Cultivate a normal mind and be a free person.

/August 2022

the ordinary heart is the simplest, most comfortable and happiest heart. To be a man, you need to cultivate an ordinary mind.

only by building an ordinary mind can you build hedges and grow chrysanthemums in your own life; only by building an ordinary mind can you "occasionally go to the end of the water to find the source and flow, and sometimes sit and watch the ever-changing clouds and fog"; only by building a normal mind can you "laugh at the full moon and watch the lack of moon."

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Buddha said: "the world of mortals is nothing but ups and downs, and life is nothing but impermanence."

to cultivate a normal mind, not to be surprised or disgraced, to watch the pre-court flowers blossom and fall, this is the magnanimity of being a man; to leave or stay unintentionally, to follow the clouds outside the sky, this is the calmness of being a man.

in a person's life, if you can live with a normal heart, treat others with sincerity, do things with tolerance, and pursue dreams with persistence, everything you look forward to will become better and better.

all in the past, how many troubles we have been trapped in, how many sorrows we have been entangled in. Sometimes, because of quarrel with others and angry; sometimes, because of their own difficulties and struggle; sometimes, because of other people's injury and pain; sometimes, because of rough days and depressed; sometimes, because of career difficulties and pessimism.

in fact, all these worries, setbacks and frustrations are dismissive to those who are sunny and calm. They will regard these experiences as embellishments and spices of life.

face to say whether the journey of life is long or short, keep an indifferent heart, hold an indifferent feeling, have a simple beauty, suddenly look back, give a shallow smile to the fleeting time, you can pass leisurely in watching the wind, clouds and flowers blooming and falling.

A person should be free and easy and calm: the tiger roars, the dragon sings Ling Yunzhi, the falling flowers flow level is normal. Time is like a song, and time flies. Standing at the crossroads with a smile, looking at people coming and going in the world, one meter of sunshine, sprinkled in time, your heart will naturally be as bright as ever.

live with joy in order to live a contented life. If you have a normal mind and do convenient things, there will be nothing in the world; if you are compassionate and do compassionate things, you will have peace of mind.

only by looking at the world with a clear mind can we have no regrets for the past, no extravagance or greed for the reality, and no worries and fears for the future.

with a predestined heart, you will be more free and easy; with an ordinary heart, you will be more at ease; with a compassionate heart, you will be more kind; with a grateful heart, you will be happier.

if the heart is simple, people are at ease. With an ordinary heart, light look at the world flashy, hold a green tea, Xu eyebrow Ying smile, let the mood dance, is not to let the years blossom!

do what you want with what you love. Take life seriously with an ordinary heart, and life will not let you down.

A kind of age, a kind of maturity, a kind of mood; a kind of state of mind, a kind of reaction, a kind of situation. People in the world to see indifferent, put down, the heart will be relaxed, relieved. Will no longer think about those things that do not matter to you, only wish yourself and the people around you healthy and safe, this is the most precious happiness in life.

if you can see through everything in the world, there will be less resentment and entanglement. Sober is rational, indifferent is happy. May we accept all the unhappiness in life with a normal heart.

living is a kind of spiritual practice, and spiritual practice is spiritual cultivation. Cultivate a normal heart, be happy all the time; cultivate a contented heart, and be happy everywhere.