Just the right life (epiphany)

/June 2022

as the old saying goes: when the water is full, it overflows, and when the moon makes a profit, it loses.

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when the water is full, it will overflow, and when the moon is full, it will begin to lose money.

in fact, everything in the world is like this.

Don't be too satisfied and go too far.

half is perfect without seeking too much satisfaction.


half bitter and half sweet

everyone hopes that life can always be plain sailing and happy all the time.

but there is often a huge gap between reality and ideal.

because life is not 100% perfect, and everything can't go well.

as Liang Qiushi said:

throughout Su Shi's life, there are also such ups and downs.

that year, he was framed and exiled to Hainan.

at that time, Hainan was still a barren land. When many people were demoted to Hainan, they thought it was a dead end and prepared their coffins early.

Su Shi was also discouraged when he heard the news, but he thought about it from a different angle and saw hope in this desperate state.

Hainan has not been civilized. Su Shi can bring the culture of the Central Plains along the way and carry it forward.

after Su Shi arrived in Hainan, he and his son copied scriptures and taught in the thatched cottage, which attracted many people to study.

in this way, Su Shi turned the journey of relegation into a missionary road. With his efforts, Hainan culture is becoming more and more popular.

this originally isolated place is finally no longer desolate, and later, the first Jinshi in the South China Sea emerged.

there is a good saying:

in this world, except for life and death, are all small things.

No matter what kind of setbacks you may experience in life, don't bow to the difficulties at hand.

even if you are having a smooth sailing now, you never know how long you can be complacent;

even if you are hitting a brick wall everywhere, you may encounter new opportunities when you turn around.

these four words were left in Li Shutong's last words: the intersection of sorrow and joy.

Life is never perfect. There are always smiles and tears, bittersweet and bittersweet.

Flowers bloom for a season, and people live for a lifetime.

instead of demanding perfection in everything, learn to forgive and accept.


half gain and half loss

as the saying goes: sometimes there must be something in life, and don't force it all the time.

people's gains and losses in this life are doomed.

it's yours, don't ask; if it's not yours, you can't force it.

on the road of life, it doesn't matter whether you get it or lose it, but it's all floating clouds, so just let nature take its course.

I remember reading a story:

in a deep mountain, there lived a farmer who lived a hard life by farming.

once, he met a businessman from out of town and gave him some seeds. He told him that they were seeds of fruit trees. If they were planted next year, they would bear fruit.

the farmer was so happy that he thought that as long as he planted the seeds and waited for the fruit trees to bear fruit, he could sell them for money.

so he found a remote mountain field and planted these precious seeds.

A year later, the farmer happily went up the mountain to pick fruit.

but when he saw the bare fruit trees, his mood suddenly hit rock bottom. The fruit was eaten up by the birds on the mountain, leaving only a stone on the ground.

seeing his dream of wealth broken, the farmer left discouraged.

after a few years, the farmer went up the mountain again, but was surprised to find that the mountain was full of fruit trees, which were covered with fruit.

it turns out that the fruits eaten by birds and the kernels spit out later sprouted quietly and grew into this lush fruit forest.

the farmer was overjoyed that this fruit forest could make him a lot of money, so he didn't have to worry about his life any more.

I can't help thinking of the saying: what you lose is what you gain.

most of the time, it seems to have been lost, but in fact it has been obtained in another place.

Life has its ups and downs, there are gains and losses in life, and half gain and half loss is perfection.

there is a saying in Zhuangzi: "gain but not like, loss but not worry."

Don't be too happy when you get it, and don't be too sad when you lose it.

in dealing with the world, you can be calm and indifferent in order to live at ease.


what is life half drunk and half awake?

some people think that life is like tea, bitter or sweet;

some people think that life is like a flower, which blossoms and falls.

and I think life should be like wine, half drunk and half awake, half confused and half understood.

as a poem says, it is best to be half-drunk or half-drunk.

I like the wine-like way of doing things by Rockefeller, the oil magnate of the United States.

on one occasion, his business partner, Edward Bateford, ran a business in South America, but the business was not good enough, and the company lost millions of dollars.

Bateford felt so guilty that he didn't know what to do with it, and he was ready to be criticized by Rockefeller.

that day, Bateford was walking along the road and found Rockefeller walking behind him. He dared not face Rockefeller and just wanted to quicken his pace and leave.

but Rockefeller stopped him and said to him, "Great, Bateford, we've heard about you."

Bateford thought he was going to blame himself, explaining: "We lost a lot of money. We only saved 60% of our investment."

who would have thought that Rockefeller did not mention the mistake at all, but praised Bateford and said:

Rockefeller's few words relieved Bateford of the heavy burden in his heart and was greatly encouraged. After this incident, it also made them trust each other more.

Rockefeller knew in his heart that Beatford was wrong, but it was useless to pursue it.

when it's time to be confused, be a little confused, not only save face for others, but also show your own magnanimity, why not do it?

as the old saying goes, "the straight wood is cut first, and the sweet well is exhausted."

the straight tree is always the first to be cut down, and the sweet water is always the first to be taken out.

the same is true of the relationship between people.

most of the time, it's good to know in your heart that you don't have to put everything on the table and embarrass each other.

half drunk and half awake, knowing that you are in your heart and living a confused life is the wisest way to deal with the world. Mr. Ji Xianlin once said: "everyone wants to strive for a complete life."

but in fact, nothing in the world has ever been 100% perfect.

as written by a couplet:

imperfection is life.

Life does not seek perfection everywhere, but half satisfaction in everything.

half of life is just right, and contentment is always happy.