Clear (good text in depth)

/August 2022

Su Shi wrote in the poem: "Life is like a reverse journey, I am also a pedestrian."

the long road of life is like a reverse journey, which goes through many twists and turns.

the world has its ups and downs, fate is good or bad, we are sometimes confused, sometimes at a loss.

if you worry, worry, regret and be confused all day long, you will never have peace of mind.

I didn't understand until later that a good life lies in the word "Qing".



the Book of morality says: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

in this life, it is more rare to see oneself than to see others clearly.

when you are in a high position, it is easy to be arrogant and rampant; when your position is humble and light, you often admire the light of others.

when I have been endowed with experience by the years, I have seen all sorts of ways in the world to understand:

A person's highest wisdom is not to be obscured by the clouds in front of him, nor is he burdened with success or failure, and he has a clear understanding of himself from the very beginning.

too many people say that Chen Daoming is arrogant and arrogant, but I think the most rare thing about him is sobriety.

has been in the entertainment industry for decades, but the scandal of stigma has nothing to do with him, countless praise, but never indulge in ostentation.

Chen Daoming would rather play the piano and draw at home, do handicrafts with his wife, and squeeze candy for his children, rather than call on friends to organize social activities.

walked through Fortress besieged, played Kangxi, and watched the ups and downs of Chinese performing arts. He was always in the world of mortals and his heart was in Bodhi.

you have your Vanity Fair, I have my sober road, devote myself to sharpening my acting skills, and years precipitate character, which is the true portrayal of Chen Daoming's life.

being awake is the most correct way to open up in life.

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walking in the world, only when you start with a clear self-knowledge and down-to-earth can you step up step by step and laugh at the end.



Liang Shiqiu said: "people are most like individuals when they are free."

busy, the heart is dead. Too many people, in order to survive, for fame and wealth, are busy in the traffic of the city day after day.

but being busy all the time will make us lose our perception gradually. We should know that there are still breezes and bright moon in life and fireworks in the world. Only by feeling these in our leisure time can we live more like a person.

painter Feng Zikai is a person who knows how to live a leisurely life.

he used to commute between Hangzhou and Shimen. It was a two-or three-hour journey, but he had to take a boat and spend two or three days enjoying the scenery on the road.

during the day, go sailing and watch the scenery, stroll ashore at night, and play all day when you are in high spirits.

others regard the journey as a rush, in a hurry, forgetting the scenery along the way, but Feng Zikai is not, enjoying the journey in a relaxed state of mind is more meaningful than arriving.

when we are too busy to be free, life is long gone.

Li Shu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote: "steal half a day of floating life."

freeing yourself from busyness and boredom and keeping a share of leisure elegance is the best adjustment of life.

too much leisure is a disaster, but people sometimes need a rest.

in the hustle and bustle and flashy, steal half a day of leisure, look at the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, understand the long years, precipitate themselves, life can be interesting.



writer Sanmao said: "maturity is not to move towards complexity, but to reach innocence."

growth is a compulsory course for everyone, some become smooth, some become timid, some become hypocritical.

but really mature people, after seeing the complex nature of life, know the world but not the world, the world is not impregnated, and the heart is still clear.

this kind of clearness is not only an exquisitely carved heart, but also a way of dealing with the outside world.

just like Mr. Qian Zhongshu, he is very sophisticated, but he is not sophisticated at all.

once, he was told to attend a state banquet. Instead of being flattered, he said, "I'm very busy. I'm not going."

the person above said, "the leader asked you to go!"

"I'm busy, I'm not going!"

"can you say that you are in poor health and can't get up?"

"I'm in good health. I'm just busy. I'm not going!"

in the era when writers and writers competed to flatter each other, Qian had already penetrated the world and always retained a clear and innocent heart.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "those who are not near are clean, and those who are not near are especially clean."

after the vicissitudes of life, I gradually understand the true meaning of life, find the clear and bright heart at the time of departure, and stand at the top of the soul.

A man should be as clear as water, seemingly unfathomable, but pure and transparent.

there are gullies in the chest, mountains and rivers in the eyes, treating people without a city, and being magnanimous in the world.



Mr. Lin Qingxuan said, "when the heart is clean, the world will be clean."

the worldly world seems to be noisy and muddy, but in essence the world is still yours.

if the mind is simple, the world will not be complicated; if the heart is clear, the world will be clean.

the ultimate goal of life is not to avoid the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, but to build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in your heart and give yourself peace for a year.

Tao Yuanming, a poet of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, also wanted to guide rivers and mountains when he was young, setting off waves of fate.

but after half his life in officialdom, he suddenly realized that only by being pure can he live the most graceful life.

as a result, he no longer forced himself to fight against out-of-place officialdomBut to find a paradise in my heart.

for the rest of his life, Tao Yuanming indulged in the landscape, fell in love with poetry, and reaped the quiet years of pastoral ploughing and reading.

as he wrote in his poem, "Jielu is in the human world, but there are no chariots and horses." Ask you how can you, far-sighted from the side. "

my mind is not clear, even if I return to the countryside, I still worry all day long.

if I am in a busy city, I can find the ease to indulge in the landscape and not be burdened by the secular world.

the sea of life, after understanding the prosperity of the world, only when the heart is pure, can we have the freedom to pick wild flowers by the fence, and the freedom to start all over again even if the gold is exhausted.