Let happiness and smile become a habit

/July 2022

Life and work seem to keep us busy with expressionless faces every day.

whether to treat relatives or friends, is a serious face, often forget life, need to carry a soft smile.

when you are quiet, think about it carefully. Although life is hard and tired, life is still going by. Life is short, and the rest of life is not long. We should really regard happiness and smile as a habit of life.

get up in the morning, give your family a warm smile, and have a happy chat in the brightly lit room at night, which is not only a comfort to the emotion, but also a hug to each other's hearts.

Don't bring the negative energy from outside home. The closer you are, the more you should pay attention to your feelings, communicate well, and express with your family attentively.

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every member of the family can run around in a good mood, the family will naturally be harmonious and beautiful, and the day will certainly be more and more happy and healthy.

at work, greeting colleagues and sending a smile will make people feel like a spring breeze.

at work, with a cheerful expression, always have a lot on your mind, others will feel that you can not get close, often feel that you are under great pressure, in fact, it is not easy for anyone.

being together and being able to communicate happily is the best respect among colleagues and a harmonious working environment, so that the career can gradually achieve success.

it is said that people who love to laugh will not have bad luck, they will not be in a good mood to infect others, but also cultivate themselves, happy and welcome wherever they go.

the world is so big that you will inevitably encounter strangers who make you angry when you are away from home. A patient smile can resolve the quarrels one after another, and there is no need to fight.

in this floating era, a warm expression and a few honest words may calm many restless hearts.

communicate with society, keep a higher profile, use small acts of kindness to convey positive energy for the weak, seem to make way for others, but actually for yourself, there is great social pressure, and consideration for others is also to comfort yourself.

so, even if life is not easy, remember to leave behind the bad mood and let the good mood follow you.

now the material is very abundant, it can be said that there is no end to food and clothing, and endless comparisons are the least desirable.

the temptation of the outside world is open and bearish, as long as the correct state of mind, happiness and smile will naturally increase.

pursue boundless enjoyment all day, not only physically tired, but also mentally tired.

clothes can be simple and generous, comfortable, food three meals a day is enough, quiet and simple life, in fact, suitable for most of us.

delicacies may not be as good as Millet Congee, who is cooked by her mother. There is no cotton, linen, cloth and satin close to the body. He who is contented can always be happy.

therefore, it is better to have thousands of friends around than to have a bosom friend. The lights and wine in the colorful world are not as good as those who fall in love with husband and wife.

there are always some gaps in life, the important thing is to be able to face it calmly, do not envy or hate the rich, and be yourself earnestly and eagerly.

nothing to read more books, with good books, to enrich the spiritual emptiness. The world is very big, only by keeping your heart, can you have a steady and smooth road under your feet.

time will not return, time is precious! Take a happy smile as a living habit so that happiness can be passed on to the people around you.

so, may we treat the world with a smile on our faces, and the world will give you a warm spring.

remind yourself to have a happy heart every day! Believe that in front of life, there are always unexpected beautiful scenery waiting for us!