's your turn to keep a low profile, don't make it public, which is also called Qianlong.

Don't hesitate to do it when it's your turn. Do it when it's time to do it.

A man stands at 40 and knows his destiny at 50. What do you mean by knowing your destiny? Is to know their mission, and feel the rhythm of their own life development.

however, the pace of modern society is developing very fast, and people are generally precocious, so many people know their destiny before 50, and the sooner they know it, the better.

before Zhang ailing said that success should be made as soon as possible, this sentence is absolutely misleading:

first of all, if a person becomes famous prematurely and brings his own halo, he will live in compliments from the outside world, and will often kill his own will to make progress diligently, thus limiting his own development.

secondly, a person becomes famous before he has enough practice, and it is easy to be young and frivolous, turn a blind eye to others, and fall down, and it is difficult to get up again after falling down.


the world seems unfair. Some people rise to heaven as soon as they gain power, while others work hard but are buried without a trace.

for example: since 2004, housing prices in the north to Shenzhen have risen more than 10 times, so anyone who can gain a foothold in first-tier cities, no matter how mediocre your ability is, at least he is a multimillionaire.

look at society from another perspective:

since 2004, the life of countless manufacturing enterprises has become more and more difficult, and many entrepreneurs have been heavily in debt from billionaires at that time to today.

but if we extend the time a little longer, we will find that the world is really fair:

1: those who used to make profits by means of not seeing light have basically dispersed in recent years;

2: those who used to rely on resources and background to get rich are basically getting worse and worse in the past two years.

3: people who get rich overnight have been looking for ways to get rich overnight, but they have never found it again.

4: people who make money from houses basically do not have other skills to make money;

5: people who make money by speculation are often unsatisfactory in other aspects, such as family and health.

in contrast:

1: those who keep their feet on the ground, though unknown in previous years, begin to show their heads and feet gradually;

2: those who have never got rich overnight, often have their own fixed ability to make money, step by step;

3: those who have been on their own, the road is getting wider and wider, and more and more places are accepted.

4: those who have clear positioning and skills have a stronger sense of well-being and a calm and stable life;

5: those who insist on not speculating in real estate, stocks or speculation seem to have a calm life, but often have a harmonious family, a healthy family and a full life;