Life is like chess.

/August 2022

Lin Qingxuan recounts such a story in "full go":

two old people in the park play go, and they play chess very slowly.

the onlookers were impatient.

one of the old people said interestingly:

"you don't know, go has to be played slowly, and if you play it quickly, it's not like a friend playing chess."

what's more, when the first piece falls, a game of chess begins to end.

when the go pieces are full, the chessboard will be removed, so it's better to go slowly. "

this paragraph seems to mean something, which makes the people next to you think.

No one rushes again until the end of the game.

in fact, this chess game is like life.

the process of playing chess is one's life.

A good chess game has to be played slowly before it has a taste.

A good life should also be tasted carefully in order to be worth the trip.


Life is like chess, a man who doesn't regret it.

although chess is tricky, character is the highest.

whether it is go, chess, or other chess games, they all have a common principle and bottom line.

that is: no regrets.

the bottom line is the foundation and the foundation, and it is the primary factor restricting the beginning of the chess game.

the same is true in life, when you walk, you must stand upright.

never cross the bottom line of human nature.

A meaningful story is recorded in the Book of the later Han Dynasty.

during the Eastern Han Dynasty, Yang Zhensheng was appointed Donglai Taishou.

on his way to office, he passed through Changyi County, where the local magistrate was Wang Mi, an official he had promoted.

one night, Wang Mi came to see him with ten jin of gold to thank Yang Zhen for his promotion.

Yang Zhen firmly refused to accept it.

Wang Mi said: "No one knows since late at night."

Yang Zhen said, "Heaven knows, God knows, I know, and Zi knows. What is ignorance? "

Wang Milton felt ashamed and went home.

this is the story of "Yang Zhen Si Zhi" told by later generations.

Yang Zhen's clean style of sticking to the bottom line has virtually affected his son.

Yang Bing, the second son, was a lieutenant at the time of Emperor Huan of the Han Dynasty, ranking Sangong.

whenever the court made mistakes, he remonstrated faithfully and helped the dynasty avoid many twists and turns.

like his father, Yang Bing has a bottom line.

he once said:

"I have three doubts, including wine, sex and money."

means: I will not be fooled by wine, sex and money.

pitching is worthy of heaven and earth, and action is worthy of the hearts of the people.

A journey in life, the bottom line is the foundation of being a man.

if the foundation is not solid, the road of life will only become narrower and narrower.

people with principles know what they can do, but they don't.

what you do is worthy of yourself and others.

only by keeping the bottom line can we cultivate our character; only by keeping the bottom line can we be stable and far away.


Life is like chess, if the chess is really wise

some people say:

A game of chess, how to start, how to layout, how to end, chess players will often consider and plan as a whole.

the layout is reasonable, so that we can take our time and take our time.

the same is true in life, only with a long-term vision can you take charge of the overall situation.

Today's every step should be laid out for the future.

only by not fighting the battle without planning can we be in an invincible position.

Tian Pan during the warring States period was such a person.

in the early warring States period, the state of Wei was strong.

in 341 BC, King Wei Hui sent a general to attack South Korea.

South Korea was defeated and rushed to Qi for help.

at the beginning of the war, the Wei army was dominant, while the Qi army was on the road.

they, who are strangers, are in a very dangerous situation.

in the face of the powerful Wei army, the chief general Tian Pan did not act rashly, but chose to calm down and plan step by step.

after an overall analysis of the battlefield, Tian Pan decided to adopt the tactic of "luring the enemy in depth": reducing the stove to lure the enemy and setting up ambush to wipe out the enemy.

the chief general of the Wei army, who was carried away by the victory, took a fancy to the immediate interests.

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unable to discern the illusion of the Qi army "dropping helmets and removing armour", they chose to belittle the enemy and advance rashly.

when the Wei army arrived at Maling, they found that they had fallen into the trap of Tian Pan.

however, it is already too late.

more than ten thousand archers suddenly appeared in the ambush circle and shot Wei Jun.

Wei Jun suffered a fiasco.

this is the famous Battle of Maling in history.

short-sighted, even if he succeeds now, he will make a mess in the future.

look at the overall situation and move forward step by step before each stage can be arranged.

have the concept of the overall situation and master the foundation of life, so that you can be at ease on the way of life.

Lu Yao wrote in "Life":

those who plan first are prosperous, and those who plan before die.

if we want to take every step of life well, it is necessary to layout in advance.


Life is like chess, adapting to circumstances

some people say:

between small chessboards, the trend is unpredictable.

We should not only deal with it calmly and calmly, but also have the courage to adapt to the situation and conform to the trend.

chessThe game has its ups and downs, and life has its gains and losses.

the journey of life is actually the process of playing games with uncertain factors.

in the face of the unknowable life, learn to advance with the fate, advance and retreat with a certain degree, then you can make a high decision.

Zhao Kui in the Song Dynasty was such a person.

during the period of Song Ningzong, Zhao Kui followed his father, Jinghu, as envoy Zhao Fang and guarded Xiangyang.

once, the State of Jin suddenly sent troops to attack Xiangyang.

at that time, there had been no military use for a long time, and everyone was very scared.

but Zhao Kuili suppressed public opinion, saying that this was the best time to crack down on the arrogance of the Jin army.

in order to boost morale, Zhao Kui heard the military alarm and went out with the generals to fight to the end.

when the generals saw the leader's son go deep into the enemy's den, he was encouraged to kill the enemy one after another and risk his death to follow him.

Zhao Kui, who judged the hour and sized up the situation, led everyone to many victories.

on the battlefield, improvise; in the barracks, keep calm.

Zhao Kui, who is witty and decisive, not only has bustling courage, but also takes into account the ability of Ann.

on one occasion, the officers and soldiers won the battle, and the court rewarded them according to their merits.

but for some reasons, the sergeant was dissatisfied.

Zhao Kui sensed the dissatisfaction of the sergeant, and instead of blaming them, he retreated for progress.

he told the soldiers:

Zhao Kui dispelled the dissatisfaction of the officers and soldiers with only one sentence and immediately stabilized the hearts of the people.

people praise him for being alert and alert.

there is a saying in Zuo Zhuan: "go forward when you see it, but retreat in the face of difficulties."

know the truth of the world and know how to deal with changes.

when you play chess, you play the ability to adapt to changes; in life, you follow the pattern of judging the situation.

Life is like a chess game, it always encounters all kinds of unexpected setbacks.

stick to the goal and deal with the difficulties according to the circumstances.

there is a certain degree of freedom in life, and there is a way to break the situation.


chess games come to an end, and they often play chess on the basis of victory or failure


at the end of the game, everyone smiled at each other and watched the wind and rain.

as Su Shi said in "watching Chess": "Victory is happy, defeat is also gratifying."

the same is true of life, right and wrong success or failure is a common occurrence in the world.

do not seek perfection, but seek no regrets.

living seriously and accepting it calmly is the best way to face life.

A funny thing happened to Wang Anshi.

in 1054, 34-year-old Wang Anshi resigned from Shuzhou General contract.

on his way home, he visited Bao Zen Mountain with several friends.

they heard that there was a "Huashan cave" in the mountain, which was very strange, so they made an appointment to visit.

but this hole: "from five or six miles above the mountain, there are caves, and it is very cold."

even people who like to play, they don't know how deep the hole is.

"the deeper you go, the harder it is to get in."

before going far, the torch went out, and one of them, inexplicably worried, dared not go any further.

over and over again, the party had to return.

this experience makes Wang Anshi understand:

means: try your best to take every step, even if you can't successfully reach it, you can live a life without regrets.

years are a journey forward, and everything along the way is scenery.

being good at the present is the best response to the future.

nine times out of ten things go wrong in life, how can everything be perfect?

an ordinary heart is the fixing needle in the flashy world.

there is a sentence in Fu Lei's Letters:

chess needs us to play step by step, and the road of life needs us to take step by step.

you and I, as chess players, play against the uncertain life.

instead of worrying about gain and loss, it is better to face it calmly.

there is no need to be complacent about temporary progress or belittle yourself because of temporary twists and turns.

if you can afford it, you must be able to let it go. Don't be perfect, but you must have no regrets.

the journey of life is the process of playing chess.

it is none other than the invisible fate that is playing against us.

every move in the chess game is a display of wisdom, and between the pieces of chess, there are all kinds of situations in life.

Life is like chess, chess understands life.

between heaven and earth, every step may affect a lifetime.