Forty does not have much desire, fifty is not affectionate, and sixty is not much.

/July 2022

when one reaches middle age,

has experienced twists and turns,

has seen through the world,

has tasted all kinds of taste,

has experienced bitterness and suffering,

has known how to live, it can be relaxed, and

has understood how to live.

after middle age,

no longer pursue great wealth and wealth,

no longer value fame, wealth and power,

for life, just want to be at ease,

for the rest of life, just be calm,

for feelings, just go with fate.

if you want to spend the rest of your life safely,

you only need to do these three things.


40 years old, not much desire

people at the age of 40 or 40,

have old people to support,

have children to support,

burden is still heavy on the shoulders,

life should go on and cannot be relaxed.

but learn to be contented and not be too greedy.

when people reach middle age,

the most important thing is to be safe and healthy.

Don't pay too much attention to money and wealth.

Don't care too much about the eyes of others.

No matter how good the money is,

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it's better to have a happy and complete family.

when the family is together,

live a down-to-earth life, live a calm and quiet life,

the health of the family is the greatest wealth.


50 years old, unaffectionate

people are already 50,

don't let yourself give in.

it doesn't matter what other people think of you, but it doesn't matter what other people say about you.

the important thing is that you are comfortable and happy,

keep a happy mood.

50 to know destiny,

to live a good life for yourself.

Don't please unworthy people,

don't please insincere hearts.

be with whoever you are comfortable with.

if you get along, you will get along.

if you can't get along, you will not be at all.

is not humble, affectionate, or demanding.

let nature take its course.

is the most comfortable way to live.


60 years old, people who don't eat much

are old age,

physical condition is not as good as before,

minor ailments and pains come one after another.


at the age of 60,

minor illness does not delay, serious illness does not panic,

keep an optimistic mood,

pay attention to health care on weekdays.

meat, chew slowly, eat properly, don't overeat.

can you have a better appetite and keep your body healthy.

Life is short, like an instant.

the rest of life is not long.

people do not have many desires at forty, learn to restrain desires,

people are not affectionate at fifty, learn to please themselves,

people do not eat too much at sixty, and learn to take care of their health.

only by doing these three points well can

live a healthy life and live comfortably on the way to old age!