"double reduction" is not to reduce the responsibility of parents! In the new semester, please put away this

/August 2022

with the implementation of the "double reduction" policy, the opening of the school year is obviously different.

No homework, no exams, no make-up classes, and overall arrangements for teachers to implement "flexible commuting".

in a word, the purpose of double reduction is to bring learning back to campus.

many parents applaud:

in fact, the double reduction is to reduce the heavy academic burden of their children, not to reduce the responsibility of being parents.

the education of children cannot be placed solely on the school. As parents, they also have the responsibility of companionship, management and supervision.

"School education is very important, but no matter how important it is, it is only an important supplement to family education."

Family education is the greatest guarantee of school education, and parents are lifelong teachers of their children.

No matter how much education is reformed, parents are the first responsible for their children's education.

Please keep this responsibility list for the growth of your child.


responsibility 1: supervise learning and develop self-discipline

what kind of child is the most worry-free? Must be a self-disciplined child.

self-disciplined children do not need too many reminders from parents and teachers, do not have to try their best to block mobile games and know when and what to do.

how good a child is depends on his degree of self-discipline.

but there is a good saying: parental discipline is the foundation, and children's self-discipline is the goal.

the reason why a child is a child lies in his lack of self-consciousness. Any self-disciplined child must be the result of strict parental discipline and correct supervision.

parents can't pin their hopes on the school, but on their children's self-awareness, so they become shopkeepers.

if parents do not urge them, the child will be more unconscious and do whatever he wants in the future.

when a child does not want to learn and is lazy and indulgent, he must be hard-hearted.

you urge the child to at least be willing to study hard.

Children who are not born with a love of learning and self-discipline all rely on their parents' ruthlessness and persistence.


responsibility 2: cultivate habits and develop in an all-round way

Mr. Ye Shengtao, a famous educator in China, said: "the essence of education is to cultivate habits."

what really widens the gap between children is not IQ, but habits formed from an early age.

for children, forming good habits in the new semester is the first step.

study habits

preview before class, listen carefully in class, and review in time after class.

take notes frequently, think positively, speak boldly, and dare to question.

develop correct reading and writing posture and read extracurricular books consciously.

living habits

prepare the teaching materials and school supplies to be used the next day every night.

go to bed early and get up early, eat on time, eat less snacks, and do your own things.

keep proper physical exercise every day and pay attention to personal hygiene.


students should help each other and not bully students who are weaker than themselves.

when you see the teacher, you should say hello to the teacher and respect the teacher.

to do a good job in nurturance education and promote children's all-round development, we must start with children's good habits, which determine their lives.


responsibility 3: attach importance to companionship and communicate attentively

the growth of children is very critical, and parents all know it.

however, how many parents have not been with their children well?

educator Charlotte Mason said:

"many parents are always busy all day and never have time to take care of their children."

when they finally want to take good care of their children one day, they find that they can't communicate with their children, and parents have become insignificant to their children. "

the essence of companionship is a kind of education. Without companionship, it is impossible for parents to read their children's hearts, let alone lead them to grow up healthily.

the greatest regret for parents is to miss the companionship of their children's growth.

here, I am not calling on parents to accompany their children every minute, but to spend every minute with their children to achieve high-quality company.

accompany the child "attentively", not "hard", understand the child's psychological needs, and communicate more with the child.

sincerely accept and appreciate the child, giving the child full of sense of security and positive energy.


responsibility 4: establish rules and learn to be in awe

Professor Li Meijin said: "parents must make rules when their children are young."

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many parents do not attach importance to the matter of setting rules for their children.

some are lazy, some are doting on their children, and some are afraid of affecting the parent-child relationship.

but as the saying goes: strict is love, loose is evil, indulgence is evil.

No regular love, no bottom line connivance, the child will only become a bear child, then it will be too late to regret.

there is no greenhouse outside the campus, and there will be no games when you grow up.

in the outside world, no one will tolerate children's willfulness and doing whatever they want.

if children go their own way and do things unruly, they are bound to bump their heads and pay a heavy price.

there is a sentence in

teach children to obey rules, respect rules, and let children know what to do and what not to do.


responsibility 5: sowIdeal, strive courageously

the theme of the first lesson of school this year is "ideal illuminates the future".

the winner of the July 1st Medal, President Zhang Guimei's ideal is to change the fate of students with education.

under the ideal guidance, President Zhang Guimei clenched her teeth and persisted to the end no matter what difficulties and setbacks she encountered.

the sons and daughters of the "model of the times" Lazini Bajka, 14-year-old Dur Khan Lazini and 12-year-old Razini, their ideal is to guard the border for the country, guard our home, protect our motherland.

tell children that everyone should have ideals and pursuits.

the happiest thing in the world is to have ideals.

the great writer Leo Tolstoy said:

"ideal is the beacon." Without ideals, there is no firm direction; and without direction, there is no life. "

ideal is the vision of a better future and the driving force of life.

ideal can be big or small, but it can make children look up at the stars and see lighthouses.

make up your mind to plant the ideal seed in your child's heart as soon as possible.

set ideals for children, set firm goals, and be a person with dreams, responsibilities, and usefulness to the motherland.

Let's do our duty as parents, protect our children's ideals, and guide them to work hard and make unremitting efforts.


responsibility 6: cooperate with each other and support teachers

the "double reduction" policy is not only a matter for schools, but also requires families and schools to make joint efforts and make concerted efforts.

the two must cooperate and support each other in order to form a joint force.

the most taboo is that parents and teachers are opposed to each other and break up each other.

Home-school cooperation is the key to the success of education.

in the long road of walking side by side with teachers, parents are asked to do

believe in teachers' professionalism

teachers have the professionalism of teaching and educating people, so they should not generalize the whole group of teachers with individual problems.

Please trust the teacher, don't talk about the teacher in front of the children, and don't take it for granted.

when you are distressed by your child being criticized by the teacher, please think about the teacher's motivation and original intention.

keep good communication with teachers

interact with teachers and participate in guiding children's learning methods.

listen to teachers' opinions and learn to respect teachers.

on the problems existing in children, only when the two sides maintain a pleasant and positive way of communication, can they jointly seek solutions to the problems.

under the "double reduction", we should learn to be wise parents and protect the growth of our children.