Life is crooked, and crooked is very reasonable.

/August 2022


what is meant by desperate death? I was angry to death about 10,000 times a day, but I still didn't resign.

quitting may be a short-term relief, but survival requires real financial support and cannot be tolerated for a moment.

most people, without good family support, can only work out the world on their own.

so no matter how sad and frustrated the day before, you still have to work hard the next day.


Don't be embarrassed to say no to others. Anyway, those who are embarrassed by you are not good people.


if you don't know how to refuse anything, you will only wronge yourself in the end.

to be a man and do things, you should have your own principles and bottom line. You can be kind, but you can't be honest and bad all the time.

A soft heart without a sense of boundary will only make people who are willing to take an inch forward, ungrateful, and take everything for granted.


temper is the same as fart, it should be sent out, otherwise it will suffocate the body.


after entering the society, adults silently put their emotions into silent mode.

but in fact, keeping emotions and worries in mind will eventually turn into negative energy, and there will be big problems sooner or later.

No matter in work or life, don't hold on to sad things, you must learn to solve and release them.


90% of the things in the world can be solved with money, and the remaining 10% need to be solved with more money.

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Firewood, rice, oil and salt, food, drink, accommodation, and human courtesy all need money to manage.

there are frequent contradictions and crises at any age, especially when you are ill and hospitalized.

so be less hypocritical and make more money when you have time, not only for yourself, but also for the people around you.


when I was a child, I thought that everything was going well every year. When I grew up, I found that everything was unexpected and there was a shortage of balance every year.

We never know which will come first, tomorrow or accident, so we should cherish the people in front of us and live every day in our limited time.

people live a lifetime, spell is the state of mind, open your heart a little bit, open up a little bit, naturally happiness will last forever.


the rivers and lakes are dangerous, so withdraw if you can't.


Life is a multiple choice question, having it and giving up at the same time.

A wise man is unentangled, and sometimes it is better to give up wisely than to cling blindly.

Beautiful clothes and jade food is a day, but it is also a day.

when it comes to people and things, you don't take it too seriously, you don't take it too seriously, you feel comfortable, and you feel comfortable.


stay up all night and send it to the crematorium at dawn.


the body is the capital of revolution, and health is above all else.

the loss of health of the poor is tantamount to making things worse. When a rich man loses his health, he is busy for nothing.

in daily life, we must work and rest regularly, go to bed early and get up early, eat on time no matter how busy we are at work, and take good care of ourselves.

each of these seven sentences gives us a truth in life.

which sentence do you most empathize with? You are welcome to leave a message below to discuss with Uncle Fan.