Li Meijin: confident children come from these six families, and they will be more promising ten years later!

/August 2022

people often say that self-confidence is half success.

A person who lives with self-confidence has the determination to face setbacks in life, not to be easily swayed by the words of others, or even dare to challenge himself.

therefore, the cultivation of self-confidence is especially important for the growth of children.

with strong self-confidence, children can have a bright future.

so, what kind of family do confident children usually come from?

it is said that confident children will come from these six families. Which one does your family belong to?


A family that knows how to accompany

as the saying goes, companionship is the most lasting confession.

on the way children grow up, they need the company of their parents.

Children grow up only once, and there is no way to start all over again. If parents are absent, it will be a sorrow for their children's education and a deep regret for a family.

work is important, but in the long run, parenthood is a lifetime job, and no one can replace it.

the companionship of parents will nourish the soul of children, and children will feel that their parents love themselves. under this love, children will become more and more confident and optimistic.

parents should remember that every process of a child's growth needs the company and guidance of his parents, which affects the child's future development and the relationship between parents and children, which cannot be made up for by money.


A democratic and equal family

an expert in educational psychology once said:

only in a voluntary state of self-esteem can a person become more and more confident and unleash his potential.

in family education, parents should know how to respect their children and treat them as an independent individual.

only in this way can children be respected and recognized from the bottom of their hearts.

only in this way, children will become more confident, no matter what happens in the future, they will be able to solve their own problems, do not rely on others, and will not easily succumb to others.

in a democratic and equal family atmosphere, children can give full play to their autonomy and initiative.

but be careful not to be too democratic, which will harm the children.

parents should respect their children's wishes without erasing the existence of realistic rules, and let their children understand that freedom is within certain rules and the right to bear responsibility.


A well-spoken family

language is a double-edged sword, and words that hurt others are bound to hurt themselves.

No one knows how helpless and afraid children will be when parents say cruel words to their children, and in the long run, children will become more and more self-abased and withdrawn.

Professor Susan Foward said in the original Family:

the so-called "reap what you sow, you will bear the same fruit as you sow."

from now on, parents should learn to speak well. Parents who have something to say are lucky for their children all their lives.

Mr. Hu Shi, a famous writer, once said:

Happy families are all connected, and there is always a parent who knows how to talk well.


families who learn to let go

in Chinese-style family education, parents act as the guardians of their children, worrying about everything and taking care of everything for their children since they were born. For fear that the child will be wronged.

in fact, parents' love for their children is understandable, but children eventually have to grow up and cannot be with their parents forever. After all, children need to be independent and adapt to the outside world.

if parents don't let go, it will be difficult for children to be independent and confident to face the outside world.

so letting go is the parents' best love for their children.

in life, there are many roads that need to be taken by yourself.

Our red homecoming dresses will make you look stunning. Our collections makes it a breeze to find you a perfect one.

parents know how to let go, let their children take every step independently, and prop up their own day.

I believe that children who let go will be more confident, more calm, and better.


A family in love between husband and wife

on a variety show, du Jiang and Huo Siyan's son, uh-huh, is very lovable.

ahem does not have stage fright like some children, but dares to speak his mind bluntly and dare to express his love for others.

when they get along with their parents, they get along harmoniously with their children.

mm-hmm can develop such an optimistic, confident, easygoing and lovely character, it is the love between his parents that creates a warm family atmosphere for him is inseparable.

Huo Siyan and du Jiang are so in love that they never hide their love for each other in front of ahem.

du Jiang once said to ahem, "do you know who is the boss in our family?" It's mom. Mom is the boss. "

parents' love is the best tutor for their children.

Dad loves Mom, and Mom adores Dad, so the child will have a lot of sense of security, which makes the child brave.

in the future, the child's heart is stable and full of self-confidence.

families who like to read

have seen this passage on the Internet:

"keep reading is actually good luck for yourself, because it will make you more confident and calm."

all the books you have read will become your armor and the warmest refuge in the world.

Reading can give people strength, it can give people more happiness, let you meet a better self. "

the most important thing is that the smell of books can be far away, and the belly is full of poetry and books.

Reading can make childrenGrowing up with confidence can make a child's life extraordinary.

in order for children to love reading, parents must first be a scholar.

in families with a strong reading atmosphere, children will love reading more and more.

Children love to read, keep reading, the future will not be too bad.

how important self-confidence is to children.

as parents, we must pay attention to cultivating their children's self-confidence and make a good example from themselves.

what parents are, that's what children are.