Get rid of weeds on a regular basis (benefit for life)

/August 2022

Buddha said:

if there is too much rubbish in my heart, how can there be room for beauty?

this book of life, turn this page before you can write the next page.

just as a river has nine curves and eighteen bends, it is not difficult to move forward, as long as you learn to turn.

every time I go through the journey, I sum up the gains and losses, precipitate the past, throw the bad ones in the wind, and keep the meaningful ones in mind.

get rid of the weeds in your heart in time and plant sunshine and flowers again, so that life will not be desolate.

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everything is at ease

Oscar Wilde once said:

"I must forgive something for my own sake."

because one cannot get up every night and plant thorns in the garden of the soul. "

the best way to get rid of weeds in the wilderness is to plant crops all over the field.

the only way to keep your mind from desolation is to cultivate your own mind.

Yan Youyun, an old Shanghai socialite, lived at the age of 112.

she experienced numerous waves in her life, but she was always optimistic and cheerful, and made her ordinary life as beautiful as a poem.

once, her home was invaded by thieves, and the precious treasures that had been collected for many years were gone.

others feel sorry for her, but Yan Youyun only said faintly:

"all bad things can happen, which is the lightest."

I just lost my belongings, and everything else that was important was unharmed-my life, health and family. "

when she was 109 years old, she was asked in an exclusive interview with the New York Times about the secret of longevity.

it was this state of mind that contributed to her 112 years of legendary life.

Qian Zhongshu said:

"take a bath, look at a flower, eat a meal, if you feel happy, it's not all because the bath is clean;

the flowers bloom well, or the dishes suit your taste, mainly because you don't mind."

you can be at ease only if you have no trouble with your heart.

Life is supposed to be simple and peaceful. Many things are just a burden. The more you memorize, the harder it is to go far.

for most people, life is an irresistible torrent.

but as long as hope, warmth and kindness remain around us, and as long as you still love life, life will give you something.

when the tide is high, the tide will ebb, the muddy road will dry up, the hazy sky will be bright,

it's just a matter of time.


in the past

the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon said:

"when you hold your hands, there is nothing in them;

when you open your hands, the world is in your hands."

Life has sunshine, rain, haze, good and bad days.

Dust falls on the body, just brush it off gently, if you squat down and cry, it will only hinder the progress.

I have heard a short story that happened in the temple:

there are two gardenias in the temple. When they are in full bloom, the fragrance of the flowers is overflowing and refreshing.

however, this year, a gardenia flower is only half-blooming, and its leaves are quietly beginning to turn yellow, showing signs of withering.

when the little monk found out, he was very anxious.

Master comforted him and said:

however, the young monk was very reluctant to take scissors.

this gardenia is a treasure he has spent a lot of painstaking effort, and he is reluctant to cut off its branches.

seeing that he was unrepentant, Master explained to him why.

the original flowering needs enough nutrition, and the extra branches will absorb some of the nutrients.

at this time, if the extra branches are not cut off, within a few days, the flowers will wither and die because of the lack of nutrition.

Master bent down, fiddled with the branches and said to the young monk,

sure enough, a few days later, the yellowing leaves began to turn green again, and the flowers bloomed one after another on the remaining branches.

in fact, many troubles in life come from not knowing how to choose. If you give up, you will get something. If you don't give up, you won't.

Life is actually like planting flowers, pruning off extra branches to make it more luxuriant.

know how to choose, and the flower branch built in the end is what you want your life to look like.

as the saying goes:

precipitation is to give up, and to give up is for better precipitation.

A lifetime is made up of countless yesterday. Chasing after tomorrow behind yesterday will wear out every moment.

No matter how bad something happened yesterday, it should not affect today's mood.


Let the heart clear, empty cup to

when life begins, it is like an empty cup.

Life is just the process of putting things into a cup.

but the cup is always full, when the cup of life is full, it is better to pour out all the pain and sadness, loss and uneasiness in the cup of life.

Let the heart clear and treat the rest of life with an empty cup mentality.

but the light is still there, always there.

as long as we open a crack in the door, light will pour in. "

as long as you are not stuck in the pastStrive for the moment, the sun will always do everything possible to shine in through the cracks.

I have heard such a story:

two friends sitting together chatted, and one of them asked, "what's the weather forecast for tomorrow?"

the other said, "it's going to be my favorite weather."

the man asked, "how do you know it happens to be your favorite weather?"

the friend said:

"I find that the environment is not always what I like, so I learn to face everything I encounter happily."

so I must like the weather tomorrow. "

not to let the heart be confined to one side of the world is the most important attitude towards life.

only those who dare to expel their hearts can have the courage to continue to explore the beauty of life.

as the writer Bai Luomei said:

"peaceful people will be safe and sound even through the vicissitudes of life." Sensitive people will be riddled with holes at the slightest wind.

this is the difference between people, vision and state of mind. "

our lives may not be brilliant, but we should always be warm and bright.

May you shake the dust off your shoulders and wash away the haze in your heart for the rest of your life.

the enthusiasm in your heart will not diminish, and the pure land of your soul will remain.