CCTV direct attack: people who walk for a long time end up like this (shock)

/August 2022

with the development of science and technology, medicine is becoming more and more advanced, and fewer and fewer people are sick.

but why do hospitals still have so many patients?

Why do many people often feel uncomfortable?

in this regard, Shang Shu, a doctor in the department of oncology of the Fifth people's Hospital of Shenyang, once said:

Health ultimately depends on yourself. A healthy lifestyle is the best vaccine for disease prevention.

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the best doctor is himself, and the best exercise is walking. Those who walk for a long time are the ones who can keep good health.


Walking is regarded as one of the best exercise methods in the 21st century, because it is not limited by time and space, and the walking speed can be fast or slow, so as to achieve different fitness effects.

Don't think that vigorous walking is a simple lower limb exercise. At present, many studies have confirmed that regular healthy walking can effectively exercise all parts of the body:

the brain-- promotes the release of endorphins in the brain and makes the mood happy.

lungs-increase vital capacity and reduce smokers' cravings for smoking.

back-strengthens the back muscle and does less harm to the back.

legs and feet-Walking is equivalent to bone strength training, which can significantly enhance the bone and muscle strength of legs and feet.

walking for more than ten minutes a day can:

people over 1.60 years old. Walking for more than 45 minutes three days a week is helpful to maintain good cognitive function and avoid dementia.

2. Walking for 20 minutes a day can help prevent premature death from cancer, heart disease and stroke every year.

Mr. Fleur, a famous American medical doctor, found that walking like this is better than thousands of drugs.

No medicine can cure all diseases, and exercise is by no means a medicine. the comprehensive effect of exercise on the body can not be replaced by all drugs.

1. "sweating" every day, vascular elasticity is good

Hua Tuo has a saying: "if you waver, the valley will disappear, the blood will flow, and you will not be sick."

sweating not only cools the human body, but more importantly, a lot of garbage in the human body can be excreted through sweat glands.

2. To prevent illness, do not take a car if you can walk

if you can walk, you must walk, those who can not drive must ride a bike, and you must refuse the elevator when you see the stairs. This is the principle.

set aside enough time every day. For example, you can do aerobic exercise from seven or eight to ninety in the evening.

3. Protect intestines and stomach: what I fear most when walking wriggling

every day is that my stomach doesn't move here, and if my abdomen doesn't get exercise, it will bring a lot of trouble.

starting today, do an exercise: put your hands on your hips, put your feet together, and then "shake left and right" with abdominal strength. Don't always sit while watching TV, just do this for 15 minutes.

if you wiggle like this when you take a walk every night, you will find that you will go to the bathroom faster the next day, which plays an irreplaceable role in intestinal health.

4. Practice chest and lungs: count one, two, three, four while walking

as long as people cough, their lungs must be in trouble.

how to exercise? Count in mind when walking every day. One, two, three, four represents four steps, the first step, the second step, the third step is to inhale, the fourth step is to spit out, exaggerate the action a little bit, the body is straight.

5. Diabetes: do more bend walking

many diabetics have formed the habit of striding every day, and it would be better to do more bending walking at the same time.

the key to bending step is to take a big step forward, then bend the front leg to make a lunge, keep the thigh parallel to the ground for a second or two, and then move forward to change the other leg.

as long as you keep walking like this for 5-10 minutes every day, your thigh muscles will become better and better. The well-developed muscle is the "natural sugar control drug", which can better control blood sugar.

6. Reducing waistline: knocking

being fat all over the body is a disease, but a fat stomach is fatal.

if the waistline is more than 80 cm for women and 85 cm for men, they may face the risk of excessive visceral fat.

when walking, you might as well hit the waist on the left and right sides with two hands and keep it for half an hour every day, so that the waist circumference will drop rapidly.

French writer Shepherd said:

the first thing you and I need to do is to take action, which has a great exercise effect on the whole heart and lung function.

doctors can only cure your illness, but not your life. You have to manage your health on your own. According to your own physical condition, you should act according to your ability, walk up every day, walk three heights, stay away from disease, and return you and me for years without worry.