Learn to make yourself happy.

/August 2022

when people are alive, they all say that happiness and happiness are the most true, but everyone will inevitably have troubles. Some people frown all day long, while others always smile. Of course, this is related to the external environment and many other factors, but also has a lot to do with their own state of mind. Learning to make yourself happy in a rough life is not only a kind of wisdom, but also an art of life!

if you make yourself happy, you must learn to have fun in your daily life. Day after day, year after year, in the mundane life of firewood, rice, oil and salt, we find the beauty of life; in food, clothing, housing and transportation, we live a life of interest!

it can be a hand-made pattern breakfast, it can be a romantic trip, or it can be a piece of clothing that you have wanted for a long time. Life should often change some patterns, add some colors, have the sweat of hard work, and have the pleasure of leisure time.

Liang Wendao once said: "to read some useless books, do some useless things, and spend some useless time is to reserve an opportunity to surpass yourself beyond everything we know. Some great changes in life come from this moment." Yes, life is not so dignified, often do some seemingly useless things, in fact, can adjust life, organize the mood, make yourself happy and happy! Why not?

in life, you will inevitably encounter ridicule and ridicule from others, or treat each other coldly. At this time, you should resolve it with an open-minded and detached mind and a humorous and optimistic attitude. If others do not like themselves, they have to control their own mood and seek pleasure from suffering, rather than common knowledge with others; or they are wronged and depressed, and it is themselves who will suffer in the end!

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see a couplet on the Internet:

upper couplet: don't guess, don't want not to be content

the lower couplet: it's rare to be confused

two simple words on the couplet, but they contain the true meaning of life. People live in the world, do not have to think too much, so the heart will be tired; do not have to compare with others, live their own life; do not have too many desires, to be content and happy, simple and happy life! When you look down on love and hate, fame and fortune, and understand life, you will no longer care about it, will not argue, and will not be stubborn.

Let go of all the burdens in your heart, happiness can not only rely on others, you should learn to coax yourself to be happy. To forgive yourself is a person's redemption; to please himself is a person's ability; to tolerate oneself is a person's wisdom!

in this life, it is not easy to learn to make yourself happy, between porridge and rice, on a mountain and a river, in a peaceful and open-minded state of mind, in a kind and compassionate mind, this is a kind of mood of life, but also an art of life!

May you be nice to yourself in the days to come, be happy a little more, and let happiness be with you forever!