Cleanliness is the best upbringing for a person.

/August 2022

the first sentence in Zhu Zi's Family motto says: "rise at dawn, sweep the court, and be neat inside and outside."

when I read for the first time, I only felt confused. I got up early every day to clean inside and outside, and kept it neat and tidy, which was too laborious and tedious.

when I read it as I get older, I deeply realize how valuable it is for people who can always abide by the word cleanliness.

Clean, is the external neatness, is the internal pattern, is a person's best upbringing.


the appearance is clean, and it is the best business card in the world.

according to Disciple rules, "the crown must be correct, and the new must tie the knot." Socks and shoes are all tight. "

means that when you go out to play, you should wear your hat properly, button up your clothes, and fasten your socks and shoelaces.

the external image is a person's business card, which hides his upbringing.

just as we want to know whether a melon is raw or ripe, we can see its skin color; whether a horse is good or bad can be seen by its hair and limbs. The same is true of

people. Her character is written on her face, her posture shows her tutoring, and she looks aesthetic in her clothes.

just like Soong Ching-ling's facial features are not perfect, but her appearance and manners are full of inner brilliance.

when meeting the guests, she wore a simple and elegant cheongsam, her hair combed back into a simple bun, and her face did not have too much powder, which made her look particularly elegant and generous.

Soong Ching-ling's decades of cleanliness and decency not only demonstrated the charm of Chinese women, but also won the respect of the Chinese people.

you don't have to be fashionable and delicate, but you must be clean and tidy, which is not only respect for others, but also tenderness and love for yourself.

as "Caigen Tan" said: "the poor woman combs her hair, although the scenery is not gorgeous, her demeanor is elegant."

people are clean and elegant, and they don't need gorgeous clothes or expensive jewelry to decorate, just a meticulous and persistent attitude towards life.

A person who is meticulous about his appearance and clothes must have a heart of self-discipline.

to clean up your external appearance is to resist inertia and overcome temptation with self-reliance, regardless of prosperity, adversity, poverty or wealth.


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Clean speech is the best way to treat people

there is a saying in "Gui Guzi": "the mouth is the door of the heart."

speaking and expression is an art, and it also hides your attitude towards the world.

A decent appearance may be easy for people to meet at first sight, but only by taking good care of their words and deeds can they never get tired of being around for a long time.

words are like spilled water, so you can't just talk for a moment without taking into account the feelings of others.

Don't let the other person forget what you said by saying "Don't take it personally, I didn't mean it" afterwards.

in fact, the other person will only think that what you say reveals what you really think.

but a truly educated person knows how to think of others, compare his heart to heart, and be considerate in everything he says and does things.

in the Song Dynasty, Zhang Yong and Kou Zun were Jinshi in the same year, and they were close friends at first sight.

after learning that Kou Chun had become prime minister, Zhang Yong said, "Kou Chun is indeed a rare talent, but the only drawback is that there is not enough knowledge!"

coincidentally, when Kou Zhong was on a mission to Shaanxi, Zhang Yong also passed through this place. Kou Zun gave him a banquet to entertain him warmly.

when parting, Kou Jun personally sent him to the suburbs and asked, "is there anything else you want to say to me?"

Zhang Yong mused for a moment and said with a sigh, "the Biography of Huo Guang must be read."

Kou Chun was at a loss for a moment. When he got home, he found a book and saw the phrase "Light without learning and ignorance". He suddenly realized and said with a smile, "this is Mr. Zhang teaching me!"

euphemism is as subtle as Zhang Yong. Instead of saying "you should read more books" to Kou Zun, he will lose face, but skillfully enlighten the other person.

as the saying goes, "he who can talk wins as soon as he opens his mouth."

many people boast that they speak bluntly, but in fact they just don't take into account each other's feelings.

people who are really good at talking are often aware of other people's difficulties and are good at thinking from each other's point of view.

speaking cleanly, speaking with a ruler and speaking with virtue is a kind of self-cultivation rooted in the bones.

take others to heart, it will make people feel like a spring breeze, feel the intention of talking, and thus win the tenderness of others.


the heart is clean, and it is the supreme realm of being a human being.

Zhuangzi said: "the heart of the most human is like a mirror."

means that the mind of a person with high moral cultivation is as clean as a mirror.

their hearts are clean and clear, they are clear and clear, they do things openly, and they live a pure and indifferent life.

No matter how high and low the world is, we always stick to our own principles; no matter how great our achievements are, we are always neither humble nor arrogant nor superior to others.

Mr. Qian Zhongshu is like this.

he was in poor health in his later years, so he hired a babysitter in the country to take care of his life.

when Yang Jiang visited the hospital, Qian Zhongshu told her to bring 3000 yuan in cash the next time she came.

Yang Jiang was puzzled and asked him why he needed so much money in his hospital bed.

Qian Zhongshu answered her in local dialect, and the next time Yang Jiang came, he handed the money to the babysitter.

the babysitter was very surprised. Yang Jiang smiled and said, "he happened to hear that your family is building a house." he was afraid that you were short of money, so he gave it to you for emergency. "

it turned out that while Qian Zhongshu was sleeping, the babysitter happened to be heard by Qian Zhongshu when she talked to the little nurse about why she had come all the way to Beijing.

Qian Zhongshu is still worried about the self-esteem of the babysitter.She specially spoke to Yang Jiang in her native dialect.

later, when Qian Zhongshu died of illness, the babysitter said sadly, "what is my status in this line of work?" but every time Mr. Qian spoke to me was very polite and respectful.

A writer once said: "everything in a person should be clean, whether it is face, clothes, heart, thought."

Clean, not only clothes, manners, but also internal and external repairs.

look at all the sufferings of the world, the heart is still bright and clear, keep the original intention and goodwill, do not think highly of yourself, do not underestimate others, is the highest realm of life.

the grade of the soul does not lie in birth class and social status, but in the cleanliness of the heart.

people with a clean heart, such as plain lotus, are the noblest when they come out of the mud without being stained.

the poet Gu Cheng said: "A man should live as himself and be clean."

when you are alive, you don't have to be rich and famous, but you must live a clean and thorough life.

Clean, a person's most rare quality, but also a person's best upbringing.

the best state of the rest of life is to be a clean person with charm from the inside out!