At one time, I thought

/June 2022

there are too many people who have no choice but to live a lifetime.

most of the time, we all want to live purely, but it is realistic to live.

A lot of times, we don't want to change, but we change as we walk.

I have heard a passage:

Life is a slow hammering process.

after meeting some people and going through some things, we have finally become mature and sensible adults.

looking back on the past, there is a kind of sadness called "I thought".


I thought that as long as I was good enough.

people are not afraid of physical tiredness, but of mental tiredness.

once I thought that as long as I was good to others, others would be nice to me.

always foolishly think of others too well and simply take their hearts too seriously.

always think of others, do not know how to refuse, even if aggrieved by their own feelings, but also try their best to meet the needs of others.

time knows the heart, and adversity makes a friend.

it wasn't until I experienced the warmth of human feelings that I realized that not everyone is worth giving, and not everyone knows how to be grateful.

as the saying goes, "the thinnest feelings are the coldest, but the hearts of the people."

people are fickle, things are unpredictable, and there are too many feelings involving interests.

sometimes, if you are affectionate, others may not be righteous; if you are wholehearted, others may not be wholehearted.

without going through one thing, one does not gain wisdom, one does not know a difficulty, and one does not understand one.

now I see clearly that if you really treat me, I will cherish it; if you are false, I will turn around and leave.


I thought meeting each other is forever.

how many feelings have been lost to time.

I used to think that if you love someone, you have to give everything. If you make a promise, you can go forever.

but the reality is often in the opposite direction. People who once thought they would not leave are no longer in touch.

"A man is not as good as a thousand days, and a flower without a hundred days of red."

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in the emotional world, it is easy to fall in love at first sight, but it is difficult to fall in love with each other. It is easy to see each other at first sight, but it is difficult to be together forever.

Lin Yoga sings in "sad":

how many people love vigorously, but lose to "I think".

one doesn't ask, one doesn't say; one thinks he won't leave, the other thinks he will stay; one can't lose his pride, and the other is still waiting to turn back.

things that can be solved by a hug are unconsciously separated at the crossroads of life.

emotion is sometimes fragile and realistic.

always sigh that if life is just like the first sight, how can the affection be deep and shallow.


I thought life was long.

Life is like running water, years are like wind and sand.

Haruki Murakami said:

"I always thought that people grow old slowly, but later I found out that growing old is an instant thing."

I once thought that if I had a long time to come, I would always succeed. Wait until you are successful, and then return to your hometown.

but it never occurred to me that parents may not be able to wait that long.

they may not be able to "bother" you by sending messages one day, and they may no longer be able to worry about your moments.

Life comes and goes, and the days to come are not long.

Life is really short, and sometimes it comes to an end as soon as you turn around.

the most important thing in a person's life is not what he cannot get and what he has lost, but the people and things that accompany him.


finally, I understand.

in the face of life, we grow up while experiencing;

in the face of feelings, we bless and let go.

how can you be a better person without experiencing scars?

it was only after a fall that we all knew how to go far.

those who "once thought" were sad, it is better to use it as a foreshadowing for future growth.

May you get what you want.

May you have less regret and more fulfillment for the rest of your life.