Enough is enough (good text in depth)

/August 2022

there is a saying in the Notes of the four Books: "enough is enough, there is no greed."

when the water is full, it will overflow; if the moon makes a profit, it will lose money.

all fulfillment in life is hidden in moderation.

it is the sage's calmness to be moderate in everything, and it is the wise man's expectation to stop the evil consequences.


moderate longing, stop desire

there is a saying in the moral Sutra: "sin is not greater than desire, disaster is not greater than discontentment, guilt is not greater than desire, so contentment is often enough."

whether a person is happy or not lies not in having, but in contentment.

the greedy are dissatisfied, and the contented are always happy.

once read a story:

A young man went to the temple and asked Master, what is desire?

Master did not answer directly, but asked him to come back on an empty stomach the next day and not even drink water.

the next day, the young man arrived as promised, hungry.

Master brought him to an orchard with many kinds and fruitful trees.

Master asked the young people to pick and enjoy them at will, so he impolitely picked the fruit.

some people give up after a bite, which is not delicious; others throw it away after a few bites, feeling that it is not necessary to eat so clean.

after eating, he didn't forget to pick up a full basket and carry it away.

within a few days, he worked hard to memorize the fruit of his return home, and before he ate much, it all went bad.

Young people can enjoy good food, but their mood is spoiled by complaining; what they should cherish is hard-won, but they are wasted and discarded.

"more than you can chew", the last basket of rotten fruit was a satire on his greed.

moderate longing can remind yourself of progress, and the excess desire is enough to make the loss outweigh the gain.

the highest state of life is never no desire, but contentment.


moderate kindness, stop foolishness

as the saying goes, "it is easy to fire a gun, but it is hard to defend against a hidden arrow."

sometimes crises are hidden in pity.

there are always people who show their insatiable nature of greed because of our kindness.

they took a drop of water from us and swore that the future would be returned by Yongquan.

but I didn't expect that when we give more and more favors to others, we will drown our kindness.

the greed and dark side of human nature cannot stand the test.

I quite agree with what Dong Qing said: "if you are so good that you have no reservations, the other person will dare to be unscrupulous."

A person with a sinister heart will not show mercy to you because of your kindness.

instead, I will use the robber principle that I am weak and reasonable to "take back what is supposed to belong to me".

foolish goodness connives at evil.

moderate kindness, others will cherish, will be grateful.


moderate opening to stop the scourge

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there is a saying in Zuo Zhuan: "words are unwritten, deeds are not far away." The charm of

language lies not in its abundance, but in its stop.

in many cases, the speaker is careless and the listener is intentional, so the ancients emphasized that "evil comes out of the mouth".

the wise man's way of speaking has the following seven precepts:

1. Abstain from talking too much

"if you talk too much, you will lose". If you go on and on, you might as well stop.

people who really have meaning are concise and to the point, because they can always get to the point.

Don't waste other people's time, and don't let yourself get caught.

2. Abstain from lies

A person's words and deeds are the manifestation of his character.

if you make a promise, you will keep your promise.

between people, the establishment of credit takes years and years, and it is enough to destroy and disintegrate.

3. Abstain from crazy talk

Heaven is crazy with rain, and people are crazy with disaster.

No matter how capable he is, he should not be arrogant and defiant.

wild words are easy to arouse resentment and trouble.

4. Abstain from bluntly speaking

unmodified words, which are most likely to expose EQ.

not saving face to others is tantamount to cutting off one's own back.

5. Abstain from evil words

as the ancients said, "knife sores are easy to go away, but evil words are hard to go away."

bad words are like nails. Once they are pierced into other people's hearts, they will still bleed even if they are removed.

6. Abstain from angry words

when people are angry, no matter how small things are, they will be magnified, and even distant things will be pulled before their eyes.

what you say at this time is the most hurtful.

7. Give up complaining

it's natural to have negative emotions, but when one spends time complaining, the enthusiasm for life fades away.

it is only possible to change one's life if you give up complaining.


in life, many people will have a maximum value; many things will have a tipping point.

enough is enough, but it is also a precipice to pull back.

everyone should be in awe of the heavenly way that things go to extremes and follow the law of prosperity and decline.

respect for heaven and earth, but also respect for life.