A true friend: begins with interest, conforms to values, respects character, and lasts longer than time

/July 2022

A writer wrote in his book

"Life is actually like a road from a broad plain to a forest."

on the plain, companions can walk in groups, joyfully pushing forward and backward, and helping each other; once they get into the forest, grass and thorns stand in the way, the situation changes, and each person pays attention to his own way and finds his own direction. "

some friends, when they meet, think it is a lifetime, walking, they float around in the sea of people.

and some friends, how eager they are when they know each other, and how resentful they are when they part.

only later did I understand that true friends often begin with interest, accord with temperament, respect character, and last longer than the years.


begins with interests

A friendship is often simple, as long as two people share the same interests.

when Li Bai and he Zhizhang met for the first time, they both liked poetry and simply made an appointment at the restaurant "on Poetry and drinking".

he Zhizhang said: "he Zhizhang has been famous and talented for a long time. Can you let the old age have a first look at any new works recently?"

Li Bai called the runner to write down "the difficulty of Shu Road". He Zhizhang sang as he read it softly.

the two hit it off at first sight, the more they talked, the more they speculated, and the more they drank, the more they enjoyed themselves.

one in his early forties and the other in his eighties went so far as to call him a brother and became a forgotten friend.

some people sum up well, and there are three kinds of true friends:

the first is to have a common ideal, the second is to have a common language, and the third is to have a common hobby.

get along with like-minded people, have common ideals, can go to distant places together; have common hobbies, common language, no barriers to communication, and get along easily and happily.

Pu Songling put it well: "there is no such thing as a happy friend in the world, but it is better to talk about a happy friend."

the happiest thing in life is to have a chatting friend, chatting and pushing a cup for a change.


in line with the three values

some people say that if you are with people with different values, you will either not speak or be angry.

people with different values are not on the same channel and are doomed not to go together.

during the three Kingdoms period, Guan Ning and Hua Xin of the State of Wei were classmates and friends, but their life goals were completely different.

Guan Ning is preoccupied with learning and indifferent to fame and fortune, while Hua Xin has no intention of studying and yearns for official career, fame and wealth.

once, a high-ranking official passed by in a carriage. Guan Ning was engrossed in reading, but Hua Xin left his book and went after the carriage.

seeing that Hua Xin did not concentrate on his studies and envied the officials, Guan Ning knew that the two were not destined to be the same person.

when Hua Xin came back, Guan Ning cut the mat where the two were sitting together, and the two "cut off their diplomatic relations."

for friends with different values, giving up is the best choice.

there is a good saying that the three values are the furthest distance between people.

people and people can come together, most of them rely on the same values, while people who are not on the same channel will eventually drift away.

when friends get along with each other, the three values are more important than the facial features. Only people with the same values can get along comfortably.

in life, it is a kind of fate to meet friends with the same values, and it is even more lucky to be understood by each other.


respect for character

I have seen such a story.

there is a young man whose father hit someone with his car and needs to pay 300000 in compensation.

300000 is undoubtedly astronomical for this family.

later, a friend the young man knew borrowed 100,000 yuan to help him tide over the difficulty.

after the end of the compensation, the young people began a long journey to pay off their debts. He still has to struggle with a loan of

300000. As soon as he earns money, he will immediately give it back to others.

A lot of people's money has been repaid one after another, and there is almost no surplus on them.

before long, the friend who had lent him 100,000 yuan was seriously ill and was in urgent need of money.

although my friend didn't open his mouth, he couldn't sit still.

because there was really no money at home, I mortgaged the house, paid back 100,000 yuan borrowed from my friend, and gave tens of thousands more to my friend to see a doctor.

A friend lying in the hospital woke up and said,

"it was because I believed in his character that I dared to lend him so much money.

at that time, no one knew if I would wake up, and if he didn't show up, no one knew I had lent him money. "

Bacon said:

character is not only a person's most valuable pass, but also the most important quality of getting along with others.

when friends make friends, character always comes first.

only by making a deep acquaintance with a person of good character can you gain inner confidence and peace of mind.

only with good character can we get consistent and consistent friends.


for a long time

the Spring Festival film "Hello, Li Huanying" has become a dark horse, leading the way at the box office and becoming the highest-grossing film in the Spring Festival.

Shen Teng's acting brings a lot of laughter to the audience and adds a lot of color to the film.

few people know that Shen Teng is actually paid 0 for starring in "Hello, Li Huanying".

this is Jia Ling's first time as a director, and the pressure is very great. In order to ease Jia Ling's pressure, Shen Teng, an old friend for many years, chose 0 pay for acting to ease Jia Ling's pressure.

when Jia Ling found Shen Teng with the script, Shen Teng, who was so strict with the script, decided to insert a knife for her friend without even reading the script.

for this reason, Shen Teng specially freed up 7 days.Following Jia Ling, she said, "you're all here. You can shoot whatever you want!"

Jia Ling was very moved by Shen Teng's righteousness. In one program, she admitted:

"what's the use of worshiping so many people? you have to look at your brother at a critical time."

know the horsepower in the distance, and see the truth for a long time.

there is a good saying: "all good relationships in the world must stand the test of time."

True friends definitely don't just talk about it, they will be desperate to help you when you are in trouble.

when you are successful, you may not be the icing on the cake, but when you are in trouble, you are bound to give help in the snow.

cherish those who stay with you regardless of gain or loss, they are true friends.

True friends are not only the most precious wealth in our lives, but also our dignitaries.

the main road is so simple that it is complicated in the hearts of the people.

if you want to make sincere friends, you must first learn to be honest with each other;

if you want to make good friends, you must first be a kind person.

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