For people with poor character, these are all the words you have to keep your mouth shut, so you must not make a deep acquaintance.

/July 2022

as the old saying goes:

when people get along with others, they don't care about beauty and wealth, but in their character.

the phase comes from the heart, and the product comes out of the mouth.

A person's character will be reflected in his words.

for people with poor character, they are all these words and must not have a deep acquaintance.



there is an old Chinese saying full of philosophy:

Human tongue is both the best thing and the worst thing.

the worse the person is, the more likely he is to make trouble with others and create something out of nothing.

embellishment is their skill, and "outspoken" is their excuse.

they are used to standing on the commanding heights of morality, pretending to be messengers of justice to judge good people, and gloat and make a fuss just because they have nothing to do.

when some people are admitted to a university, TA despises that they go to a third-rate university;

some people look good, TA speculates that they are deliberately dressed up and exposed;

when some people become rich, TA talks about other people's ill-gotten gains.

use your own ideas to speculate on others and regard other people's hard-earned achievements as after-dinner gossip.

as the saying goes:

Zeng Guofan was an incorruptible official all his life. Even though he was in a high position, his family was very poor and often worried about the problem of food and clothing.

sometimes, his children scramble for a piece of clothes, causing the neighbors to become famous as jokes for gossip.

gossip spread all over the streets and alleys, and it became more and more outrageous, but Zeng Guofan refused to explain it any more, but hated these people from the bottom of his heart.

he has been an official for more than ten years, and he has always been very secretive about catching shadows. it is precisely because of this firmness that he has created a miracle in officialdom that he has been promoted to ten grades in nine years and has become a generation of famous officials.

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if a person says a lot of right and wrong, his heart will become muddy.

as Zeng Guofan wrote in his family letter: "if it is often said that it is wrong, it must be a non-human being."

when you are with people who gossip, you will be troubled and restless all day long.

it is a person's highest self-cultivation to sit still and often think about his own mistakes and gossip.


endless complaints

the ancients said, "A gentleman studies himself without virtue and resentment, and villains have complained about others."

A good man never complains, because he knows that if he wants to make things better, he can only get better.

complaining is like a "plague", which infects not only yourself but also others.

Lincoln is recognized as one of the three greatest presidents in American history, but his married life is a mess.

Lincoln has been living in his wife's complaints and criticisms for more than 20 years of marriage.

in the eyes of his wife, Lincoln did nothing wrong and had almost no merit.

she complained about everything, dissatisfied with Lincoln's appearance, disgusted with his big ears, a weak nose, and protruding lips like a phthisis.

my wife's ridicule and accusation of Lincoln never distinguish between occasions and shouts of abuse when she is unhappy.

the voice is so loud and the speech is so rough that it can be heard clearly in the whole street.

over time, Lincoln gradually changed his attitude towards his wife and would rather stay in a hotel than go home to face his wife.

what was supposed to be a happy marriage was ruined by the wife's endless grievances.

Marriage is like this, life is even more so.

complaining about God and others can not solve any problems, but will only let their own state of mind collapse, step by step towards the abyss of depravity.

people who are used to complaining not only harm themselves, but also infect people around them.

I like a poem by Pushkin very much:

staying away from complainers is the beginning for a person to become good.


empty talk

someone in Zhihu asked:

there is a highly praised answer: when things happen, you can rely on them, do things with responsibility, and honesty comes first.

I think so.

honesty and trustworthiness is an important quality in dealing with the world.

people with poor character often break their promises and go back on their promises.

in ancient times, a businessman in Jiyang unfortunately capsized when he was going out to cross the river. he immediately grabbed a piece of wood and shouted for help.

fortunately, a fisherman nearby swam over when he heard a cry for help.

the businessman said hurriedly, "I am the biggest millionaire in Jiyang City. Rescue me and give you 100 taels of gold."

the fisherman helped the merchant to the shore, but the merchant turned his face and refused to admit it, giving only one or two pennies.

the fisherman was displeased and blamed the businessman for breaking his promise and going back on his word.

the businessman said, "how much money can you earn as a fisherman in your whole life, but it's not enough to get a silver or two?"

after listening, the fisherman had to row away.

who ever thought that many years later, the businessman sank again in the same place, he shouted: "as long as there is help, all needs will be granted."

someone was passing by and wanted to come to the rescue. The fisherman saw and said, "he is the kind of man who doesn't keep his word. Go back on his word. Be careful!"

finally, the businessman drowned.

the businessman happened to encounter the same fisherman twice, but his bad rewards were to be expected.

when you are alive, you cannot stand without faith.

people who treat promises as empty talk and promises as jokes are doomed to have no friends and can't move an inch.

the Doctrine of the mean says: those who are sincere are the beginning of things, and those who are not sincere have nothing. That is why honesty is the most precious thing for a gentleman.

be true to your wordIs a person's soul, but also the bottom line of doing things.


defiant nonsense

as the saying goes, there is rain in heaven and disaster in man.

if you talk too much, you will naturally cause resentment. Being a man, being conceited and conceited will eventually lead to disaster.

A crab was swimming deep under the water. When the fisherman saw a knock with a bamboo pole, the crab flew into a rage and shouted, "what are you that offends me?"

the crab raised its front foot and held on to the bamboo pole tightly, and the fisherman easily raised the surface of the water.

eventually, the crab died, but not because of the fisherman, it died of defiance. The same is true of being a man. Taking yourself too seriously is doomed to be a disaster.

A piece of news caused heated discussion on the Internet.

A pregnant woman parked her car at the emergency passageway of the hospital because she didn't want to wait in line but wanted to see a doctor first because of the hot weather.

after the security guard found out, let the female car owner move the car to avoid affecting the emergency rescue.

the female car owner scolded angrily: "I am pregnant. I am waiting in line in such hot weather. Can you afford to be responsible for the accident?" Do you know how much the car is? "

the quarrel between the two men led to the traffic police. the female car owner still insisted on not moving her car, and even threatened: "I have no obligation to cooperate, do not believe you touch me to try?"

soon, the incident spread rapidly on the Internet, and the female car owner was not only scolded by netizens, but also punished accordingly.

how many people in the world, like this female car owner, are arrogant and end up ruining their careers.

A person who takes himself too seriously will become arrogant, arrogant and indifferent to others.

the saddest person in the world is the one who has no merit and is disguised by tiresome arrogance.

the sense of superiority is too strong, not only because of poor EQ, but also because of poor character.


Confucius taught the world:

"if you enter the room of Zhi orchid and do not hear its fragrance, you will melt with it;

and poor human settlements, if you enter the restaurant of abalone, if you do not smell its stench for a long time, you will change with it."

character is not only the foundation of a person, but also the hardest card.

it does matter who you are with.