Children who are addicted to games suffer severe brain damage: the country finally makes a move!

/August 2022

finally! The country strikes with a heavy blow!

just a few days ago, the rule to prevent minors from indulging in online games was officially implemented!

Let me first draw a few key points for you:

minors can play online games for 1 hour every day only on Fridays, Sundays and legal holidays;

strictly implement real-name registration and login of games;

strengthen the supervision of online game companies.

it is reported that under the vigorous supervision of the state, game companies will adopt the combination of big data and artificial intelligence to effectively identify minors' fraudulent use of adult accounts and achieve stricter supervision.

that is to say, the underage anti-addiction system will be more strict in the future.

even if children want to play games, they can only play three hours a week at most.

after this summer vacation, the days when children stayed up late to play games and played for three or four hours are gone forever.

at this point, the difficult problem that has plagued parents for a long time has finally been fundamentally alleviated.

is really a great pleasure!

as soon as this national measure was taken, all the parents around me and thousands of netizens all raised their arms and cheered.

nothing else, but because of parents all over the world, they have been playing hard for a long time!


online games have become a new generation of "mental poison"

A reporter from the Economic Information Daily found that at present, it is very common for minors to indulge in games online:

"62.5% of minors often play games online."

"some children play games for eight hours a day."

"some children have five or six mobile phones dropped by their parents. They would rather skip breakfast and save up to buy mobile phones and play games."

the impact of online games on minors is shocking and can be called a "new generation of drugs"!

many people may not understand why children are so addicted to games.

in fact, it is because the game company has a strong operating team, educators, behaviorists, psychologists, top artists are involved in polishing every aspect of the game.

the game will give players a lot of timely feedback, which will reward you, excite you, give you a sense of achievement, and make you willing to stay up late and indulge in it.

adults can't resist, not to mention our mentally immature children.

online games are not only black holes that engulf time, but also mental poisons that control children.

in June this year, a 12-year-old girl spent nearly 30,000 to 40,000 yuan of her grandfather's life savings in a year because she was addicted to games.

the old man looked at the bills sent by the bank and could not help crying bitterly.

during the epidemic last year, an 11-year-old boy stole his mother's password to recharge the game with more than 40,000 yuan.

my mother was so angry that she almost had a heart attack. She was in the cement business, and the hard money she earned every morning and night was spoiled by her son in vain.

what is more terrible is that children's perception of the outside world in the poison of the game is getting weaker and weaker, and even break away from the real world and fall into an irreparable abyss.

an 11-year-old girl in Hubei is so addicted to games that she even has auditory hallucinations.

twice she ran onto the balcony after her family fell asleep, ready to jump off the stairs, and then suddenly burst into tears.

later, her parents asked her what was wrong, and the girl said that someone in her ear kept saying "jump, jump".

Mother Ye from Henan said to herself:

because of playing games, her son became extremely grumpy and shouted to fight and kill every day.

even said to her one day, "Mom, I want to kill you with our kitchen knife."

Mama Ye lives with trepidation every day. Every day, she hides the kitchen knife as soon as she has used it, locks the door when she sleeps at night, and dares not say anything when she is alone at home.

just last year, a freshman in Haikou City jumped from the 14th floor and died on the spot after being criticized by his mother for being addicted to games.

how many families, because their children are addicted to games, are restless every day, even step by step towards the destruction of their families.


online games are destroying children's physical and mental health

A friend who is a head teacher once told me one thing:

there is a boy in her class who has always had excellent grades and is usually very lively, smart and likable.

but when he came back one summer vacation, the boy completely changed. He was inattentive in class, and he was in a daze. He couldn't respond to the questions even though he was asked to answer questions, and the result of the first monthly exam was even worse.

A friend could not help calling his parents to find out about the situation. Only then did he learn that the summer vacation boy's parents were stranded because of the epidemic. The boy stayed at home every day and did not go out, playing games from morning till night.

A well-behaved child almost makes a fool of himself by playing games.

just a few days ago, CCTV released a research report:

report shows that the brain structure of children who have been addicted to online games for a long time is similar to that of elderly people with Alzheimer's disease.

that is to say, children who play games for a long time will have serious mental impairment.

Dimitri Christakis, a child behaviorist in Seattle, has also found that the brain of children addicted to mobile phones is significantly different from that of ordinary children.

A healthy brain has clear lines, while an addictive brain, as if it has shrunk, is shocking.

it turns out that it is due to the lack of sensory stimulation of the addictive brain that it develops like this.

Online games not only corrode the child's brain, but also seriously destroy the child's physical and mental health.

Last summer vacation, a 15-year-old from Guangxi was given a mobile phone by his parents because he had to take online classes.

unexpectedly, a month later, the mother received a call from her husband saying that the child had had a stroke and was taken to the hospital.

it turns out that over the past month, Xiao Bin has been playing games day and night with his mobile phone, sleeping only two hours a day, and his schedule is extremely disordered.

moreover, due to excessive use of the mobile phone, Xiaobin's left thumb was severely adducted; the arm could not be lifted, and the shoulder joint rotated inward.

this means that it is very difficult to recover and the future of the child is not optimistic.

the report shows that children who are addicted to online games for a long time are slightly myopic, cervical spondylosis, tenosynovitis, lumbar disc protrusion,

severe lead to cerebral infarction, epilepsy, and even directly endanger life.

A 16-year-old boy in India died suddenly after playing games for six hours.

it turned out that the boy was so addicted to games that if his family forced to delete it, the boy went on a hunger strike.

finally brought down the body, leading to such a tragic outcome.

A healthy body is the foundation for people to gain a foothold in the world.

online games are seriously endangering the physical and mental health of our next generation.


online games are ruining children's future

the investigation report on the phenomenon that minors are addicted to mobile online games shows that

among the children who have been addicted to games for a long time, 81% of them have a great impact on their studies.

A 15-year-old boy from Hunan has been addicted to games since he was 12 years old and has just finished his high school entrance exam this year.

his father confided sadly: from the first year of junior high school to the third year of junior high school, the first five became the bottom five, denied six relatives, and ignored everyone.

if he is not allowed to play games, he will threaten his parents by hurting himself and hanging himself.

his father doesn't understand how a child who used to be so sensible and excellent has become like this.

I can't help thinking of the legendary high achiever and Zhang Fei of Peking University.

he has dropped out of school three times and has been admitted to a famous school four times, which can be said to be talented.

except for the first year because I was admitted to Fudan and wanted to realize my Qingbei dream, I dropped out of Peking University twice because I played games, failed the examination, and was persuaded by the school to quit.

it was not until the fourth time that he barely graduated from Peking University under the supervision of his parents.

it is clear that he is gifted and has a bright future, but because he is addicted to games, he wasted 4 years of his youth and took advantage of his own bright future.

indulging in online games is tantamount to self-destruction.

it is like a chronic poison, engulfing the child's will and ruining the child's life.


fortunately, in the face of the corrosion of children caused by online games, the state has finally stepped in to deal with it.

but the state's intervention does not mean that parents can completely relax.

with the further implementation of the "double reduction" policy, children spend more time playing and spending more time at home.

parents, as guardians of their children, are bound to assume more arduous responsibilities.

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No game can really prevent addiction. Parents must actively cooperate with policies to create a fence to prevent their children from indulging in games, and create a comfortable and tidy environment for their children to grow up.

1. Meet the emotional needs of children

the reason why many children are addicted to games is because their emotional needs are not met, and their hearts are empty and lonely.

therefore, parents must give the child enough companionship and parent-child interaction from an early age, and fill his heart with love and attention, so that his psychological needs will be met and will not seek sustenance from the game.

warm companionship is always the best cure for children.

2. Parents lead by example

many parents are unable to extricate themselves from their mobile phones while forbidding their children to play games.

but even if you can't put it down and stay away from electronics, how can children willingly stay away from games?

parents might as well read more books and do more exercise at home in order to set a positive example for their children.

3. Cultivate children's interest from an early age

now many children's life is too monotonous, so that they can easily be attracted by the gorgeous world in the game.

therefore, parents might as well enrich their children's life and cultivate their children's hobbies from an early age. In their spare time, they can take their children to play ball, swim, climb mountains, learn a musical instrument, draw pictures, and so on.

when children feel more real happiness from real life, they will not seek bubble pleasure in the virtual world.

in the final analysis, most of the time, it is not the game that takes the child away, but the game that gives the child away.

the problem with children is actually a reflection of parental problems at all.

parents' validity period is very short, only 10 years. Don't create a lifetime of regret for children because of their own lack of education.

May every child produce golden and full fruit in the wheat field where his parents watch with love.