Empty yourself (depth good text)

/August 2022

there is a song that says, "relax and lift off slowly and have a dream in bed."

every time I hear this melody, my restless heart will gradually calm down.

as the lyrics say: if you are tired, slow down, let go of what you are doing, and empty yourself.

always set limits on yourself, but sometimes it backfires, unconsciously falling into Murphy's law:

the more you care, the easier it is to lose, the more you want to succeed, the more difficult it is.

relaxation is the posture of a wise man, while emptying should be the normal state of life.


stress, relax

recently become addicted to cycling, not because of anything else, but simply like cycling without distractions.

when cycling, everything can be left behind, there are no distractions, only a cool wind blows through my ear,

at that moment, the whole person relaxed to the extreme, and the pressure and bitterness of life dissipated with the wind.

from the bottom of my heart, I have the courage to face life from this moment of relaxation.

"Flying Man of the World\" Bolt is a famous Jamaican sprinter.

2008 Beijing Olympic Games, other people are seriously preparing for the competition, but Bolt often visits the resort, not like a competitor at all, but like a free tourist.

while the 100-meter race is the most eye-catching of all events, Bolt doesn't take it seriously at all.

however, on the night of the final, as soon as the race began, Bolt came out more and more, and he ran faster and faster. His feet rushed to the finish line as if they were flying off the ground.

Why can Bolt outperform others? Because he is more relaxed than others, he said: he came to Beijing to "play".

Sun Tzu's Art of War says: if you know yourself and your enemy, you will never be defeated in a hundred wars.

but in fact, a relaxed state of mind is the magic weapon to win. Only by relaxing ourselves can we enter a relaxed state and release ourselves perfectly without pressure.

sometimes the pain of life comes from pretending to be too full. "

always worry, always fill yourself with too many emotions and put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

A strained heart is more likely to collapse first, and you need to decompress your heart properly.

when you are under pressure, you might as well take a breeze and drink tea first.

relax and enjoy life.


Let go of obsession

there is a line in the movie "Flying over the Bedlam":

We often hear a saying: "you can't have both fish and bear paws."

on the surface, it teaches us how to choose, but in fact, it emphasizes: once we can't get both at the same time, how can we give up?

"God gives everyone a glass of water, so you appreciate life from it."

Life is like a glass of water, people's natural desire is to keep adding water to the cup,

but you have to stop, because the capacity of the cup is limited.

how many people persist in adding all kinds of seasonings, love, friendship, money, etc., to make their cup of water good in color, smell, smell, etc., the reason why they feel "tired" is that the obsession is too deep,

the water overflows, the taste is bitter, and the road is simple.

your life will return to simplicity only if you let go of your obsession.

the top of the pyramid is always the rarest and precious, but people always fall into a strange circle of thinking. "there is always a price to choose."

in fact, if you take a step back, the scenery under the pyramid is also good.

once upon a time, an old monk asked the young monk, "what would you do if you were to die one step forward, one step back or dead?"

the little monk said without hesitation, "I'm going to the side."

Life is not a gamble of not advancing or falling behind, so why not "step aside"?

sometimes, what people really face is not their choices, but their own obsession.

Let go of obsession and embrace life.


in the face of opportunity, keep a low mindset

A British psychologist once invited 20 volunteers to take a test.

at the beginning of the test, he handed out a thick copy of the Times and asked them to count the pictures and text in the newspaper as required, but he did not do it for statistical purposes.

he put a small note in each newspaper in advance, which read in small font: if you are careful, you will find a fifty-pound note in the newspaper, which is the reward you deserve!

some people happily found the banknote, but naturally, some people always focused on the statistical task and did not see the note at all, let alone the banknote.

according to the test results, psychologists finally concluded that if

has a relatively relaxed and optimistic state of mind, opportunities and good luck will be found in life;

but always squeaky and nervous, life is always full of difficulties and bad luck.

there is a "Valenda mentality" in psychology.

Valenda is a famous high-altitude tightrope walker in the United States. unfortunately, he slipped and died in a major performance.

his wife said afterwards, "I know something must happen this time, because before he goes on stage, he always keeps saying that this time is too important to fail, must not fail.

and every successful performance in the past, he only thinks about walking the tightrope itself, regardless of what it may bring." The law of

things is like this: if you pay too much attention to success or failure, the result will often fail.

when faced with opportunities, especially adjust your mindset.Otherwise, it will backfire.

guard against arrogance and rashness.

Ford said, "those who think they have done a lot will no longer have the determination to fight." Many people fail not because they are incompetent, but because they feel that they have been very successful. "

fear of anger and fullness of heart. People who are full of heart will eventually fail.

only in the face of opportunities can still maintain a normal mind, to calmly deal with the waves of life.

keep a low mindset and laugh at life.


as the old saying goes, "when the water is full, it will overflow, and if the moon gains, it will lose."

A person is like an empty cup. Once filled with water, it is difficult to accept new things.

if you want to continue to enrich yourself, you must find a way to turn yourself into an "empty cup."

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relaxation is a kind of wisdom, putting down is a kind of growth, putting down is a kind of realm.

and emptying is not indulgence, let alone giving up, but to find the "sweetness" of life with a peaceful heart.

find a comfortable way of life, adjust your state of mind, empty yourself, and give yourself more space.