Never save the best for last.

/June 2022


good things don't have to be saved for last

my mother complains about the old lady's refrigerator every time she goes back to her hometown.

the old-fashioned freezer with a strange smell can be found in the old-fashioned freezer that the old lady is trying to hide: the fruit that the old lady bought at the rally last month is no longer fresh;

eggs that shake with sound bought a few months ago;

what's more, she can still find the cured fish and bacon given to her by her relatives the year before last year.

usually, when the old lady gets something delicious, she doesn't want to eat it and leave it in the refrigerator.

I always want to wait for my children and grandchildren to come and share them with them.

wait until the food is going bad before you take it out and eat the bad part.

more often, my mother found out and cleaned up and threw it away under Grandma's heartache.

Mom said that grandma was like this when she was young.

in the past, she always saved the apples sent by others until they were going bad before eating them, and she always ate bad apples in her memory.

the candy left uneaten during the New year's Festival is always saved by grandma as a good thing and eaten on special days, but in the end it is either eaten by worms or melted into a pool in summer.

once, my mother was so angry that she cried and clamored for good fruit.

but grandma told her, "eat the bad ones first and save the good ones for last."

later, my mother always said that about her.

the old lady has never eaten good food in her life. She always eats food that is about to expire. It is never enjoyable for her to eat. She eats bad food, does not enjoy good taste, and suffers with her body.

Why not eat the food when it tastes right?

Food is eaten when it tastes the most delicious, so as to live up to its growth, blossom, fruit, and the process of being made.

those delicacies that are saved for last, if not enjoyed in time, are either almost out of date, untasty food, or useless and wasteful.

A good thing does not have to be saved for last, but its greatest value is to enjoy it at its best.


Beautiful things

you don't have to wait for a special day

once tidying up old things with her sister, she turned up a white cotton dress and touched it again and again.

I saw and said, "isn't this your most precious dress when you were a child? it's still as good as new."

Sister replied, "No, I haven't worn it a few times."

this is a gift my aunt bought for her sister from a foreign store at that time, and my sister liked it very much at that time.

her mother thought it was very precious, so she put it in the deepest part of the cupboard and gave it to her sister only on the most special day.

such a beautiful dress, my sister only wears it at a handful of important moments.

later, my sister graduated from primary school and begged her mother to wear the dress casually. After getting permission, my sister happily found out that although she tried her best to tuck herself in, she could no longer wear it.

my sister was sorry and angry: "Why do beautiful things have to be saved for a special day? isn't every day a special day when you wear it?"

like a dress that can't be put on, people are always waiting for a special day, but wasting time while waiting.

the delicious food I once most wanted to eat, but I didn't have the teeth at that time when I finally could eat it.

the beautiful dress I was reluctant to buy in the window, but when you finally made up your mind, it was off the shelves.

the trip I always wanted to go to when I was young has been waiting for several years, but I am no longer in the mood at that time.

there is a passage in Mr. Deka's mailbox:

put on beautiful clothes and so on. You should go to interesting places when you are ready. Always pin your hopes on the future, and the days go by day by day. Life has not changed.

it turns out that I was negligent. There is not so much future, there is only the present.

Today, when you live with your heart, is the most special day in your life.

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the one you want to love doesn't have to wait until the end

once heard the story of a buddy.

when he was in college, Xiao Wu liked a girl in his class, but he was too weak to express his love.

the girl is so excellent that she is not only good at school, but also very beautiful. She speaks carefully and carefully, and she looks like a girl from a good family.

Xiaowu is too nervous to speak every time he sees this girl.

in order to be closer to girls, low achiever's Xiaowu started a crazy learning mode.

girls usually like to go to the library, and Xiao Wu runs to the library when nothing happens.

Xiao Wu, who knows nothing about art, has also signed up for the art elective courses that girls like.

when it was time for the final exam, Xiao Wu, at the level of low achiever, jumped to the top ten of the grade, ranking just behind the girl.

later they became acquainted with each other. Xiaowu remembered that the girl once said that there were many people who liked her, but few she liked.

while saying this, the girl looked at Xiaowu, but Xiaowu instinctively dodged.

Xiaowu felt that maybe he should be better.

in the twinkling of an eye, both of them graduated, but Xiaowu still didn't confess.

he got a good offer and went to a big company. He didn't dare to dial the girl's number until he finally saved enough down payment in her city for several years.

the girl is still so cheerful. She said half-jokingly, "Why didn't you confess at that time? I used to like you, too."

but next monthIt's my wedding. I want you to come.

there is a line in Chongqing Forest:

I don't know when to start, there is a day on everything.

the saury will be out of date, the meat sauce will be out of date, and even the cling paper will be out of date. I'm starting to wonder what else in the world won't expire.

there is nothing that will not expire, even young love.

We always think that love needs a good time, when I become more perfect, when I become stable.

I don't know that countless unpredictable futures are not worth a painstaking present.

and at the moment when we hesitated, the invisible web of fate has rumbled both sides to different destiny lines, and from then on we went to the end of the world, farther and farther away.

what you think it's too late will eventually become a muffled sound on the clock of fate, and it will continue to echo after many years.

so love the one you want to love in time, and don't save the one you love the most for last.

if you wait for everything to be ready, I am afraid it will be difficult to have the mood and feelings at that time.