I'll only borrow one ride for your whole life.

/June 2022


someone asked me:

I have been unable to understand a problem. Why does God arrange for two people who are not destined to be together to meet?

maybe there is such a person in everyone's heart:

A glance of heart, a lovesickness. He only stayed with you for a while, but you have to miss it for the rest of your life.

Li Jian sings in "if Love has providence":

who knows what love is, but never forget the brief encounter, spend the whole life, unexpectedly learn not to forget.

falling in love with someone leaves a mark in life.

time may dilute that memory, but it can never erase the mark of love.

some people meet, not to be together, but to be side by side with you on the road of life.

some feelings are not long-lasting, just to think of them later and to smile.

in this life, love is right, it is lucky, love is wrong, it is also an experience.

every fate in the world is a gift from God.

meeting is God's arrangement, and getting together is the fulfillment of fate.

meeting teaches us to love, and parting makes us grow.

cherish your fate and let it go. No matter how it ends, the gift will stay with you for the rest of your life.

some people, once in the eye and in the heart, even for a moment, it is eternal.

Tang Xianzu wrote in the Peony Pavilion:

I don't know where it comes from.

Faye Wong sings in the Legend:

just because I took one more look at you in the crowd, I never forgot your face.

in 1979, fairy tale poet Gu Cheng met his wife Xie Ye on a train bound for Beijing.

their seats are next to each other, but he carefully avoids Xie Ye.

he took out his paintbrush and drew everyone sitting next to Xie Ye on the train, but not Xie Ye.

later, Gu Cheng wrote in a letter to Xie Ye:

"I think you are so bright that my eyes can not stay. Finally, when the train was about to arrive at Beijing Railway Station, he wrote down his address, recklessly slipped it into Xie Ye's hand, and ran away in a panic.

after being stunned, a smile appeared on the corner of Xie Ye's mouth, and then the love story between the two began to have branches.

who you will meet is the destiny. He is not only your destiny, but also the inevitable disaster in this life.

you only lend him one ride in your life, but this trip is the rest of your life.

legend has it that penguins used to fly, and a female penguin could not fly because of its short wings.

A large number of penguins flew away, and a male penguin decided to stay with her.

in order to find food, they worked hard to learn to swim.

years later, they were sitting by the sea, and she said, "I'm sorry you gave up the sky for me."

he said: "it doesn't matter, with you, I have harvested the ocean."

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if you miss the flowering period, you will harvest Rain Water; if you miss the rainy season, you will encounter a rainbow.

what you lose, God will give it back to you in another way. The people you meet will certainly teach you something.

Life is like a train, because the destination is different, someone will change trains halfway.

but everyone who appears in our lives should not be just passers-by, they will always teach us a lot.

when we meet, it will bring you warm and beautiful experiences, and leave you unforgettable and happy memories when you leave.

these feelings will not be given up even if they are parted for how long, and they will not be forgotten even if there is no return.

cherish it for the first time, and forget it for the best. May your parting finally find the right destination.