Learn to make yourself happy (profound)

/August 2022

Life is in a hurry, but a hundred years.

No matter how far the road is, it will be done in a twinkling of an eye; no matter how difficult it is, it will become smoke and smoke in the twinkling of an eye.

over time, you will find that there are regrets no matter what.

so making yourself comfortable is more important than anything else!

as Zhang Xiaoxian said: "you are just doing what you like to do and living the life you like. If someone feels sick and makes fun of you because of what you like to do, that is their business."

for the rest of one's life, it is better to please oneself than to please others.

make yourself happy is the best way to live!


there is no need to please everyone

there is a kind of people in the world who live the most tiring life.

always meet all other people's demands unconditionally and never refuse;

often think twice before doing things and give priority to other people's ideas;

because they are afraid of conflict with others, so never express their true feelings.

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such people are called "flattering personality" in psychology. "

there is only one principle for them to behave in the world, that is, "sacrifice yourself to fulfill others".

in order to live as others like, you gradually forget to love yourself.

as Xi Murong said:

"when I look back, I suddenly realize that all my efforts in my life are just to make the people around me satisfied with me."

in order to win the approval and smile of others, I nervously put myself into all the patterns, all the shackles. Halfway through, I suddenly realized that I had only a vague face and a road that could not turn back. "

but the truth is, the more flattering you are, the easier it is not to be cherished.

over time, people will take everything you do for granted, you do well, they feel at ease, you do not do well, they complain.

I can't help thinking of Zheng Wei in "to our lost Youth". After four years of college, she loved that sensitive and self-respecting Chen Xiaozheng wholeheartedly, and Zheng Wei followed him wherever he went.

however, it is not true to pay crazily, but Chen Xiaozheng tramples on it at will.

so rather than please others, please yourself.

Bi Shumin said: "our lives do not exist to please others."

Don't belittle your existence just because others don't like it.

Don't treat yourself at will to take care of other people's feelings.

Don't care too much about other people's opinions. Living for yourself is the right life.

No matter meeting or parting, not thanking or making do with it, the days can be more beautiful.


the number of people who please others and those who please themselves

how many people in the world live in the expectations and eyes of others.

if you don't get approval, you get depressed; if you don't get approval, you belittle yourself.

so in order to cater to others, they constantly wronged themselves and accommodated each other.

gradually, I lost my heart and gave up my dignity.

on the contrary, really smart people can abide by their hearts, be not afraid of differences, and stick to themselves, so they can grow up in the corner of the years.

just like Jolin Tsai, who was popular for one sentence some time ago.

at her 40-year-old concert, she said, "40 years old is really feel damn good!"

this kind of relieved mentality shows the world that Jolin Tsai has established a relaxed and self-consistent inner order.

she is no longer scarred by groundless slander on the Internet, nor does she suppress all her emotions for the sake of a perfect image.

once the girl who only knew how to please others finally learned to slow down and love herself.

thus it can be seen that he who pleases himself can please others.

as the goddess Chanel said, "I was never a heroine, but I chose what I wanted to be, and now I am what I want to be."

Please learn to make yourself happy for the rest of your life.

only by shaking off the tiredness and helplessness of yesterday and caressing away the pain and tears of yesterday, can we meet the new rising sun of tomorrow and achieve a better tomorrow.


making yourself happy is the best way to live

in this world, really smart people are pleasing themselves, and only fools please others.

because no matter friendship or love, we meet each other not to please each other, but to be with ta and each other will be happy.

as Ma Jiahui shared in the "round table school".

he is a novelist, and there is no room for distractions when he writes at home, so he often lives apart from his wife.

the wife does not complain about this.

when she is alone, she makes colorful arrangements for her life every day, and even provides inspiration for Ma Jiahui from time to time.

so he sighed:

\ "I support my wife financially, and my wife nourishes me with spirit.

both Ma Jiahui and his wife choose to make themselves comfortable first. It is precisely because I have made myself comfortable that I have the ability and energy to make the people around me happy.

so learn to make yourself happy.

take care of your emotions as if you were taking care of others;

listen to your own voice as if you were paying attention to others;

respect your own ideas as you please others.

then you will find that the origin of lifeTo be so clear, and love is even more simple.

Life is not about bringing the breeze into full bloom, but whether the breeze comes or not, I am in full bloom for myself.

in this way, it is the best attitude in life.