Make a good management of your 35MUE 55 years old (very classic)

/August 2022


you can look forward to it, but don't rely on

love for a long time, you will understand that in fact, you are the only one who is really reliable in life.

Love is the icing on the cake. Don't be hysterical.


it's best to make a best friend

if someone is kind to you, sincerely treats you, sincerely treats you, and doubles back to him.

when you go through half your life, you will eventually understand how lucky and happy it is to have a best friend in life.


read more

people in this life, enrich life let us please ourselves, enrich spirit let us continue to grow.

more sights make us calm, more smiles make us cheerful, and more books make us open-minded.


sow goodwill

some people don't like you, stay away from him, forget it, there's no need to please someone who doesn't think highly of you.

but for most people, we should socialize with kindness and live with a smile. Your positive energy will make you meet more like-minded people who set up the stage with each other.


expand your hobbies

if you like good food, learn to cook more; if you like exercise, do more exercise; if you like reading, increase your reading time.

doing something you like and meaningful will consume your boring time and increase your happiness.


cultivate a calm state of mind

when people reach the middle age, they will encounter a lot of things that we don't want to happen, but have already happened. At this time, we should learn to face it calmly.

there are gains and losses in life, others come, others go, learn to face it calmly, move forward optimistically, and maintain a good attitude in order to have a good life.


less care

between husband and wife, less care, the opposite person you do not know, what is always troubling?

Family life accounts for a large part of our lives. Only when we know how to run a good family can we be able to run ourselves well and be tolerant to our families. There is nothing against them.


be good at being alone

married for more than ten years. Especially at this time, we should know how to please ourselves, less strife and more smiles.

when you are alone with each other, do not disturb others, enjoy a quiet good time, practice a pleasant mood, get less angry, blame less, drive away the haze, and let happiness stay!


be strong

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the adult world, maybe we open our eyes every day, there is no one to rely on, all depend on you.

in life, be strong, set an example for children, be tolerant, and let your heart be broad. How big your pattern is and how good your fate is.