It turns out that this is the Raven's Law (never tired of reading)

/August 2022

there was such a story:

the crow and the pigeon lived in a small forest. One day, the crow was ready to leave, so he said goodbye to his friend pigeon.

the pigeon asked him: why did you move out?

the crow replied, actually, I don't want to move out, but the people here are so unkind to me that they think my cry is too bad to welcome me to stay. I really can't stay any longer.

the pigeon pondered for a long time and said this to the crow: my friend, if you don't change your voice, no matter where you fly, no one will welcome you.

this is the crow's law.

if you do not change some of your shortcomings, but blindly choose to escape, then the problem will not be solved, and there will be more problems at the same time.

the sign of a person's maturity is the ability to reflect on himself from time to time, face up to his shortcomings and shortcomings, and try to change them.


change your mood: do not blame

people are not saints, who can make mistakes.

everyone can make mistakes, and no one is perfect.

blindly blaming can only make things worse.

not blaming culture when something happens, not only reflects a person's self-cultivation, but also makes things better handled.

Su Shi, the great writer, was repeatedly persecuted by Zhang Dun because of the court dispute, and was demoted all the way.

the farthest time, I was demoted to Hainan.

the harsh climatic environment tortures Su Shi's physical and mental will. But in a desperate situation, he was still light and laughed it off.

in the third year of his demotion to Hainan, Song Zhe Zong died, Song Huizong Zhao Gou succeeded to the throne, and the court granted amnesty to the world.

Zhang Dun's son, fearing that Su Shi would retaliate when he came back, wrote to Su Shi all night to beg for mercy, hoping to be lenient.

however, instead of retaliating against the political enemy who had persecuted him, Su Shi sent him a prescription to take care of his health.

in his reply, he wrote the following sentence: "but in the past, it is more beneficial, only if it has not happened."

it's all over, so don't mention it any more. Take good care of yourself.

in the face of the harm Zhang Dun had done to him in the past, Su Shi chose to ignore it.

blame yourself with the heart of blaming others, and forgive others with the heart of forgiving yourself.

things have happened, and even reproach will not help, it will only add to the trouble.

learn to be considerate of others, compare your heart to heart, stop blaming, and learn to be tolerant, so that life will be smoother and the road of life will be wider and wider.


change your mindset: bad things do not entangle

Nietzsche said in "the other side of good and Evil":

people will encounter a lot of unpleasant things in their life. unhappy people, if they have to worry about right or wrong, will only tire others and suffer themselves in the end.

it is not only an attitude, but also a kind of wisdom not to be entangled in bad things.

many people know the story of Han Xin's "humiliation in the crotch".

when provoked by the butcher, Han Xin chose to endure a great insult and drill through the butcher's hip.

it is only then that we have the Marquis of worship, break all items, and reach the pinnacle of life.

Voltaire once said:

not entanglement is not cowardice, but letting go.

none of us can change the existence of bad people, nor can we change the development of bad things.

the only thing that can be changed is your own state of mind.


change the habit: read more when you have nothing to do

Mr. Yang Jiang once said, "your problem is that you read too little and think too much."

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Reading is the cure for everything. those books that have been read will melt in the blood and become part of the temperament.

Chen Daoming became famous overnight for playing the role of Puyi, a young man in the TV series "the Last Emperor."

many troupes invited him to act, and he began to get carried away.

until 1990, Chen Daoming met Qian Zhongshu while filming Fortress besieged.

when he was a guest at Qian Zhongshu's house, he found that they had no VCR, no TV, no telephone.

there are only rows of bookshelves. Yang Jiang, Qian Zhongshu's wife, is reading quietly.

only then did Chen Daoming realize: "in front of intellectuals and learning, I feel that my fame is not even a fart!"

so in his hottest time, he hid and began not to watch TV. The bed in the study was also full of books, and when he was tired, he slept in a pile of books.

Ji Xianlin once said that Chen Daoming's literary level can be qualified as a graduate mentor at Peking University.

the meaning of reading is not only a refuge in life, but also answers to things that cannot be understood, truths that cannot be understood, dilemmas that cannot be overcome, and all problems encountered in life.

success or failure in life is decided by yourself. Only by learning to change can you make yourself better and better.

when something happens, do not blame, find the reason from yourself;

do not entangle with bad things, learn to free your heart;

read more and find the most real meaning of life.

he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise.

for the rest of my life, strict self-discipline, leniency to others, and down-to-earth efforts, life is bound to bloom brightly.