One's best self-cultivation is cleanliness.

/July 2022

meet an unclean person, people will avoid, secretly speculate:

is lazy, depressed, or lack of self-control.

it can be said that the appearance of a person is the business card of walking.

people are willing to believe that a person who is meticulous about clothes must have a heart of self-discipline.

the heart is expensive when the person is clean. A person with a clean breath from the inside to the outside is easier for people to accept and reap good popularity.


the appearance is clean, it respects

"Cai Gentan" says, "Poor families clean sweep the floor, poor girls clean comb their hair, although the scenery is not gorgeous, the demeanor is elegant."

it turns out that the so-called elegance is not decorated with luxurious clothes, but a simple word, clean.

although generally speaking, temperament has nothing to do with clothes, clean clothes can cultivate a spotless temperament.

imagine that a person dressed in dirty clothes is very casual about his words and deeds, while comfortable, white and clean clothes will restrain people's every move and appear more appropriate.

Yang Lan once said that

it is true that everyone will "judge people by their appearance." even if they don't say it, they will silently admire people with clean appearance.

because it takes effort to keep people clean. People who keep clean all the time have others in their hearts and give everyone the greatest respect.

it is true that people's appearance is born, and it is difficult for parents to change their physical appearance. But a person is sloppy and eccentric, and the responsibility lies entirely with him.

and a person who lives seriously and loves life will regard himself as a piece of jade, which will become warm and bright after cutting, learning, polishing and grinding.

external cleanliness and freshness, do not need to spend a lot of time and money, just a persistent and meticulous attitude towards life.

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for these people, keeping clean is a habit, a kind of self-control, which makes the people around them feel like a spring breeze and have a heart to talk about.


the mind is clean, and it is charming

the three-character Sutra says, "at the beginning of man, nature is good."

when people are born, it is a piece of pure white paper, transparent, clear, loving and beautiful.

in the future, with the growth of desire, the mind is stained with all kinds of dust, and it is hard to realize that the years are static, impetuous and uneasy.

people who can still keep their hearts clean have a pure heart, do not like to pursue fame and fortune, settle down, settle down, be peaceful, concentrate on work and concentrate on life.

Yang Jiang's life at peace with the rest of the world stems from the cleanliness of her heart. Fame and wealth is a countercurrent to her, and only reading and writing conforms to her nature.

even if she publishes a new book, she doesn't like publicity. She just says faintly, "I'm just a drop of water, not soapy water. I can't blow bubbles."

people whose minds are not pure enough chase bubbles all their lives, and finally expand to a certain extent, bang, and strive for nothing all their lives.

Life is ups and downs, and people who cannot stand the test of desire are often depressed. As Liang Shuming, a master of Sinology, said, "the source of depression lies in the fact that the mind is not pure."

all things have spirits, but people are primates of all things, and the cleanliness or dirtiness of the mind will seep out.

the mind is not simple, too much baggage, it is easy to fear, worry, irritability, make people stay away.

only the mind is clean, calm, calm, calm and charming.


the relationship is clean, where there are people in the realm

, a circle will be formed. Zhou Guoping once said that the circle is easy to give people the wrong impression that all the people in the circle are friends.

people who indulge in it without knowing it can't stand the loneliness of being alone, even if they drink and talk every day.

in such a relationship, people often go against themselves and do something they hate in order to keep the circle running.

the bloated, dispensable circle will not be helpful to life, and it will make a mess of the originally clear rhythm of life.

actor Chen Daoming is "so lofty that he is only willing to bow his head in the play." although he has a wide range of social circles, from the performing arts to the cultural circles, there are many friends.

but I don't like Brotherhood after making plans. As soon as the media come, I can't see anyone else.

but he likes to play the piano in front of the window and draw at will; sometimes his wife embroidered her flowers and plants, and he cut his purse and enjoyed the quiet time.

A circle full of intrigues is not a pure land, and it requires a constant cost of exhaustion; a clean relationship, without the binding of interests and right and wrong, is purely spiritual complementarity and is full of warmth.

when people reach a certain age, they should learn to choose, give up useless social activities, fake wine games, and keep the circle clean, not only the ability, but also the realm.


six ancestors Huineng said, "Bodhi has no tree, and the mirror is not Taiwan. There is nothing at all. Where does it cause dust?"

years are like a torrent, wrapped with too many impurities, do not know how to clean up, it will be full of dirt, can not bear to look directly at.

only by building a simple and clean heart can we be innocent and deal with the world calmly.