Don't get angry = don't get sick (quickly collect)

/August 2022

the Internal Classic of Huangdi says: "all diseases are born of qi."

statistics from the World Health Organization show that 90% of health problems are related to emotion.

people, you must not be the captive of emotion, you must be the master of emotion, you must control emotion, don't let emotion control you.

if we control our emotions well, we can get sick less and not get sick.


not angry. According to Wuzang'an

TCM theory, Qi is not only a kind of anger, but also represents all negative emotions and excessive emotions.

emotion is the master of the five internal organs, and different emotions hurt people, which will affect the health of the corresponding organs.

these five emotions are invisible at first, and gradually become stagnant in the body.

when Qi is depressed for a long time, nodules grow in the body, and Qi becomes a tangible substance that can be touched.

it may be a benign tumor at first, and then develop into a malignant cancer.

it is instinct for people to have emotions, and it is the ability to control emotions.

there is a reasonable saying:

"if you are right, then you have no need to be angry at all."

if you are wrong, then you have no right to be angry. "

peace of mind means physical well-being, physical well-being means physical health, and with a reasonable diet, disease will not occur.


not angry, Qixuetong

liver is closely related to emotion.

if the liver qi is not comfortable, the mood is depressed and irritable.

if the liver qi is reversed, the mood is irascible and uncontrollable.

liver plays an important role, which is called "main catharsis" in TCM theory.

that is, the liver is in charge of the operation of the whole body qi and keeping the mood comfortable.

when you are angry and depressed, there will be exuberant anger.

there is a saying in Huangdi's Internal Classic:

the comfort of the whole body qi plays a role in promoting, promoting, stimulating and regulating blood circulation, body fluid metabolism and other substance metabolism.

Qi is blood, and Qi is water.

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on the contrary, when the mood is unhappy, angry and depressed, it will also affect the catharsis of the liver, and the qi stagnation and blood stasis of the liver and liver channels will occur.

the best way to regulate qi and blood is not tonifying, but soothing the liver and regulating qi and not being angry.

being angry is actually punishing yourself for other people's mistakes.

those who smile and don't care are the wise.

Control your emotions, many diseases don't have to happen in the first place.

Qi and blood are naturally smooth, muscles are naturally plump, and muscles and bones are naturally strong.


Don't get angry or get sick

as the saying goes, "anger hurts the body."

every anger is an earthquake to the body.

anger can have a great effect and cause irreversible damage to the body.

Research shows that 2 hours after anger, the risk of heart attack is 4.47 times higher than that of normal, the risk of stroke is 3.62 times, and the probability of ventricular arrhythmia is also significantly increased.

bad mood will send stimulating signals to the nerve, resulting in dreamy, light sleep, palpitations, difficulty in falling asleep and other symptoms.

nervous "overtime work" will cause a serious burden on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

keep calm and don't be in a hurry to get angry.

eliminate delusions and delusions in order to smooth the qi in the body.

the spirit is kept inside, and the night dream is naturally peaceful.

the body is your own, and big things are not as important as health.