Like to be a loner, but also do not like to talk, often three kinds of people!

/August 2022

there is a topic on Zhihu: years see character, what kind of people are most worthy of deep acquaintance?

see a high praise answer, quite sympathize with:

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"especially like those who are cold in temperament, and nothing in the world can disturb his heart.

will not be too enthusiastic, never please others, eyes only the road under foot, no superfluous emotion.

they are not indifferent, but leave their tenderness to the most important people in their lives.

it seems that he doesn't care about the world, but he doesn't forget to pay attention to the old people and children who are strangers around him. He can help by reaching out his hand at will, and there is no trace of kindness. "

I think so. Being friendly to others is self-cultivation, solitude is character, reticence is indifferent, and fundamentally, it is just a sober way of life.

those who like to be alone and do not like to talk are often these three kinds of people.


people who often reflect on themselves are calm

the philosopher Pascal has a profound saying:

"almost all our pain comes from our poor ability to be alone in the room."

because I am not good at being alone, it is difficult to calm down and examine my heart.

because I cannot meditate, it is difficult to take care of every corner of my life.

because of the mess, so I can only drift with the current in the noisy crowd.

in ancient times, it was the height of summer and the weather was so hot that Xu Heng saw a pear tree when he was on his way.

passers-by saw it and scrambled for pears to eat. Only Xu Heng sat under the tree, unmoved.

someone asked, "Why don't you eat a pear to quench your thirst?"

Xu Heng replied, "it's not your own pear. You can't pick it at will."

the man smiled and said, "these are troubled times. Pear trees should not have owners. Everyone is picking them. Why do you mind?"

when Xu Heng heard this remark, he immediately said, "the pear tree has no master, so is my heart without a master?"

often introspect, no matter big or small, he restrained his desire and kept at peace with the rest of the world, which made the thinker's life.

Life is often like this. The person who is accused of being unsociable is actually just sticking to his original mind, keeping calm and not changing because of the environment.

when everyone was yearning for the mystery of the night, only he did the opposite and resolutely rushed to the dawn.

although the road is lonely and perhaps full of thorns, it is quiet enough to keep people awake and push themselves forward.

when he was young, American writer Thoreau moved to Walden alone for two years, and after staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city, he wrote Walden, a book that influenced countless people.

later someone asked him, "it must be lonely to live there alone."

Thoreau responded with a smile: "being alone often makes people physically and mentally healthy."

when you are alone, you can face reality more clearly and become a better person.

when you are alone, without the support of your network, the world will not become smaller, but wider.

even if you are alone, if you often reflect on yourself, you will be worthy of your heart and be gentle with the world.


people who are sincere and kind, heart to heart

Why is it that people who like to be alone are the most worthy of deep acquaintance?

think about it, maybe it's because

in this fast-paced era, relationships between people start and end quickly.

people with a wide social circle may not necessarily treat others sincerely, and most of them make friends for some purpose.

people who often walk alone on weekdays, although they have only one or two friends, they will be bosom friends for life.

those who are quick-hot are also quick-frozen, and those who are slow-hot are the longest in love.

those who approach you at ten times the speed are bound to leave at ten times the speed.

those who slowly open the door of their own world to you will greet you with the most sincere attitude.

just like the old classmate around you who is always absent from dinner, he will never give up to tide you over when you are in trouble.

like the colleague around you who rarely expresses his views, he can remain kind and responsible when only interests are left in the eyes of others.

like that slow and untalkative old friend around you, how many people in his life are scattered on the road, but he is always there.

one netizen summed it up quite right:

"people who like to be alone are deep and introverted, but they are very sincere.

if you are lucky enough to meet such a person, you will gradually find that he is reliable and introverted, and will eventually be infected by the rich emotions that he does not want to flow to the surface. "

people who know how to get along with themselves can keep their lives in good order and always make people comfortable with each other.

if you are comfortable with each other, you will never get tired of it for a long time.


A person with a strong heart, independent and free

actress Chen Jin once mentioned a viewpoint that hit the nail on the head:

"people are always lonely, no matter you have a family or children. A person always gets along with himself all his life.

Freedom is when you stand alone, with no attachment, no fear, and some things that no one else can help you, only yourself. "

the really strong have already done this.

not attached to interpersonal relationships, not afraid of loneliness and silence.

after his popularity, Professor Chen Guo of Fudan was criticized because he mispronounced a rare word in a certain program and was attacked by the whole network.

people are not omnipotent, and mispronunciation is common among many celebrities, but some people still cling to it.

slowly, onlineSome people accused her of giving lectures on "fast food culture", while others rumored that she had been suspended from Fudan University.

since then, Chen Guo has rarely appeared in public, stopped and changed Weibo, and rarely saw her on social media.

she does not argue about slander and smiles at questioning.

she spends more time in class, tries her best to prepare lessons every day, and enables students to gain knowledge in an interesting way.

after the ups and downs, she is no longer the person she was when she was popular, but she is still a confident and strong self.

some students said that they often see teacher Chen Guo in the school canteen, wearing wired headphones, will not be easily disturbed, live quietly in their own world, and ignore gossip.

as she said:

people with strong hearts live into a beam of light, and even if they occasionally experience setbacks in life, there will be light into the darkness.

will not be affected by any change, have the ability to change themselves, have the courage to accept change, thousands of forests in the chest, always firm in the eyes.

do not worry about people coming and going, but do not look back, look forward to the future, but do not bet on the future.

the so-called strong people are probably like this:

after seeing through how bad the world is, they still look forward to the beauty of the world;

after recognizing the nature of life, they are still passionate about life;

after experiencing emotional pain, they still believe in their hearts;

after friends' betrayal, they still believe for a long time.

people who walk the world independently are all heroes in ordinary days.

enjoy   I quite agree with a point of view: it is normal to live alone, and to enjoy loneliness is posture.

people who like to walk alone, there are also excellent people who do not understand others. After avoiding the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, they can still build hedges and grow chrysanthemums in their hearts.

if you are the one who likes to be a loner, I hope you will always live a magnanimous life and love freedom.

if you are lucky enough to meet a friend who likes to be alone but really looks forward to you, please cherish it.