No matter who you are with, remember these three words and benefit for the rest of your life.

/July 2022

in interpersonal relationships, there is a good saying:

everyone comes to your world not for no reason, but leaves something behind.

be grateful to those who bring you hope, and don't hold a grudge against those who disappoint you.

when people get along with each other, the dark wounds left behind can actually heal, so learn to let go of yourself. Bear a grudge against others, except for leaving yourself black and blue, they are unscathed.

in fact, the best way to get along with people is these three sentences, remember, benefit for life!


remember the benefits of others

I once saw a sentence that said:

others are good to you, not because you are good, but because they are good.

if we meet someone in this life, it is actually a great blessing for us to think of you, think of you, help you with difficulties, and be tolerant of you.

write down a person's kindness to you in stone and write it down in life, you will feel happy and you will become tolerant.

write down a person's bad treatment to you on the beach, and then forget it. You will feel relaxed and happy.

teacher Zhang Defen said:

Happiness really does not depend on external conditions, but on the hearts of the people.

remember the benefits of others, learn to be grateful, help each other to move forward, our life will be smoother and smoother!


look at people's strengths

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some people are shrewd, don't think about how calculating he is, but learn his perseverance;

some people are cold, don't think about how he is silent, but learn his sincerity towards others;

some people are lazy, don't think about how he doesn't want to make progress, but learn his open-minded attitude.

everyone has his own advantages. If you learn from your strong points, you will get along happily and remember your weaknesses, and your heart will become narrower and narrower.

people who know how to appreciate the strengths of others will not only make themselves more tolerant, but also be positively influenced by imperceptible influence, to be more focused, more calm, and better.

looking at people's strengths, is the easiest way to get along with others, but also to be friends with others, the most optimistic state of mind!

if you always adhere to this attitude towards others, you will benefit a lot, make your heart more relaxed, and make your world richer!


help others find it difficult

there is a good saying:

although no one sees virtue, you will know how to do good.

the real help lies not in how others repay you, but in knowing it, not in how others praise you, but in peace of mind.

between people, set up the stage with each other, can go more stable and further; dismantling each other will only add traffic to their own world!

in fact, we only come once in our life. those who get along with each other are called friends and get along for a long time. Don't hate those who don't get along with each other.

Don't always say that others have wronged you, and don't always keep in mind how kind you are to others.

sometimes, isn't it a pleasure for us to focus on giving to others?

if you take giving as a burden and your feelings are no longer pure, isn't it a kind of self-suffering?

call it a friend, call it love, it is selfless, help others difficult, itself is a kind of good deeds.

remember, stick to goodness, though the good fortune has not come, the misfortune is far away. When we are sowing, in fact, it is doomed to harvest.