It comes from the heart, but it's true.

/August 2022

Buddha said, "Life is made by yourself, and phase is born by the heart."

face has nothing to do with appearance and heredity, not appearance, but the presentation of a person's mental state and the prominence of internal cultivation.

in short, face is heart phase.


face, hidden self-cultivation.

some people are plain, but they are very popular;

some people are good-looking, but people hate them.

A person's mental appearance often hides his attitude and practice.

as the ancients said, "if you have a heart without a phase, you will live with each other; if you have a phase without heart, you will die with the heart."

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We always say that time is a pig knife, but some people never see the vicissitudes of life on their faces.

on the contrary, the more precipitated it is, the more lasting it is.

there is a saying in "True Faith": "people's self-cultivation is often reflected in casual words and deeds."

A person's self-cultivation is also hidden in his face in his words and deeds.

A person who doesn't like to laugh must be very reluctant to laugh, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

A person who is inconsistent with his appearance often avoids flickering in his eyes because his heart is empty.

A person with a stable mood must have an outstretched eyebrow, and no matter how complicated the world is, it can't disturb their peace of mind.

it is a person's greatest ability to control his temper.

such people are mature and stable, are not impetuous when things happen, and show their calmness in their every move.


appearance, reveal temperament.

people who are kind-hearted are tolerant and always think of others with empathy.

they often remember the advantages of others, help others with difficulties, tolerate other people's weaknesses, be open-minded and open-minded in case of trouble.

as a result, the face is becoming more and more kind.

on the contrary, cruel people are mean and often measure the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain.

they are strict with others and lenient with themselves.

take pleasure in making things difficult for others, thinking that others should taste the injustice they have encountered.

such people, with hostile eyes and a ferocious face, are not only the disseminators of negative emotions, but also the source of the vicious circle.

Napoleon said: "if you have a bad temper, you don't have deep practice, and you don't like others because you don't have enough minds."

people who often dislike others are bound to encounter things that make them unhappy.

when a person becomes a puppet of emotion, the outside world can influence his mood at will.

over time, he has a bad temper and a ferocious face.


your face is your life.

Guo Wanying, the last aristocrat of the Republic of China, engraved "good fortune" in her bones and reflected it on her face. During the special period, she was sent to the countryside to raise pigs and used her piano hands to sweep toilets and dig fish ponds.

live in a dark, damp house every day and make a living by selling Salted Duck Egg.

in the face of the onslaught of life, she did not collapse, but chose to manage with her heart.

she uses fallen flowers to make rouge, puts it on her lips and treats people with a smile. Even when she brushes the toilet, she wears a clean cheongsam.

despite the devastation of life, she always remains decent.

her face is weather-beaten, but she still looks pampered.

later someone commented on her: "there is patience and benevolence, but the girls of a big family are still there; flowers bloom and fall, but golden branches and leaves are invincible."

the so-called good life always needs to be managed on its own.

those who treat life attentively will not be disappointed by reality.

in her later years, Guo Wanying got a retired worker's certificate and spent the rest of her life with grandchildren at home.

A person's fate depends not only on the keys in his mouth at birth, but also on gold or silver, copper or iron.

it depends on how to treat and treat life in the future, in the ups and downs of life.


No matter how delicate his face is, he cannot hide his desolation; no matter how ordinary his facial features are, he will become bearable because of his kindness.

in Ice Jian, Zeng Guofan wrote such a formula:

Evil righteousness looks at the eyes and nose, true or false look at the lips;  fame depends on spirit, wealth depends on spirit;

the idea looks at the claws, the storm looks at the tendons;

if you want to see the organization, it's all in the words.

A few lines, full of truth, are used to know people and to come from the province.

click to watch. For the rest of my life, may you and I both fix a good face and enjoy good luck for the rest of our lives.