Make a deep acquaintance with these three kinds of people: health, people and heart.

/August 2022

Liu Xiang wrote in "Shuoyuan Miscellaneous remarks" in the Western Han Dynasty: "enter the restaurant of abalone, hear it for a long time but do not know its smell; enter the room of orchids, do not hear its fragrance for a long time."

birds of a feather flock together, people are divided into groups, and you live the kind of life you live with.

people who are beneficial not only keep in good health, but also nourish people and hearts.


with comfortable people, it's really important to keep in good health

with people who are comfortable in words and deeds. Please others is not as good as happy yourself, not only physically and mentally comfortable, but also in good health.

some people say, "the best way to get along with friends is to be comfortable and not awkward."

the vast sea of people, two people can meet, become friends, that is, fate, do not be demanding on each other, can go for a long time.

Mo Yan talked about his own personal experience.

once, Mo Yan invited his friends to dinner. After having enough to drink and eat, Mo Yan saw that there was still leftover on the table. As a farmer, he cherished food and refused to waste it, so he continued to eat.

at this time, a friend said, "look at Mo Yan, if you don't finish eating, it's like you're losing money." Mo Yan was so embarrassed that he didn't eat the meat sandwiched on chopsticks, nor did he eat it.

after returning home, Mo Yan told the story to his mother, who asked him to treat him to dinner later and eat something to cover his stomach first. So Mo Yan treated him to dinner again, and he ate very politely.

as a result, the friend said, "look at Mo Yan's way of eating." after that, Mo Yan cut off his contact with that friend and stopped inviting him to dinner.

our greatest enemy on the road of life is not our immediate failure, nor our timid character, but that we care too much about the opinions of others.

writer Su Qin once said: "at this age, no one wants to please anymore. stay with whoever you are comfortable with."

when you live a lifetime, you don't have to please anyone. For those who hurt you, add traffic to you, and make you uncomfortable, giving up is the best choice.

Why should those who do not understand demand it, and those who are not worth it should not be angry.

you know, true friends, even if they don't talk to each other, don't feel squeamish and embarrassed, and even if they haven't been in touch for a long time, they will hit it off.

get along with people who are comfortable, quiet and at peace of mind, their smiles are reassuring, their manners are warm, and they feel that there are no hurdles that cannot be overcome or robberies that cannot be overcome. You can get the best health without taking any supplements.

in life, there are so many friends that they really don't have many. Instead of carefully maintaining a relationship, it's better to take the initiative to stay away, be yourself, and be with comfortable people.


with interesting people, raise people

as the saying goes, "A good-looking skin is the same, but an interesting soul is one in a million."

maybe a good-looking skin is pleasing to the eye, but an interesting soul can bring fun and make life lively and colorful.

Liang Shiqiu, a talented scholar, is an extremely interesting person no matter what he does or treats others.

when he was studying abroad, because he was in poor conditions and could not get used to western food, Liang Shiqiu and several friends shared an apartment, but cooking became a problem, so several people discussed cooking by turns.

one day, when it was Liang Shiqiu's turn to cook, several students happened to be the guests. at dinnertime, when they heard that Liang Shiqiu was cooking and doing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, Beijing Style, the students stayed and wanted to try authentic Chinese noodles.

Liang Shiqiu, who had never been in the kitchen, washed the noodles into the pot and turned out to be a pimple. When he brought it to the table, several foreign students dared not do it.

so Liang Shiqiu took out the hot sauce and told the students that they needed the sauce to taste good. Several students couldn't wait to try. As a result, several people screamed because of the spicy sauce.

because several people have this deep memory, the relationship quickly heats up and becomes friends. It is this kind of interesting that even Liang Shiqiu becomes very interesting in his rigorous creation, and even in his twilight years, he leads a colorful life.

Bing Xin said: "A person should be like a flower, with color, fragrance and taste, and talent, emotion and interest, all of which are indispensable." My friend, among men, only Liang Shiqiu is the most like a flower. "

Yes! There are so many men and women in the world, but I only love your interesting soul. Only by being with interesting people can I live a good life.

maybe it's interesting, it doesn't give us an immediate promotion and raise, nor can we get rid of the trivialities, but at least we can find a little bit of fun in the same life and make life more hopeful.

Yuan Hongdao, a man of the Ming Dynasty, said, "what is rare in the world is only interesting. Interest is like the color on the mountain, the taste in the water, the light in the flowers, and the state in the woman. although he who is good at talking can't say a word, only he who knows it knows it. "

those interesting people are full of sunshine in their hearts. they can always face their gains and losses calmly and get through every difficult moment in their lives.

A lifetime is not long, so spend time with interesting people and seize the moment.


with reliable people, the so-called reliable is that there is an account for everything, a reason for everything, and an answer for everything.

there are many smart people in this world, and there are even more people to talk to. The more you grow up, the more you understand that long-term friendship needs to be reliable.

Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya have been friends since childhood, and they wandered together when they were young. Later, by chance, the two men assisted the king of Qi at the same time, Bao Shuya assisted Prince Xiaobai and Guan Zhong assisted Prince Jiu.

there could only be one person who could sit in a high position. Guan Zhong led a team of men to shoot Prince Xiaobai in order to prevent Prince Xiaobai from getting there first.

unexpectedly, Prince Xiaobai not only did not die, but the mostLater became Duke Huan of Qi, that is, after the throne, he vowed to avenge this arrow and shoot Guan Zhong.

as a good friend of Guan Zhong, Bao Shuya not only did not avoid suspicion, but also risked beheading, but also came forward to plead for Guan Zhong and let Duke Huan of Qi reuse talents.

finally, Duke Huan of Qi laid down his feud, worshiped Guan Zhong as his prime minister and respected him as his second father, and the two helped him achieve something together.

some people say, "in this unreliable world, it is the rarest to have a reliable friend."

it was Guan Zhong who made Bao Shuya. Such a reliable friend would take a turn for the better even if he encounters life and death.

in this society, we often complain about unfair fate, make our lives tired and work hard, even if we give everything, we still don't get what we want.

in fact, whether a person can pick himself up when he is in trouble depends on whether he has reliable friends to accompany him when he is vulnerable.

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there is a reliable friend who never cares about how much you pay or the gain or loss of money. He may not be the smartest and most successful, but he is the most trustworthy and sociable.

in life, the one you like is easy to find, but the reliable one is hard to find. Please make a deep acquaintance when you meet.


Sanmao said: "the most beautiful relationship between friends is the icing on the cake; the most valuable is to send charcoal in the snow."

A good friendship is like a gentleman, as light as water, people are not far away, even if they are far away from home, they will pay attention silently. In times of crisis, a phone call can solve the crisis.

such friends interact with each other with comfort as the root, so that they are not tired to get along with each other, add some fun to each other on the basis of fun, and rely on each other on the basis of reliability.

when we are with them, we are relaxed and happy, without resentment, and feel at ease before we can grow up together.

Life is short. May you be yourself and be with someone who is worth it.