Being with gentle people is the best way to keep healthy.

/July 2022

what is the experience of getting along with gentle people?

this is a netizen's answer on Zhihu, which is deeply appreciated!

when people reach middle age, they have experienced the beating of life, seen the cruelty of life, and become more and more aware of the importance of maintaining peace of mind.

if you have no worries in mind, you will be in good health.

being with gentle people is the best way to maintain good health.


tenderness is a kind and considerate speech

Kipling said such a sentence in his speech:

A good word can give great strength; a warm word can heal a wound in the heart.

and gentle people, the words are always soft from the inside out, which can make people feel refreshed and relaxed before they know it.

in the TV series Little Joy, Liu Jing is such a gentle being.

she is like a beam of light in the dark night, bringing light and hope to Yingzi in the dark.

"you will make your dream come true. I have always believed that you are an excellent child."

"Auntie wants the whole sky to be yours, and you are the brightest star in the sky."

"A lot of things, the universe can't teach us, but time can."

in contrast to her mother's rebuke, Liu Jing's encouragement became Yingzi's only redemption, allowing her to catch her breath in her repressed life.

in the past, I always thought that gentleness was just a kind of character, but later I realized that gentleness is actually an ability to restrain myself from talking nonsense, and it is also a kind of broad-mindedness that "I have known the world, but I still feel sorry for the plants and trees."

as the writer Zaxi Ramduo said:

when you get along with such people, the wind is warm, the sun is bright, the trees are verdant, and everything seems to be right around you.


gentleness is the cultivation of emotional stability

there must be such people around you:

meet to go shopping together, just because she has been waiting for you for a few minutes. She has been complaining and blaming all day long;

the delivery boy became angry and threatened to complain if he was late for food delivery because of the weather.

friends played games together. Because they lost three times, they turned their faces on the spot and left without mercy.

being with them is like holding a ticking time bomb. You never know when it's going to explode. You can only live cautiously and fearfully all day long.

there was a discussion on the Internet: what kind of people will you make friends with?

there is a classic answer: a secular strong man, a born wise man, a normal and sunny ordinary person.

indeed. In this life, everyone is carrying a heavy load in the face of the trivialities and pressures of life.

because of this, no one wants to make friends with a moody person.

if a person is unable to control his emotions, he will be ecstatic in times of success, angry in times of adversity, and prone to hysteria, which will not only affect his health, but also affect the people around him.

I remember that Judith Orloff, an American psychiatrist, once said:

those who often forgive and do not blame when things happen are not short of temper, but choose to be gentle.

they never disturb order at will because of their own interests, let alone let their own thoughts and do whatever they want to do.

gentleness is not so much an expression of high EQ as a person's upbringing from the inside out.

because he respects the world, he also cares for everyone and every life around him.

John Milton said:

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getting along with gentle people is like a spring breeze on your face, just right.

if you are in a good mood, there will be no disease and no disaster.


gentleness is the kindness of yourself and others

writer Leng Ying said:

I have a friend who designs jewelry. Since the day I met her, she always wears all kinds of jewelry, fashionable and expensive, and exudes the brilliance of a successful woman.

once, she went back to her hometown to attend her classmate's wedding and temporarily asked me to meet and talk before going to the airport.

I found that she was different from her usual dress, dressed very simply, wearing only an inconspicuous silver necklace.

I joked: "Why do you pretend to be poor when you go back to your hometown?"

she explained with a smile: "because all the people who attended the wedding were young from my hometown, I was more casual, and my classmates led a very simple life."

at that moment, I felt the gentle light emitted from her, not dazzling, not hot, but warm.

A person with a gentle disposition is a piece of soft land at the bottom of his heart.

they always put themselves in other people's shoes, so they can understand the sadness behind your smile and the joy in your tearful eyes.

is like a lamp that illuminates others as well as yourself.

walking in the world, you and I are both pedestrians.

even if you can't feel other people's pain, you can give him a hand when he falls down, and even if he can't help it, he can wave and cheer.

because of this kindness, the world will be gentle to you.

Life is like a dream, a dog dressed in white, sometimes half a life, how many strong feelings turn weak, and how many vicissitudes of life become mulberry fields.

some people say:

so being with gentle people is the best way to keep healthy.