In the new semester, the most harmonious relationship is that teachers should be good guides

/July 2022

educating children is like rowing, parents and teachers each have an oar. Only when both sides sit in their seats and work together, can the boat carry children to a better future.

the absence of either side will lead to the imbalance of the ship, the lack of cooperation of either side will lead to the loss of control of the ship, and the child will be injured in the end.

so, on the road of education, since teachers and parents share the same goal: hope their children are good.

then we should also maintain the most harmonious relationship: teachers should be good guides and parents should set a good example!


on the way to education,

I have seen a lot of parent-child relationships: when their children are young, parents are busy with their work and miss their children's education. When they finally have time to take care of their children, the children have grown up and can no longer control them.

educating children is like planting trees, planting them carefully when they are young, catching insects, fertilizing and pruning patiently, and waiting for the saplings to grow up before they can sit under the leafy trees to enjoy the cool and look up at it to bask in the sun and rain in the higher sky.

regardless of the seedlings, don't wonder if you expect to change the direction of its growth when you grow up. It is also a torment to change it reluctantly.

on the road of education, compared with all educational resources, parents should not be absent.

the child's childhood cannot be repeated. Every absence of the parents is an irreparable regret in the child's life.

from the moment your children start to go to kindergarten, it means that you begin a grand farewell.

maybe now you think your child is affecting your work, but have you ever thought that you can only look at his back, and each other is drifting away?


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the teacher can only accompany the child for one trip, but

can affect the child's life

on the way to education, the teacher is like a lonely guardian, escorting the child through a section of their life. At the end of the road, hand them over to another person and move on.

and return on their own way, continue to protect another group of children, meet-guard-farewell, and so on.

in this process, mutual happiness and sadness, laughter and tears are the most natural and real things.

in the movie "the Spring of the Cowherd Class", Mr. Matthew has been engaged in educational work and has not done anything earth-shaking. He has actually hit a brick wall in his career and in love.

but it is such an ordinary person that his brief encounter with a group of "bad boys" changed the lives of these children.

he didn't do anything earth-shaking, but just opened the door to the guard of the "bad boys", went in, and planted the seeds of hope in their hearts.

A teacher's word, action, criticism, praise and encouragement may have an important impact on a child's life.

if you stand on the podium, be a teacher and do your duty; if one day you can't do it, it doesn't matter, then give the children more choices.


good parents,

must be the unity of words and deeds.

many parents like to preach truth to their children when educating their children, but they do not realize that children are more likely to imitate their parents' behavior.

if you want to discipline your child, you must take action to make yourself a role model to follow.

Tolstoy once said that all education, or 999/1000 of education, comes down to role models, to the parents' own integrity and perfection.

parents give their children the best love, not to impose their own regrets on their children, but to guide and promote their children's development.

every child has the shadow cast by his parents.

when parents respect knowledge, children love to learn;

when parents are true to their promises, children are true to their promises;

when parents are generous and kind-hearted, children are willing to help others;

when parents are strong-willed, children will discipline themselves and strengthen themselves.

Montaigne said that the greatest joy of being a parent is to be able to inspire and educate their children according to the path they have taken in their lifetime.

qualified parents do not need to have much money and ability, but to grow up with their children.

when parents become the light that illuminates their children's life, why worry that their children's life will not shine?


A good teacher,

must be a synchronous and strict

perhaps many children wish they could meet such a teacher:

when I sleep in class, I won't be woken up by him with chalk;

when I don't do my homework, I won't be chased by him to ask for debt.

I don't want to learn, and I won't have him nagging in my ear.

when you do badly in the exam, you don't have to worry about him going to his parents.

Children think that they are the happiest when they meet such a teacher, but they do not realize that meeting such a teacher is the greatest misfortune in life.

once an article entitled "Don't force the teacher to give up your child" wrote:

"the biggest sadness of children in school is not poor grades, not often called to the office by teachers, not often invited parents.

but the teacher no longer pays attention to him, he doesn't care what he does, and the school life of the child who is completely abandoned by the teacher is absolutely gloomy. "

when I was a student, I was confused and unwilling to make progress, resulting in a lifetime of helplessness and forced to make a living.

so, son, pleaseCherish the strict teacher, the one who criticizes you when you make mistakes, and the one who always stares at your grades.

the teacher is not giving you a hard time, but hoping you can do better in the future. That's why the teacher is so thankless.


Happy Education,

is a scam hanging over ordinary families.

the biggest scam of education is called "son, as long as you are happy."

I don't know since when, Chinese parents respect their children more and more and advocate happy education more and more.

Children do not study well, parents say happy education, children do not write homework, parents say happy education, children are pampered and lazy, parents say happy education.

No one knows that it seems to be respect for their children, but in fact it is laissez-faire to their children, which is an extremely irresponsible performance of parents.

Professor Qian Wenzhong once said:

parents just allow their children to be happy now, and over time, their children can only learn nothing and do nothing.

parents can respect their children and let them have a happy childhood, but society will not accommodate incompetent adults.

Life is fair. Children do not eat the hardships of study when they are young, but they have to eat the bitterness of life when they grow up.

the hardship of study is only more than ten years, but the hardship of life is a lifetime.

the ultimate mission of parents is to cultivate children who adapt to social development, but growth is not achieved overnight, it is a bitter before sweet process.


the best education is that parents cooperate with teachers, and teachers support parents

Sukhomlinski once said:

the matter of education is not the unilateral efforts of parents, nor is it the unilateral efforts of teachers, let alone the opposition between parents and teachers.

but teachers and parents perform their respective duties. The former is responsible for school education, while the latter is responsible for family education, which does not disturb each other, but supports and cooperates with each other.

parents and teachers have reached a consensus that they should think together and move in one direction in order to support their children's life and make them walk more steadily and further.

Home-school cooperation is the key to the success of education.

on the way to education, the luckiest thing for a child is to have a teacher with love in his heart and light in his eyes, and a parent who leads by example and is never absent.

parents know how to stand side by side with teachers to protect their children, so that their children will embark on a bright and smooth road in life.

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