If you are too nice to one person, you lose.

/July 2022

you give something as soon as you ask for it;

you answer when you ask for something.

what you get is so easy that

no longer feels important.

you can forgive any mistake;

you are willing to compromise on any harm.

spoil other people's temper,

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will not remember to cherish you.

is too good to a person,

is equivalent to a big bet,

bet on yourself,

is doomed to lose! 01

you can't eat too much, people can't be too good

too good to a person,

you are always careful,

you are always thorough.

A little bit of wind and grass will hurt you.


others will only become more and more fearless,

, and you will only become more and more worried about gain and loss.

the meal should not be too full, eight points would be fine;

people should not be too kind, seven points would be fine.

Don't let go.

when you put down your dignity to a person,

others will not respect you.

is too kind to people,

is easy to let people down,

blossoms in the fog is the most wonderful;

so far, is wisdom!



feelings are mutual, and

there should be a yardstick in life.

it doesn't mean that the nicer you are to others, the more valuable you will be.

goodness meets kindness, there is sympathy for each other;

goodness meets calculation, it will only be hurt!

Don't be foolish to everyone.

you agree to whatever others say.

when you meet your heart, you go all out;

meet hypocrisy, don't be taken advantage of by him!


people change their hearts, but they can't be changed.

overestimate their position and are doomed to be hurt;

lose their moral integrity and are doomed to be failed.

in this world,

not everyone knows to be grateful.

you always want to perfect others.

who cares about your feelings?

you always want to give in to others.

who is grateful for your difficulties?

some people,

if you give too easily, they will not cherish it.

I don't know how much value you have paid.

doesn't care how much grievance you have suffered.

A relationship,

you need him, and he needs you.

you care about him, and he cares about you.

so that you can go on for a long time.

if people change hearts, you will be true;

feelings for feelings, you can't give up!