Don't easily lose someone who is good to you.

/August 2022

the writer Qi Pansy wrote in his book the Love of Life:

Yes, how rare it is for the world to be in a hurry and to have someone who is willing to free up his hand to warm you.

but most of the time, we often ignore this rare care and preference, let our own indifference and perfunctory, push each other further and further away.

people break up because they do not hesitate to do so; their hearts are cool because they are not true.

the only shortcut is to cherish it.

so, if you are lucky enough to meet, you must cherish it and don't lose the person who is kind to you.


Family affection can't afford to waste

there is a heart-piercing line in the movie "Big Fish and Begonia":

Yes, one day, you will find that no matter how hard you try, you will never have a chance to say what you want to say, and you will never see the person you want to see again.

I think this is the deepest regret in the world.

since the media man @ National Day told such a story:

after the festival, my friend is going to return to work in the city where he lives.

the day he was about to leave, he had a few words with his father over a trifle.

angrily, he left home alone without saying hello to his parents.

unexpectedly, a week later, his father died on the spot in an accident, and his friend didn't even see his father for the last time.

it never occurred to him that the quarrel on the day they left home would become the last conversation of their lives.

until now, friends have been bitter about it.

whenever I think of the scene of leaving home that day, my heart is full of regret, and I blame myself for not saying goodbye to my father properly.

the fish swims in the water and forgets the water, and the birds ride the wind but don't know it.

while we are immersed in our parents' love, we often forget that we will lose it.

always lose their temper at them unscrupulously and respond to their concerns with impatience, because we know that no matter how much they struggle, they will not leave.

most of the time, we always have the illusion that we still have a long, long relationship with our parents.

but forget the cruelty of time, the shortness of life, and the fragility of life itself.

things are changeable. I don't know which comes first, tomorrow or accident. the only thing we can do is to cherish every moment we get together in the moment.

relatives have only one fate, so don't waste it recklessly.

because in the next life, whether you love or not, you will never see each other again.


Love cannot stand perfunctory

there is a question on the Internet: "how does the relationship between adults fade?"

one of the answers that impressed me was: "endless perfunctory."

Yes, no matter how deep the love is, it can't stand the indifference again and again; no matter how strong the love is, it can't stand the perfunctory again and again.

in the hit TV series "poles apart", Li Xiang has been very perfunctory towards his girlfriend Feng Xi of 10 years, putting her at the bottom of everything.

even if Feng Xi wanted to talk to him, Li Xiang put it off again and again, regardless of the expectations in his girlfriend's eyes.

it was not until the loss of Feng Xi that Li Xiang realized his girlfriend's kindness and began to regret what he had done, but it was too late.

have you ever been perfunctory?

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bought a favorite dress and showed it to her boyfriend with delight, but the other person didn't even raise her eyelids, just saying, "the dress is nice."

Valentine's Day, you gave your boyfriend a well-prepared gift, but the other person impatiently took out his cell phone and transferred a sum of money, saying, "transfer the money, you buy it yourself."

he can't see what you give, and he doesn't care about your expectations.

perfunctory non-toxic, but can break the heart.

blindly perfunctory, will only accelerate the rupture of a relationship.

"Han Feizi" once interpreted love in this way:

the love of a couple is not the kinship of flesh and blood; if you love, you will be close; if you do not love, you will be sparse.

indeed, the long-term development of a relationship is often inseparable from painstaking management.

trees are afraid of hurting their roots, and people are afraid of being sad.

if you really love someone, please cherish more and be less perfunctory.

A person will meet 29.2 million people in his life, but in the end, only one person will accompany you through this life.

meeting is fate, fate is determined; keeping a share, but man-made.

A marriage letter is not a long-term guarantee of a relationship. Only if you know how to cherish it, you can live with each other for a lifetime.

Please put away your indifference and perfunctory for the rest of your life and leave your truest heart to the one who deserves it.


Friendship can't stand consumption

in the TV series "Twenty No doubts", Duan Jiabao, one of the heroines, is a girl who is very generous and sincere to her friends.

on the way to chasing stars, Duan Jiabao met Xiao Bing, who was also chasing stars. The two hit it off and soon became good friends.

since then, Duan Jiabao wholeheartedly regarded Xiaobing as a bosom friend, not only gave her a set of expensive idol pendant as a welcome gift, but also often invited her to dinner and gave her various gifts.

but Xiao Bing thinks that Duan Jiabao has a lot of money and tries to take advantage of her.

so Xiao Bing often invites Duan Jiabao to dinner and sing, each time looking for various reasons to let Duan Jiabao pay.

not only that, she also asked Duan Jiabao to buy tickets for the concert, but made no mention of transferring money.

the ice that tastes sweet gets worse.

once, she took a lot of friends to KTV to splurge, as if she were in charge.I want Duan Jiabao to pay the bill.

little did you know that Xiao Bing's little trick had long been seen by Duan Jiabao and was completely chilled to her.

finally, she left on the pretext of going to the bathroom, and the two parted ways completely.

all neglect and consumption are pits buried for drifting away.

it is written in the General words of warning: "the potential cannot be used up, the blessings cannot be enjoyed, the cheap cannot be taken up, and the wisdom cannot be exhausted."

what a penetrating statement.

the most important thing is to interact with others.

blindly taking advantage will only lose the hearts of the people, lose their feelings, and lose their friends.

have you ever consumed the person who is sincere to us because of a little immediate benefit in your life?

at parties, AA always likes to take advantage of a little bit, erase the change and give it to each other;

share together, but always take it for granted that housework is on each other's daily list.

but what you don't know is that blindly using and consuming others will only get them to give up completely.

Lu Xun once said: "Friendship is the sincere treatment of two hearts, not the beating of one heart against the other."

it is true that the best way to get along with friends is to exchange hearts with each other and to exchange sincerity with sincerity.

Friendship cannot stand suspicion, let alone consumption.

the more you grow up, the more you find that you know more and more, but you really know less and less.

the more roads you take, the more valuable you feel.

so don't easily hurt someone who is kind to you, and don't let down a sincere heart.


Don't lose the one who treats you

Yu Guangzhong wrote in "cheering Harley": "the next time you pass by, there will be no one in the world."

one sentence has become a true portrayal of countless interpersonal relationships.

there are some things that, once lost, will never be too late; for some people, once missed, they will never be found again.

if you don't accompany your parents, when your parents leave, you will never have a chance to fulfill filial piety;

if you don't cherish your partner, if your partner is disappointed, you will no longer be warm;

if you don't cherish your friends, your friends will be estranged, and then you will be left with endless loneliness.

the sea of life, don't wait to lose to regret, miss to cherish.

Don't quarrel if you can tolerate while your parents are still around;  don't be enthusiastic when your lover is around;  don't spend if you can be sincere while your friend is not far away.

while everything is too late, you should pay attention to it, cherish what you should cherish, and don't lose the person who is kind to you in the crowd.

the rest of my life is not long, be nice to those who really treat you, and make your happiness stable!

Don't easily lose someone who is good to you.