Life is too short to find someone you can chat with.

/August 2022

some people say that we will meet about 29.2 million people in our lifetime, and there is only a 0.000049 chance that two people will fall in love.

it's hard to meet people who love each other, and it takes more luck to meet people who talk to each other.

Life is too short, so find someone you can chat with.


the most comfortable relationship

is chatting

Liu Tong once said:

I think so.

A good relationship begins with a good conversation.

not long ago, in an interview with Gao Yuanyuan, someone asked her why she had been talking so little.

then Gao Yuanyuan smiled and said, "maybe my desire for sharing has been given to that person in my family."

I have the impression that Gao Yuanyuan and Zhao Youting always have endless words.

many people's impressions of Zhao Youting and Gao Yuanyuan are introverted and untalkative.

but these two untalkative people came together, and at first many people were not optimistic about it.

until once, on the Venus Show, Jinxing asked Zhao Youting, "do you talk much with Gao Yuanyuan at home?"

Zhao Youting replied: "very many!"

Venus asked again, "are you basically talking about it?"

he retorted, "No, both of them said madly."

people understand that two people who are so introverted in the eyes of outsiders can talk like this when they are together.

that's probably why they're always sweet.

even though they have been married for 7 years, they still look like lovers in love.

before, Zhao Youting was photographed visiting Gao Yuanyuan, two people holding hands and swinging to and fro.

the two men in the airport photo were also clasped with their fingers clasped and their smiles were bright.

this is the most comfortable relationship.

after meeting the right person, both of them become children who tell everything.

he reads between the lines. You know his jokes and humor.

I have a lot to say, even if I chat all night long.


with people who can't talk to each other

more than half a sentence

my friend Tingting recently met a boy on a blind date and soon got together.

but in her relationship, she found that she often had nothing to talk to her boyfriend.

although on the surface, they look like ordinary couples, they go to dinner, go shopping and go to the movies, but in fact, they seldom talk to each other during the dating process, basically doing their own things, and chatting to ease embarrassment.

Ting Ting said helplessly:

in fact, the two of them have tried to cater to each other's topic, but just like shoes that don't fit, no matter how hard they try, they will not be comfortable.

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so their relationship ended in breakup.

Life is already very tiring, and it's no fun to be with someone who can't talk to you.

getting along with each other is the premise of two people's happiness and getting along with each other.

I remember that on a variety show, the chat mode between Jin Chen and Zhang Jike was suffocating.

Jin Chen asked Zhang Jike, "what do you think is most important for two people to be together?"

Zhang Jike said two words: "Trust."

Jinchen asked again, "how does it feel to get along with each other in a relationship?"

Zhang Jike continued to answer: "Boys take the initiative."

Jinchen hopes to continue the conversation and then asks, "do you like clingy ones?"

Zhang Jike simply replied, "I can't stand it."

one person is trying to find a topic, while the other person has been simple and perfunctory, with no extension of the topic and basic communication at all.

during the meal, Jin Chen and Zhang Jike have nothing to talk about.

Jin Chen said that her favorite thing is eating, but Zhang Jike said that eating is the most boring thing.

Jin Chen asked Zhang Jike if he knew anything about movies. Zhang Jike said he went to bed as soon as he entered the cinema.

after watching the date between the two of them, I realized what is meant by "talking to a chicken and duck".

with people who can't talk to each other, they don't talk to each other for more than a word.

Lin Xi said:

"A lot of people get married just to find someone to watch a movie with, not someone who can share their experiences." If I don't want to get married just to find a partner, I can go to the movies by myself. "

it doesn't matter if you don't want to be together in order to make a living together.


Life is too short

to find a chat partner

there is a line in the TV series "I may not Love you":

"the most important thing is that we have a lot to say. I don't want someone who has nothing to say except I love you. Please give me a glass of water. That would be terrible."

Life is long, so we have to spend time with people we can talk to.

I have a colleague, Niko, who has been married to her husband for five years and is still very much in love.

in Niko's opinion, although her husband has few words in front of outsiders, he can talk in front of her all day.

after they get home every night, they cook and do housework together, lie on the sofa and chat and watch TV.

"wife, I can tell you that I saw a very interesting place today, which is very suitable for taking pictures. I'll take you there next time."

"silly pig, I saw this cat is really super cute on the way."

"ha come and watch this video! I'm going to laugh! "

from boundless nonsense to all kinds of knowledge, you can talk about it wherever you want: minus.Fat, travel, work, photography, home decoration, meals, children, planning for the future.

in our lives, we encounter love and sex, not rare, but understanding.

you will be happier and happier only when you are with people who can talk to you.

I understand your strange and strange, I accompany you cocoa sex, so that life will not be boring.

if someone in life can skillfully catch the stem you throw and accurately say what you think;

he understands your smile but does not speak, and understands your desire to stop;

you can also be honest with him and speak freely;

even if you do not speak, you will not feel embarrassed;

when you are sad, he loves your pain and understands your tiredness.

then you can laugh freely, show your vulnerability, don't be careful, don't stick to the details.

A good love, one is willing to speak and the other is willing to listen.

with the acquaintance of the soul, it will shine even in a plain vegetable and meal.

it is not easy to meet such a person. Cherish the sea of life.