It is kind to show that one really has EQ.

/August 2022

I don't know if you've found it, but most of the people around you who are popular and accomplish great things are very kind.

A person with a kind heart is not only warm and moist, but also feels like a spring breeze.

and people who are always clever are not only calculating everywhere, but also feel on pins and needles to get acquainted with them.

as the ancients said:

it is true that if you are kind, you will be blessed; if you are kind, you will win everything.


A kind man is happy to suffer

Roland whisper: "A person's happiness does not lie in how much he has, but because he cares less."

those who like to take advantage of petty gains are complacent about the petty gains at present, but do not know that a big loss is coming.

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while those who are bearish and suffer for a while, they do not shirk their responsibilities and do not care how much they pay, and the road will only become wider and wider.

I still remember that during the Spring Festival this year, my sister-in-law went to the market to buy fish.

there is a shop where the fish is very fresh, and there is a long line at the door. When it comes to my sister-in-law, there are only two fish left, one is thin and small, and the other is very fat.

before my sister-in-law opened her mouth, the aunt behind her squeezed to the front and said she wanted the big fat one.

the boss looked at his sister-in-law with a look of helplessness, but her sister-in-law just smiled and bought the thin fish.

later, every time my sister-in-law went to the store to buy fish, the boss was very polite and gave her the biggest discount.

once read such a sentence: "it is a man of lofty ideals to suffer, but not a fool to be willing to suffer."

fortune and misfortune depend on each other, and people who seem to suffer losses are not confused, but use good deeds to achieve the rest of their lives.

people who are happy to suffer losses will naturally be open-minded if they know how to take a step back and let go.

those who worry about gain and loss will grab the first prize when something happens, and they will be in a sad state of mind if they care too much.

people who are kind-hearted will suffer losses and enjoy blessings even more if they do not fight or rob.


people with sincerity

people live a lifetime

. After a lot of things, they feel that it is the most rare to treat people with sincerity.

Mencius said, "A car does not walk without a shaft, and a man cannot stand without faith."

A kind person needs no wealth or eloquence, but a sincere heart is enough to make people trust.

once read a story that benefited a lot.

in ancient times, a rich businessman was crossing the river when his boat sank suddenly.

he cried out to the passing fisherman for help and promised him 100 taels of gold as long as he was willing to save himself.

unexpectedly, when the rich businessman was saved, he went back on his word and gave only 10 taels of gold to the fisherman, saying that he would not keep his promise.

unexpectedly, a few days later, the rich merchant sank again. When someone tried to rescue him, the fisherman said, "this man doesn't keep his word. You should be careful."

in the end, no one is willing to rescue the rich businessmen.

it is often said that interacting with people begins with appearance, falls into talent, and is loyal to character.

Wealth and splendor is something outside the body that cannot stand scrutiny, but sincerity can last forever.

as Guan Zhong said, "he who is sincere is the knot of the world."

the promise of contempt hurts the hearts of the people and breaks the human feelings, which is no different from breaking the way back.

be a man first, then do things, keep your sincerity, and put your words into practice, can win the hearts of the people and achieve great things.

A kind person does not cheat or deceive, treats others sincerely, and can be trusted.


benevolent people cherish blessings

for kind people, every fate is worth cherishing.

for cold-blooded people, every heart is taken for granted.

colleague Xiaoyan said that she lived upstairs with an old man with poor legs and feet.

every morning the old man goes downstairs for a walk, Xiaoyan kindly helps him downstairs, and then runs to work.

one day Xiaoyan was too late to go to work, so she let the old man go downstairs slowly. as a result, the old man lost his temper and scolded Xiaoyan for being unreliable.

Xiaoyan has a good temper. she still comes forward to say hello to the old man the next day, but the old man says with a cold face that she can't afford to be greeted by busy people.

after that day, Xiaoyan completely decided to be a stranger to the old man.

I have read such a sentence:

years are in a hurry, knowing while walking, doing and cherishing, true feelings come and go will last long.

Human feelings are limited and can only be cherished if they are sincerely handed over to the kind-hearted.

Friendship has a price, and it is not a waste to entrust years to a kind man.

people who are kind, never give up, know kindness and cherish blessings, and are worth following.


as the saying goes, "shrewdness is not as good as honesty."

honest people are less calculating, more magnificent, not hypocritical, sincere, have no routines, and attach great importance to feelings.

when you get along with kind people, your heart is full of magnanimity, the corners of your mouth are full of smiles, and your fundus is full of satisfaction.

in the days to come, you will be lucky to have a virtuous person to accompany you.