Life, live simply, live happily

/August 2022

people live a lifetime, to be a man and to do things, to see through is a kind of understanding, to be light is a kind of relaxation, and to be open-minded is a kind of happiness. If you can't let go, you will have more burden; if you let go, you will be happy. Don't always worry, don't always be sad, don't think too much, a person's life is to simply live a happy life.

Happiness and happiness in life depend on inner peace and indifference. A person comes to the world, not to argue with others, not from looking for trouble, sorrow is a day, happy is also a day, live why ask for too much? Keep it simple, just let nature take its course, peace of mind, happiness increases naturally.

We must learn to seek contentment in lightness of heart, happiness in duty, peace of mind in regrets, and happiness in dedication.

the heart is a field. When you sow happiness, you reap happiness, and when you sow worry, you reap worry. When something goes wrong, if you think about it from a different point of view, you may change your mood; if you go in a different way, you may change the situation. The heart of this field, rely on their own to sow seeds, sow good cause, you will get good results; sow evil thoughts, you will get bad results.

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if you have a tolerant heart, your troubles and resentments will disappear; if you have a kind heart, those applause and admiration will come; if you have a heart that looks lightly at the world, your happiness and happiness will be harvested!

I hope we are worthy of this life. Now that we have come to this world, we should learn to be the sun and warm others while shining on our own. Calmly face the gain and loss, calmly face the pain and joy, smile to watch the flowers bloom and fall, calmly face up to the full moon.

always have a normal heart, cherish what you have now, don't complain, don't be negative, don't be discouraged, don't compare. No matter poor or rich, open is free; no matter bitter or sweet, open is happy; whether ugly or beautiful, living is happiness! Only by living a simple life, can we enjoy an ordinary and light life.

there is a long way to go in life, whose psychology does not have a shadow? Life is long, whose day is all the best? Only when you conquer yourself can you embrace happiness! In fact, life is as insipid as water, how it tastes depends on how you mix it.

when the days are going well, we smile; when life is hard, we stand tall and live. No matter when and where, no matter what the situation, pick yourself up, show confidence, and muster up courage. If you succeed, be calm, don't be arrogant, don't lose yourself; if you fail, get up bravely and start all over again. Heaven will not sympathize with you because you cry, and fate will not give you a turn for the better because of your grievances.

Happiness is a glass of water. If you cherish it, you can taste it; if you throw it, you will never get it. Happiness is a scene, everything is simple, the mood is natural and beautiful; everything is beautiful and colorful.

although the road of life is tortuous, it is also beautiful. As long as you can always with a sunny state of mind, kick away the fetters of sorrow and worry, step out the obstacles of ups and downs, and enjoy them, the beauty along the way will be pleasing to your eyes.