From now on, you have to stop doing 18 things to yourself (worth collecting)

/August 2022

Mr. Lu Xun once said:

"the premise of a person's luck is that he has the ability to change himself."

Life is short and energy is limited. To change yourself starts with changing your life state.

A good life requires knowing not only what you can do, but also what you can't do.

stop loss in time is the wisest choice.

Today, I will give you a "life stop list" for you who want to be better.


about family

No matter how far we go, we can't get out of our family's worries.

if you want your family to be happy, you should stop envy, value your family, and give your heart.

1. Don't ignore the happiness around you

when you feel that life is bad, first examine whether you are "nearsighted" and ignore the little happiness around you.

when you wake up in the morning, the smell of food in the kitchen; the unbearable heat, the coolness after a heavy rain;

A warm hug when you are tired; when you come home late, someone is waiting for you to go home.

there are still many ordinary happy moments in life, which you need to experience with your heart.

Bian Zhilin said:

when you envy others, you are also the envy of others.

2. Do not put family members second

families and outsiders will never be a parallel line.

Family members are the parents who give us life and brothers and sisters who are related by blood.

there are many people who share your joy.

in the same boat with you, only your family can tolerate you infinitely.

Don't think of the support behind you when you need help; you don't know how to go home to heal your wounds until you are sad.

Home is not a hotel along the way, but the end-result of your life.

3. In life, don't use emotion to solve problems. Emotions will only increase problems.

what's more, don't leave a good temper to outsiders and a bad mood to relatives.

they know you are hard, it is not easy to understand you, because they love you, they will put up with you and let you.

but over time, they will also be disappointed and hurt.

Let your gentle and modest self stand beside your family and be kind to others starting with being kind to those around us.


about feelings


feelings are beautiful, fragile, not easy to know each other, and act and cherish.

if you want to have a long-term relationship, you should start with careful care and brave pursuit.

4. Don't lose the courage to love someone

We all want to be loved and warm.

however, there is a vast sea of people, and the probability of meeting the right person at one time is very low.

some people are just passers-by in your life.

Don't ignore the flowers ahead for the sake of a tree that doesn't blossom.

Don't close your feelings because of someone who is not worth it.

you know, those who believe in love will gain true love.

5. Don't forget the love in marriage

Love in marriage may lack the fragrance of roses, but it has the warmth of three meals a day.

the relationship has not gone far, but in a different way.

there are some small frictions between two people together, and small contradictions are inevitable.

you can't deny all good just because the other person doesn't do well at once.

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Don't forget as you walk, you get tired when you love.

Don't wait for someone to go far before you know how valuable they are.


about interpersonal communication

good popularity does not wait, and good friends are not asked for.

if you want to get along well with others, start by choosing friends and managing relationships.

6. People who don't like you don't need to please

Yi Shu once said:

"Life is only a few decades, the most important thing is to satisfy yourself, not to please others."

people who like you will narrow your shortcomings;

people who don't like you will magnify your shortcomings.

Don't bother to please people who don't like you. It means nothing but wasting time.

Don't make your heart cheap.

instead of "striving for the distance", it is better to cherish the people in front of you.

7. Stop consuming too much human feelings and often store feelings

the relationship between people is like the two ends of a seesaw.

to keep the balance, the two sides must be evenly matched.

people in high places should know how to press down and let each other go up, so that they can constantly experience the fun of the game.

in the adult world, only with mutual benefit can everyone be happy.

the really comfortable relationship is not consumption, but not tiredness and burden for a long time.

Stephen Covey said:

you know, human kindness is more expensive than money.

in the emotional account, deposit more, consume less, carry the little things by yourself, and help each other with big things.

8. Don't be stingy with praise

as the saying goes:

Don't underestimate the power of language.

praise is the best lubricant in interpersonal communication.

praise others to please yourself. A good life needs to be created by yourself.

if you see others as demons, you will live in hell;

if you see others as angels, you will live in heaven.

when you want to praise others, please say it out loud and don't be stingy.

good relationships can make your life go more smoothly.


about healthy living

if life doesn't spoil you, you should be kind to yourself.

if you want to live a good life, you should start by stopping consumption, adjusting your state of mind, and paying attention to life.

9. Do not indulge yourself, live a restrained life

Zweig said:

usually you always think that you are unbreakable, and when you are sick, you will know that health cannot afford to be squandered.

good living habits need to be cultivated slowly.

We can relax, but we must not indulge.

in the second half of life, drink less, quit staying up late, eat healthily, eat regularly, and don't let people who love you worry about you.

10. Do not blindly compare, life has a rhythm

once read such a paragraph:

"Don't worry, the pace of life is different from that of people.

some people make noodles for three minutes, others cook soup for three hours; some people have delivered takeout, and some people have just cut the vegetables. "

if there are a thousand kinds of people in the world, there are thousands of ways to live. Don't measure your life with other people's rulers.

living at your own pace, you don't have to disrupt your pace in order to catch up with anyone.

you just adjust the color of your life and you don't have to live like someone else.

11. If you are not picky at will, life is warm

No matter how turbid the water is, it will become clear after time;

No matter how bad your life is, you can live a good life as long as you work hard enough.

Life is a long journey, some win at the beginning and some win at the end.

fate is never biased, and luck only happens to those who take life seriously.

Life is life where there are joys and sorrows, and bitterness and sweetness.

Don't blame, don't be picky, don't let yourself live in the dark.

look at the front of life, make a sunflower to the sun, and bear the fruit of your own life.

12. Do not want to be cheap, have quality of life

spend 50 yuan to buy a dress to wear for a year, compared with spending 100 yuan to buy a dress for three years, the latter is more cost-effective.

if you can get the best, don't settle for the second best.

when you are so busy that you forget to enjoy life, your life is also at a discount.

make money not to be rich, but to afford to buy what you like and go where you want to go.

within your ability, spend your own money and live a quality life.

13. Don't muddle along, live a ceremonial life

how long has it been since you cooked a meal for your parents?

how long has it been since you bought a bouquet of flowers for your lover?

how long has it been since you dressed up for a friend's party?

Life without a sense of ceremony is like a desert without green plants, lacking a trace of vitality.

"Little Prince" said:

Life is good, don't muddle along.

Don't let life become survival, after all, in addition to the present, there are poems and distances worth pursuing.

the days are your own, and you should have a good life in this life.


about self-growth

as the old saying goes, it is never too late to learn and grow up in a lifetime.

if you want to make rapid progress, start by stopping fantasies and enriching yourself.

14. Not doing nothing, to open up a new world

someone once asked, "what's the fastest way to get rid of a person?"

the answer is: "keep him idle for a long time."