Knowing not to ask is the highest wisdom! (profound)

/July 2022

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius:

being able to speak is not only an art, but also a skill.

when people reach middle age, the greatest wisdom is to see through and not to say much.


knowing not to ask is the greatest goodwill

as the ancients said: people should not do too much, things should not be too clear, and fate is bound to come to an early end.

it's the same with talking. To be a man and do things, you should also pay attention to the ways and means.

if you want to change your heart, don't sprinkle salt on other people's wounds.

not all goodwill needs to be expressed in the mouth.

in ancient times, a young girl was a shopkeeper in a pawnshop.

once, she was tidying up her jewelry when she accidentally knocked over the jewelry box.

touched the jewelry and scattered, the girl hurriedly picked it up, only to find that a jewel was missing.

she looked up and saw a ragged young man walking towards the door in a panic.

she shouted, "Guest, wait a minute!"

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the young man turned around, looked pale, and asked calmly, "what's the matter?"

the girl waved her hand and motioned to the guard next to her to stand down.

the maiden said, "Sir, this is my ancestral family property. All my possessions have been accumulated by my ancestors from generation to generation. If they are lost, they will be ashamed of my father."

the young man blushed.

seeing that the young man did not speak, the girl continued, "if the guest official can stay and help, it will be very good!"

the young man thought for a moment, held out his hand, and the girl immediately reached out and clasped it and said, "Thank you, sir."

the maiden returned to the counter with the lost jewel in her hand.

the girl knew full well that the young man had taken the jewelry, but she did not expose it.

instead, she maintained a respect and did not forget to encourage him and make him positive.

knowing not to ask, because of understanding, so compassion.

the vast sea of people is bound to stumble, and sometimes goodwill needs to be conveyed.

considerate, gentle and moist.

the most far-sighted goodwill is included in the way of treating others without asking.


it is a kind of wisdom

the ancients said: "everything in the world is learned, and human experience is an article."

people who are knowledgeable about the world know that human feelings are cold and warm and will not embarrass people.

people with high EQ, life pays attention to a "sense of division". It is the great wisdom of life to see through without telling.

Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan, the origin of the pseudonym is very interesting:

he recalled:

when he was a child, he often asked questions that should not be asked, which caused great trouble to others.

his mother admonished him not to ask more questions, but he couldn't help it.

so he gave himself the pseudonym "Mo Yan".

this is a constant reminder that "it is better to keep the middle than to talk too much."

the ancients said, "A wise man thinks before he speaks, but a fool thinks before he speaks."

sometimes, silence is also a precipitate and a kind of mature and steady.

knowing not to ask is not only a way of dealing with the world, but also a realm of life.

people who are really cultured and educated never reveal their shortcomings and leave room for others.

most of the time, quiet silence is to know the nature of the matter without saying anything.

they know how to be kind to others and give them understanding and respect.

A person must be good when he speaks without asking.

not only does he have an insight into the world, but also because he has other people in his heart.


everyone has a mouth, and just because he can talk, it doesn't mean he can talk.

just because he talks too much doesn't mean he's right.

most of the time, foaming at the mouth is not as good as timely silence.

what to say and what not to say, have a bottom in your heart.

I hope we can grasp the size of life, keep silent at the right time, and remain kind.