One of the three features of "lucky face" is very remarkable. How many do you account for?

/August 2022

as the saying goes, appearance is born from the heart and appearance changes from the heart.

what kind of state of mind a person has, what kind of fate he will have, and his luck and fortune will also be reflected in his appearance.

the so-called "lucky face" usually has these three characteristics. One of them is very remarkable. Take a look at how many you have?


the sky is full, and the circle of the pavilion

from a photographic point of view, heaven is the forehead, symbolizing one's early fortune and the wealth that God has given you.

people who are full of heaven tend to be intelligent, thoughtful, intelligent in doing things, and broad-minded.

innate luck is excellent, life brings wealth, and you will make achievements both academically and professionally.

while the pavilion is the chin, the main luck in old age represents the level and quality of your life for the rest of your life.

people with round and thick jaws are mostly generous to others, do not stick to details, have good interpersonal relationships, and have their own dignitaries to help.

people with this kind of appearance have excellent luck in old age, will rise abruptly based on accumulated strength, and can enjoy wealth and splendor in their old age.

if you have both the fullness of heaven and the square of the pavilion, it shows that you are very blessed and lucky, and you will be rich all your life and have no worries about food and clothing.

if you want to have good luck on your face, don't work too hard or lose weight on weekdays. If your face is too thin and has no meat, it will only let your luck go away, eat and drink well, and make your chin a little more round. Good luck will come.


A kind face

A person's appearance will age with time, but the heart will not.

if your heart is kind and gentle, then the good thoughts in your heart will be reflected in your face.

your eyes will also reveal a kind of compassion, which will give people a feeling of kindness and agreeableness.

people who have love in their hearts usually like to help others, do good deeds and accumulate virtues, and they will not favor one over the other. often an inadvertent act of kindness accumulates blessings for themselves.

on the contrary, if you always hold a grudge and lose your temper all day, there will be a gloomy and resentful temperament on your face, which makes people afraid to approach.

all say that good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil, and God will live up to it. Anyone with good intentions will live up to it.

when you know how to be kind to others and keep a kind and compassionate heart, then blessings will come uninvited, making you smooth and safe.


State of mind

people's muscles have memories. If you are happy or sad every day, it will blend into your appearance and affect your appearance and happiness.

A person who is sad all day, takes everything seriously, and lives in the eyes of others is often unlucky to speak of.

he will miss a lot of joy and scenery because he is immersed in negative and pessimistic emotions, so life is usually not easy.

on the other hand, a person who often raises the corners of his mouth and smiles on his face is mostly magnanimous and optimistic, and his whole body will exude a kind of vigor.

such people dare to face the ups and downs of life, are more open-minded and can let go, and never get too entangled or entangled, so they usually eat well and sleep.

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coupled with the deep blessing, even if you encounter difficulties, there are dignitaries to help you, and you can easily turn things into misfortunes.

as the saying goes, people who love to laugh will not have bad luck, and that is the truth.

having an optimistic and open-minded state of mind can help you gather a steady stream of blessings, so no matter what happens, always think on the bright side, smile more, the state of mind is good, the blessing will come.

in the final analysis, a lucky face is the light in the eyes, the sea in the heart, and the light on the face.

if a person wants to have a good fortune, in addition to innate happiness, his acquired state of mind and self-cultivation are also very important.

do many good deeds and be open-minded. good luck will always be with you, making you a blessed person.