Five social laws that smart people understand (must read)

/August 2022

there is a saying:

"the world is enlightened and learned, and human skill is an article."

in our lives, dealing with people is a topic that can never be avoided.

if you want to find your most comfortable position between people, you must understand these five laws.



your circle is closely related to your own energy.

the interpersonal comparison between Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Erqiang brothers in the hit TV drama "Qiao's Children" perfectly interprets the Law of attraction.

in the face of his father's inaction, Qiao Yicheng, as an eldest brother, took up the responsibility of taking care of his younger brothers and sisters and brought them up.

but he knows clearly that knowledge is the law that changes fate.

so he studied hard in his spare time to take care of his brother and sister-in-law and was admitted to college.

then, in the face of his father's lack of understanding and financial constraints, he still persisted in taking the postgraduate entrance examination and the TV station, making great progress all the way.

the colleagues around me are educated and educated, and the conditions at home are getting better and better.

on the other hand, my younger brother Qiao Erqiang, who didn't like to study when he was a child, was always mischievous and later dropped out of school for a few years.

and gangsters often hang out together, so they are locked up in the police station.

when I went to work in the bookbinding factory in place of my sister's job, my colleagues were all uneducated people. In the end, I lost my job because of the poor efficiency of the factory.

as the saying goes:

"plant a sycamore tree and attract the Phoenix."

if you are a sycamore, the Phoenix will come to live; you are the sea, and all rivers will come to gather.

in this world, there is no meeting for no reason, and all the encounters are "premeditated for a long time".

who you are determines who you will meet.

be better yourself in order to meet better people.


emotional law

people with high EQ know how to be stable before making judgments

people have emotions.

whether it is anxious impulse under emotional excitement, or out of control judgment in anger, it is a kind of emotional behavior.

so people are 100% emotional animals, and their judgments are influenced by emotion at any time.

but the difference is that people with high EQ know how to wait until their emotions are stable before making judgments.

the ancients said:

people often regret making judgments when they are emotionally unstable.

during the period of the three Kingdoms, Shu and Wei competed.

Zhuge Liang, the prime minister of Shu Han, led a hundred thousand troops to the sixth Northern Expedition, which began in Hanzhong, passed through the oblique valley, crossed the Qinling Mountains, and finally reached Wuzhangyuan.

while Sima Yi led the army to set up a camp with water behind his back and had a stalemate with Zhuge Liang for more than a hundred days.

with high mountains and a long road, Zhuge Liang urgently needs to make a quick decision in this battle.

so Zhuge Liang came up with a plan to give Sima Yi the headscarf, hair ornaments and clothes used by women, satirizing Sima Yi for flinching and not being a man, which made Sima Yi so angry that he immediately asked to fight. Luckily,

was stopped by Xin Pei, a military advisor, to avoid an impulsive fight.

Sima Yi calmed down and decided to treat him in his own way.

he and the visiting envoys asked Zhuge Liang about his sleep, diet and working ability, but made no mention of the military situation at all.

the messenger replied:

"when Zhuge Gong got up early and went to bed late, he personally read all the punishment over twenty sticks, and ate less than a few liters of food."

so Sima Yi told others:

"Zhuge Kongming, how long can you live if you eat less?"

Zhuge Liang learned that he was burning with anger and his condition worsened. In addition, he worked hard all day and died of illness in the army.

Sima Yi won a great war without any effort.

if we fight on impulse at the beginning, I am afraid we may not win or lose the war.

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emotionally unstable, judgments are often out of control and reckless.

so, when you have emotional ups and downs, you should learn to be stable before making a judgment.

emotional stability, we can more clearly and objectively analyze the pros and cons, as much as possible to ensure the correctness of the judgment.

as the saying goes:

"your mood will affect your judgment, and your judgment will affect your behavior, your behavior will also affect your habits, and finally your habits will affect your life."

people are always faced with some sad, angry and impatient emotions in their life. learning to stabilize their emotions and then make judgments is the first step in controlling their own life.