He who can control his emotions can control his life.

/August 2022

A great military strategist once said:

Wanna go for for a flirty elegant dresses for parties and flaunt your body? Perfect for formal functions or informal parties.

the man who can control his emotions is greater than the general who can take down a city. "

once a person is swayed by emotion, he will lose his mind.

We are often manipulated by emotions, but we do not realize that your life is hidden in your emotions and indicates your future.


the angrier you are, the more hurtful you are to say

Confucius said, "No anger, no mistakes."

when you are angry, don't vent your anger on others; when you don't like it, don't lose your temper with others.

people tend to say extremely hurtful words when they are angry.

sometimes it's just for simple venting, or for inner pleasure.

but a relationship tends to break and a relationship is about to break up, often in a hurtful sentence.

it was mentioned in

"being kind to others is warmer than cloth; hurting people with words is deeper than spear."

words of kindness are warmer than cloth; words of anger are more hurtful than swords and spears.

words when angry have incomparably great energy, like a sharp dagger piercing into a person's heart.

"thumbtack Story" it is well known that words when angry are like thumbtacks on the wall, and even if they are pulled out afterwards, the scars still exist.

when you are alive, don't let your emotions manipulate you, don't let your anger go to your senses, and don't make irreparable mistakes because of what you say in a moment of anger.


as the saying goes, "speech is silver, silence is gold."

Silence is not only a choice, a way, but also a wisdom to act like a fool.

in the face of accusations and criticisms from others, many people feel that it is a loss of face not to fight back, but they do not realize that this is precisely an expression of wisdom.

the angrier you are, the more you want to be rational; the angrier you are, the more silent you are.

keeping silent is not running away, but settling down to think better;

keeping silent is not cowardice, but because we care about each other's friendship.

as the saying goes, "impulse is the devil", and the consequences of anger cannot be estimated.

when you are angry, let it go, wait a minute, be quiet.

if the emotion is out of control, anger will not solve the problem, but will destroy the image, destroy the character, and even affect your physical and mental health.

to be a man, tolerance is a virtue, and magnanimity is a blessing.

endure for a while, you can gain peace of mind; take a step back, you can accept all rivers.

when you are angry, you can't help but be wise in life by controlling your emotions and keeping silent.


if you can control your emotions, you can control your life

Xunzi said, "anger is not enough to win, but joy is not enough."

Don't punish others for anger or reward others for being happy.

when you are alive, you must know how to control your emotions. Only by controlling your emotions can you control other things.

the so-called EQ is a person's ability to control emotions.

as the saying goes,

"Xin Ning leads to wisdom, and wisdom leads to success."

it is futile for a person to be unable to control his emotions, no matter how powerful he is.

when people are angry, their inner emotions fluctuate greatly, and their IQ is negative at this time, so they are easy to lose themselves.

only peace of mind can produce wisdom, and wisdom can create miracles.

controlling emotions is not only our wisdom in dealing with the world, but also the best way to maintain good health.

people often say that anger hurts the body. We should not indulge the growth of emotions, but learn how to control them.

learn to control emotions in order to win trust; learn to control emotions, families can be happy; learn to control emotions, good luck will come!

you can control your emotions so that you can control your life!