It's really important to be with good people!

/July 2022

there was a popular saying on Weibo: your level is the average of the five people you most often come into contact with.

as the saying goes: those who are close to ink are red, those who are close to ink are black.

the influence of environment on a person is not only imperceptible, but also from quantitative change to qualitative change.

in fact, the more people you associate with, the more senior, positive, and optimistic people you will find.

will improve your ability quickly and give you more chances of success. So, it's really important to be with good people!


I still remember that last year, a boy's dormitory was searched on Weibo, with the title:

dormitory for 6 boys, but got a total of 17 postgraduate offer.

after knowing about this dormitory, one person gave up Tsinghua offer and was ready to go abroad.

2 people go to Tsinghua University, one person goes to Peking University, one person goes to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and one person goes to Wuhan University.

there are only six people in the dormitory, and four of them have ranked first in professional grades for three years in a row.

some people have given speeches at Stanford University, and some have won the global gold medal in the International genetic Engineering Machine Competition.

someone has also served as an accompanying interpreter of foreign ambassadors to China at the Central Asian Forum.

in the interview, they said frankly:

of course there are times when they want to give up, but once someone slackens, other brothers will remind him and help him solve the problem.

the process of becoming good is painful, but it is worth it for the good result in the end. "

this is why many parents squeeze their heads and try to earn money to send their children to cram school and enter a good university, preferably a prestigious one.

because getting used to this thing is contagious:

the good habits of the people around you will make you better and better, and the bad habits of the people around you will make you more and more depraved.

so, you see, when people are in a good circle, all in an upward atmosphere, everyone around them is working hard.

then naturally you will also use relatively strict standards to examine yourself and improve yourself.

in life, if you want to be smart, you have to be with smart people, so that you will be wiser.

if you want to be good, you have to be with good people, so that you can stand out.


although in work and life, it depends more on one's own ability.

however, if you have a good teammate and a good guide, you will definitely make progress faster.

A girl I know is very cheerful and sociable. She has worked for less than three years and her monthly salary has turned several times.

it is also the salary that the company is willing to adjust voluntarily.

I didn't understand at first, but then I found out that there was a reason for her rapid progress.

in her life, she is surrounded by a group of optimistic old friends, and she seldom complains about the unfairness of life.

as soon as she got off work, her friends at the other end called her to see the world. In fact, it was an exchange party for all kinds of high-end people.

I couldn't help being curious and asked her, "ordinary people like you, you have to find a way to know the most excellent people."

Don't you feel out of place with them? Is it possible to talk to each other when you go? "

she laughed and said, "when I first went there, I really had nothing to talk about. I was huddled in the corner all the time, just like an invisible man."

although I couldn't pick up any words at that time, it wasn't long before I realized that I was inadequate in all aspects.

so I signed myself up for an English class the next day, issued a fitness card, and asked others for general knowledge of the workplace.

good life experience, all kinds of financial knowledge, keep learning and practice.

in more than three years, I have become a better and better person as if I were a different person.

although, at that time, my colleagues always advised me that little girl, what's the use of learning that thing?

We don't need a high education, spend that wrong money, pretend to who to see, there is no need to work so hard.

as a result, I developed a good oral English, coupled with the good performance of all aspects of comprehensive ability, I turned to change jobs to become an executive.

but that colleague is still a junior clerk and his income is very mediocre.

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when I think about it, luckily I don't have the same knowledge as her. these friends are exactly the stumbling blocks that hinder our growth. "

that's true.

if you want to improve yourself and don't want to scrap yourself, it's necessary to stay away from low-level moments.

like a man who knows how to manage money, his friends will never be profligate; for a person with positive energy, his friends will not frown.

A kind person, his friends are less likely to do evil.

therefore, we should spend more time with good people, and even if we don't succeed, we will certainly become the best of ourselves.


as the saying goes, reading good books and making good friends are the two great blessings in life.

means that we should read good books to avoid evil for good; make friends with high people, make ourselves more diligent, and work hard to move forward;

in fact, what kind of friends you have around you, there is a future.

when you get along with low-level people for a long time, it is difficult to maintain high morale.

on the other hand, when you meet good people, even if you have some shortcomings, they can drive you to make progress and get better.

therefore, you should learn to spend more time with excellent, positive people.Together, stay away from those who are negative, pessimistic and world-weary.

what's more, we should learn to improve ourselves, enhance our abilities, and become more and more powerful.

encourage each other.